Volume XCII: The Super Natural Sunday Re-View; the Spiritual Man Shall Not be Sued

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural Sunday Re-View, thank King You for joining Me in the King’s Court.

There was a rather interesting turn of events last week (Wednesday, November 28th) as My Statement of Claim against the city of Ottawa and the Salvation Army was dismissed as ‘vexatious and frivolous’ by Superior Court Justice, Robert Beaudoin.

I announced the development by Publishing the News here and said a few Words to get out My initial sentiments (Sent-I-Ment=Sent-My-Mind) but Wished to allow the information to digest for a bit before commenting any further.  I feel I’ve had enough time to reflect, consider and count My Blessings, and can discuss the Matter somewhat more objectively that I otherwise would have last week.  Unfortunately, even in light of how I am ultimately choosing to proceed with this Matter, it is impossible for Me to not be disappointed, and considerably more difficult to demonstrate the ‘Goodness’ of government and the perfection of Our commercial admiralty system of Law if those in the game do not Wish to Play by the rules.

So, how does One perceive an event like this as ‘Good’ News?  That’s really what People who know Me Wish to know most.  My personal Friends were no more surprised about this than they were to hear the charges against Me had been withdrawn without notice.  My Friends don’t believe they Will ever let Me have a day in court – I’m beginning to think they might be right.

Well, if I cannot demonstrate the Perfection of Man’s legal fiction within the legal fiction, there is nothing to stop Me from doing it here; that’s probably the best News.  This is the real Common Law Court, the legal fiction is only for sinners, those who do not Act Honourably here, in the real world.

Will We pretend that Genevieve Langlais, the city’s legal council was not aware of My ‘outstanding’ Issues with the Salvation Army, or the harm that was done to Me as a result of the experience?  No, because that would be unreasonable.  It is also the reason I Will not be pursuing the Matter in Man’s legal fiction, as much as the legal Friends in My Microcosm Wish that I would, the city have told Me how they [really] feel.

It is also the reason I am most disappointed.  This kind of behaviour is what I would expect from a character like Jason Prevost, but not from a lawyer who presumes to be ‘the Voice’ of the city, which is an important detail to Keep in Mind.  One of the reasons I Will never allow a lawyer to ‘Present’ Me (We cannot be re-Presented to the Court as that would imply having been there previously) is because One who is as King to be Presented to a Court by another is declaring their Self mentally unfit to Stand in Law, which makes One a ward of the State, or a child of the court.  [This is also why when One ‘Shows up’ for their ‘first appearance’, the individual is actually the Second Coming; the first appearance of the [commercial] Character [only] exists on paper.]

From the Encyclopedia of Law, ‘Corpus Juris Secundum’, Volume 7, Section 4:

Attorney & client: “The attorney’s first duty is to the courts and the public, not to the client, and wherever the duties to his client conflict with those he owes as an officer of the court in the administration of justice, the former must yield to the latter.”

This was among One of the first things I learnt in My studies.  The lawyer is only Acting in the best interest of the client until the best interest of the client conflicts with the best interest of the Courts or ‘the public’.  This is One of the reasons I believed My Claim would succeed because I believed that My Case was in the best interest of both the Courts and the public.  I had all the information required to prove the alleged harm had been done to Me by the Salvation Army provided by an ‘impartial’ investigation into My complaint conducted by the city of Ottawa.  It is in the best interest of the Courts and the public to not only let this Matter be heard by the Court, but for service providers to be held accountable [to the city and the Courts] for their negligence to Ottawa’s People/public.  The city decided that their Wish was to use Canada’s justice system to defend an entity harming Ottawa’s homeless, rather than use the information to put a stop to it.  That tells Me everything I need to know about mayor Jim ‘what’s on?’ (but nobody’s home) and the members of city council.

Canada’s Courts are an illegal racket, otherwise known as a legal fiction.  Did You know that One only requires a license to participate in licentious activities?  Look up the Word ‘licentious’ sometime.  Never Mind, I’ll save You the trouble. 😉


1.  Promiscuous and unprincipled in sexual matters. – “the ruler’s tyrannical and licentious behavior”

Similar: dissolute, dissipated, debauched, degenerate, salacious, immoral, wanton, decadent, depraved, profligate, impure, sinful, wicked, corrupt, indecent, libertine, lustful, lecherous, lascivious, libidinous, prurient, lubricious, lewd, promiscuous, unchaste, carnal, fleshly, intemperate, abandoned, ribald, risqué, smutty, dirty, filthy, coarse, perverted, horny, raunchy, naughty, pervy, randy, concupiscent, lickerish

Opposite: moral, virtuous.

2. archaic; disregarding accepted rules or conventions, especially in grammar or literary style.

Origin late Middle English: from Latin licentiosus, from licentia ‘freedom’.

Babel On
Remind Us of anything?

Why mention this?  Well, One requires a license to ‘practice’ law.  An attorney is an ‘at torn eye’, a deceiver of Truth participating in licentious behaviour that only the players of the game comprehend.  This is why a lawyer (liar) must have a license to ‘practice’ and Will never reach perfection in law; One cannot perfect law while as King for permission (a license) to break it.  Break=Torn; At Torn-eye ‘at’ law (never in Law).

Well, for reasons unknown, whenever I copy and paste from Google it messes up the formatting of My page and cannot be corrected, so for now I’m taking it as a Sign it’s time to Sign off.

I’ve been painting a little again, here’s a sketch of something I am war King on…


Any guesses?..

Be back with more News soon!

Love and Blessings,

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