Volume XCV: 2019 in Re-View and the Focus of 2020

Hello every One, and welcome to 2020, the year of Perfected Vision!!!  Inspiring, no?!  This is the year for placing the Purpose of One’s Life in Focus.  It is not a time for thing King about New Year resolutions, it is a time for thing King about the Purpose of One’s Life, and Keeping it in Focus.

It is also a time for reflecting on the Evolution of Our Spirit over the last year.  We each grow to new Spiritual heights incrementally every day, the New Year Gives Us a chance to reflect on Our new Wisdom and Knowledge of the previous year, and take it in Stride as We pave Our path forward into 2020 and beyond.  What better time to ensure that the goal We are Focused on is the One We Wish to receive?  Can One take it with them when they leave?  If not, One may Wish to reconsider what One is as King of God for…

I also Wish to say thank You to You, specifically – whomever You may be.  My Blog enjoyed more success in 2019 than any previous year (ten).  One of My goals for 2019 had been to double My reader Ship – I achieved that goal by July and had tripled it by October.  I had also hoped to double My social media ‘influencer’ rating from 5,000 followers on Twitter to ten.  Twitter followers have remained more or less the same (though I get an email every day telling Me I have gained 200 new followers over the last week).  But someone told Me I should be on Pinterest, so I created a Pinterest account in February and now have another 5,000 followers there, for a total social media influencer rating of 10,000 followers!!!  So thank You for that, too (Universe/God/You).  It is also worth noting that Pinterest drives more traffic to My Blog than any other social media platform I have tried so far.  Just to Give an Idea, 500 followers on Pinterest was driving more traffic to My Blog than 5,000 followers on Twitter – roughly tenfold the traffic for a tenth of the followers.  Twitter is for Tweeting, not for driving Blog traffic (at least for Me), but that’s beginning to get into My plans for the coming year, and I am very Focused in Deed!

As I mentioned previously, My Plan Will never change, it Will only be revised.  I am here to steward God’s Kingdom; ‘The Kingdom of Heaven Found A Sean’.  I [still] believe it is the True Purpose for all of Man, that We are all here to prepare the world’s Stage for God’s Kingdom, and I Will be tall King more about that in 2020, as it is beautifully aligned with Living a Purpose Full Life.  I Will also be re-Viewing Our Tarot read of 2019 and Will Focus more on the Apocalypse in 2020.  I Will tell You the source of the world bank’s wealth, and reveal the Significance and whereabouts of the Ark of the Covenant!  One must admit, those are some pretty Good Secrets!  Best part is, I Will be providing proof for most of My claims.

And, speaking of Claims, I Will also get back to dealing with all the corrupt elected officials right here in the city of Ottawa, starting with dis-Honourable Justice ‘Bobby’ Beaudoin for colluding with city solicitor Genevieve Langlais in her determination to Willfully (knowingly) undermine Canada’s People by claiming that complaints of Willful trespass on their constitutional rights is ‘frivolous and vexatious’.  How dare a man subject to a city shelter complain of their constitutional rights being trespassed upon!?  The nerve!!!  (Facetious).

Yeah, so that Will be Fun.  Again, not really.  I would LOVE if I could post that Genevieve Langlais did the honourable thing and held Jason Prevost of the Salvation Army accountable and liable for Willfully trespassing on the constitutional rights of hundreds of Ottawa’s People over several years.  Unfortunately, although Genevieve knows first Hand the information I’m presenting to You is True and holds evidence her Self to support these facts, she chose Act dis-Honourably, and was determined to do whatever it takes to protect members of city council from liability for contracting with the shelter in the first place.  THAT is why lawyers need a license.  One must request permission to engage in licentious behaviour!!!

“Words are weapons, sharper than knives.” – INXS, Michael Hutchinson

More than anything I Will be Showing the world why this is True and why this Public-A-Sean is the True Common Law Court.  Was any One REALLY thing King I would EVER believe that a Spiritual infant like Bobby Beaudoin had any right or authority over My Life or its Purpose?  He doesn’t, he’s an idiot with an out of place ego, another detail I Will prove in the coming year (and it won’t be difficult).  Bobby may have endorsed Genevieve Langlais’ request, but that doesn’t mean there is anything ‘lawful’ about it.  Statutes and codes DO NOT APPLY in a Common Law jurisdiction, so the entire foundation for dismissing the Claim has no authority in a Common Law jurisdiction, zero!  It is in fact ‘prima-facie’ evidence of collusion and corruption within Canada’s Justice system, using a legal fiction to trespass on a constitutionally protected right (and of which Genevieve Langlais was presumably the instigator and ‘master’ Mind behind).  All of this, everything that has happened, all of My efforts, are on the Public Record.

I don’t have to ‘prove’ anything, all the evidence is right here, uncovered before You as this complaint was ‘investigated’ by the city of Ottawa with the ‘oversight’ of a lawyer.  That is the whole point to publishing everything here.  It is very unfortunate that We have dis-Honourable judges and justices in the world, but I am also thing King We all expected it to be at least partially True.  If We can’t identify these dis-Honourable individuals, how can We hope to weed them out and remove them from a profession they demonstrate they have no right to be in?  Right?  At least now We know where some of the evil in the world originates from.  I wonder how many People Will breach the Public Trust…

See, there is Good in everything, and in 2020, the Good is what I Will Focused on.  2019 added a number of new Cast members to My Story, 2020 Will be the year for placing them in Focus.  For Me, that means Giving them a Part in My Kingdom of Heaven Found A Sean Art exhibition where I Will Present Portraits (for-traits) of their Character’s along with My Deeds (documents).

Love and Blessings, 2020 is for perfected Vision!!!





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