Volume XC: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition; Contesting a Will

Good evening every One, and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition, thank King You for being here.

“Honour thy Father and Mother”


The Prince of Wands, ‘busy with legal Matters’ in Deed!  (The advice of My second to last Tarot read.)  Last month, My father’s Spirit passed over to the other side.  I feel virtually nothing for losing him, as he was not much of a Character in the lives of any of his children, yet he has left the burden of managing his E-state upon My younger Brother.  My Brother was okay to take on that responsibility and was busy enough as the executor before an ex girlfriend of My father showed up with a Will Hand Writ by My father, naming her as the executor, leaving one third of the property to her, another third to My Brother, and another third to a half Brother of My father who is now deceased.  The Will was Writ in 2012.  I know it was not My father’s Will at the time of his death.

We (the Living descendants of My father) have virtually no interest in My father’s property, so when Tiffany (I know, right?) showed up with a Will naming her as executor, initially My Brother and I were quite happy to step aside and just let her deal with everything.  But We thought the Will was going to be legit and recent, she initially claimed it was done by a lawyer and that it showed the law firm’s logo on the Letter Head.  It was hand Writ by My father (it does appear to be his Hand) on plain paper, just before he was about to go into hospital for a surgery he was not sure he would survive.  It is a conditional Will; ‘if I do not survive this operation…’  He did survive and lived another seven years and expressed to Me that he believed Tiffany was only interested in his property just four years ago.  My Father also made this clear to My Brother even more recently.  If I make a Claim of right upon My father’s Estate, I am sure I Will win, and I am beginning to feel it may be the best thing I can do to Honour My father’s Life.

This would be a Way for My father to Give something back to the children he abandoned.  Both My Sister and Brother were deeply hurt by My father’s neglect, My Sister hasn’t spoken to him in over thirteen years.  He was married at least once after My Mother, though We don’t believe he has any other children.  If he does, the property would be divided among all My father’s children.  He couldn’t do the right thing in Life, this Gives My father an opportunity to Honour [the Value of] his Life in death.  The more I Write about it, the more I am thing King I Will.  I am currently waiting to hear back from My Brother to find out what his Wishes are.  I am quite happy to do whatever My Brother feels is best as this whole burden has fallen upon his shoulders, and My only Wish is to lighten his load.

I doubt very much that Tiffany would contest My Claim or have the financial resources to hire a lawyer to do it for her.  Not that I’m passing judgment, but Tiffany is a thirty-something year old stripper, and that just isn’t going to bode well for her Character if she chooses to challenge Me in court.  I am thing King it Will not be a very fair fight…

This doesn’t really sound like Good News, but it is.  My Brother has had to deal with all of this so far; claiming the body, cremation, calling all the contacts on his phone to let People know, trying to find out who his friends were, dealing with all the debts My father left behind.  I’ve been Wishing to help My Brother deal with the lawyers and everything, but I would not Wish to remove him as executor because he’s the best Man for that role right now, I’m too far away from it all.  But I feel the news of a thirty-year old stripper producing a Will the law office says is ‘suspect’, is a Sign for Me to get involved.

The other Good News is no news from the Salvation Army yet.  I Imagine they Will also respond with a Notice of Intent to Defend, though they best get cracking because they only have three days left before they Will be in default, and I Will waste no time Giving the Court Notice of their default and as King for Judgment.

Finally, I also had an opportunity to test My ‘Mandamus’.  I’m not going to lie, the doctor (dentist) did patronize and condescend Me in the beginning, pretending to read a document she had cleared already determined to be meaningless.  But I was patient.  I told the doctor it doesn’t really Matter if she believes the document means anything or not, that’s not why I had come to see her.  I came to see her because she is a doctor who has expertise in areas I do not, and I am see King out her knowledge and advice for the best solutions for My health moving forward, and that is all I am as King of her to do.  My area of expertise, is making sure the recommended work gets done, and I am as King of her to Trust that I know how to do that, all I require today is a diagnosis.

The doctor didn’t re-read the document, but did immediately begin treating Me differently, stopped condescending Me and did as I was as King of the doctor to do.  I am also thing King that she may have made a couple of phone calls or something before returning to take x-rays and provide the examination, because she disappeared after this little dialogue for long enough I almost fell asleep in the chair.  I left with a referral for a specialist who is capable of performing the work I need done (that was not covered by the clinic), and a copy of My x-rays and diagnosis.

Life is Good, Ladies and Gents, Princesses and Princes, Queens and Kings.  Live every day to the fullest.

Love and Blessings,




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