Volume XCIV: The Sensei Sean All Saturday Edition; Found A Sean for Kingdom?

Hello every One, hope and Trust You are all having a Wonder Full Holy day season.  I had intended to Write a Post on Christ Mass consciousness day, but I got some rather surprising and somewhat ‘Miraculous’ news that has been keeping Me busy over the last few days.

One of the things I had been as King of God for to celebrate Christ Mass consciousness day and the New Year was My own apartment, though I was not expecting to receive such a Gift so quickly, much less on Christ Mass day!  In My Universe, nothing is impossible and Christ Mass consciousness day just happened to be when God decided to Gift Me with the news.

The news didn’t come without a few conditions, however, which is why I have been so busy.  A storage room in the apartment was recently flooded.  The old floor was ripped out, weeping tile was installed around the entire building to remedy the cause of the issue, though the room is still ‘naked’ – just a concrete floor with a few bolts sticking out of it where the subfloor was removed and a couple of feet of drywall cut out from two of the [exterior] walls.  The condition/challenge?  To make the room look finished by the 1st of January, all materials and tools provided.  Challenge accepted!

So I just got back from My second day war King on the job.  First day was planning with the landlord and purchasing the materials.  I don’t know why, but it feels strange to get paid to go shopping, even if it is for tools, lumber and drywall, it doesn’t feel like ‘work’.  What I did today felt like work – removing a couple of pieces of remaining subfloor which were obviously left behind because they were stubborn and quite comfortable where they were.  Thankfully, I was more determined than they were defiant.  Then I cleaned and primed the floor for self leveling concrete and got one of two pails put down.  Ideally, it should all be poured at once but the drill decided to quit on Me before I could mix the second batch, so I’ll have to finish pouring the concrete tomorrow.

Why am I telling You all of this?  Because I Wish for You to know that this is typically the Way I manage to get apartments.  If the landlord were to contract all of this work out, it would probably be at least two contracts, maybe three, and it is very unlikely it could all be coordinated between now and January first.  I’m going to be installing a new subfloor, rebuilding half a wall, then lay the new flooring, patch the drywall and paint to make it all look perfect (though not quite in that order, I Will paint before I put the new floor down so I don’t have to worry about drips).

Essentially, the landlord would prefer to rent to Me at a discounted rate for agreeing to take the place ‘as is’, than have contractors working on the place for the next month without receiving any rent for the space.  I’ll be getting the place for roughly $200 less per month than market value for the same space.  I honestly have serious doubts that I would ever get into a (decent) apartment if I were not Willing and able to make these kind of arrangements.  Initially, the deal was going to be that I stay there only until the landlord has another suitable bachelor or one bedroom for the same price, but it was an offer I could not accept.  I know the moment I move into this place, I Will not Wish to leave.  The landlord came back to Me the next day and asked if I would consider mowing the lawn in the summer, and shoveling the path in the winter.  That secured the deal indefinitely, and Will be Writ into the lease. 😉

Anyway, I’m probably boring You all to death, but I really just Wished to let You know where I’ve been and what I am up to.  I Will be very busy until at least the first of the month, so I may not have a chance to Write much, if at all.

The Good News today, is that this is all part of the ‘big’ plan.  In order for Me to properly launch ‘The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’, I Will need a proper art studio and work space – soon I Will have it, just in time for 2020, the year of perfected Vision.  Welcome to the Apocalypse!!!

Love, Blessings, and a Wonder Full New Year if I don’t get a chance to Write again this year!


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