Volume XCIII: The Thursday Thing King Edition; Happy Holy Days

Hello every One and welcome to the Good News Journal, thank King You for joining Me.  I am only Writing a very short Post today to let You all know I am…  Exceedingly well and optimistic about 2020, the year of perfected Vision and clarity. 😉

Truly, I am only really Writing today because My Friends and family tend to ‘worry’ about Me when I don’t, especially after a major event takes an unexpected turn (like My recent Claim against the city of Ottawa being dismissed as ‘vexatious and frivolous’).

Initially, I had Wished to take some time to reflect on the Matter and decide how I Will move for Ward (in the archaic sense, ‘Ward’ means ‘to protect from harm’) in 2020.  After thing King about the Matter more thoroughly, I am potentially more excited about My plans for 2020 than I have been about anything else I have done previously.

I also feel like a great weight has been lifted from My shoulders, and for that I am very thankful in Deed.  I know God is always war King in My favour, so it just took a little time and reflection to appreciate the Gift I was recently granted, and how it might prove to be advantageous in the continuation of My Quest.  Unfortunately, I have decided to Keep these Secrets to My Self until Christ-Mass [consciousness] day, when I Will share this recent Gift given Me by the city of Ottawa with all of You.

For now, I’m actually enjoying what feels like a well deserved and long awaited vacation.  Until the Matter with the city was dismissed by dis-Honourable justice, Bobby Beaudoin, I had not realized how much of My Energy was being consumed by the entire process.  I had rather hoped to report that Canada’s courts still Stand for Justice, now I know they are a government tool for the tyranny and oppression of Canada’s People.  I had been warned by My ‘legal’ Friends that the reason the ‘other’ [licensed] lawyers opposing the Salvation Army mega shelter had experienced such little success was because the courts were ‘owned’ by the city and Will comply with whatever the city Wishes in order to protect the reputation of the mayor and city council.  Sadly, now I know it to be true and have ample evidence to support My Claim.

So I suppose in a nutshell that is some foreshadowing of what Will come in the New Year.  For now, I am Truly enjoying some Holy Day rest and relaxation, though I Will return on ‘Lucky’ Wednesday to Mark the beginning of Christ Mass consciousness.

I Hope and Trust You are all spending the Holy Days with Family and Friends.  My Love and Blessings Will be with You.

You may just be an anonymous Mind in My Macrocosm, but I Truly miss You when I’m gone for too long.  So I just Wished to chime in and let You know I Will be back as determined and ambitious as ever.  I felt a little like I let You all down, I Wish for You to know I do not feel that Way anymore (and of course it had nothing to do with You in the first place!).  Ciao for now!

Love and Blessings.

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