Volume C: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Survival Mode

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal, as always thank King You kindly for being here.

I know it has been a while, but I Promise there is Good reason and many Good Stories to tell when I return.  Right now, We are Trusting that the Universe is aligning the Stars for My Magical Monday Edition, when I am hoping to have some especially exciting Good News to share.

For now, I am about to enter ‘survival mode’.  Survival mode is when One looks around them and is as King of their Self, ‘how many of these things do I really need?’.  Purging.  Minimalizing.  Reducing.  Re-Grouping.  I’m Good at this, though.  I can uproot and be in motion very quickly, most of the time I don’t even need a plan, I develop One as I go; it’s more interesting that Way.

Most People would probably be terrified in My current situation.  I’m facing an illegal and unlawful eviction.  When I say that something is ‘unlawful’, I am referring to the Common Law, the laws Man is expected to know before laws were Writ.  When I use the Word ‘legal’ or ‘illegal’, I am referring the Writ of laws established by Man in a particular jurisdiction (Ontario, Canada, in this instance).  The landlady’s Act-Ions in this case are both illegal and unlawful.  She has received monetary compensation in exchange for the rental of a room once a month for the last eight months.  Clearly, there is a contractual relationship between the two parties, and there is a paper trail to support this agreement.  There has been no Written notice from either party to vacate the premise or end the agreement.  As it stands at this moment, My rent is paid in full until midnight of the 29th of February.

To ‘lawfully’ end a tenancy, the two parties need only agree to meet whatever terms they verbally agree to.  So long as both parties Honour their Word, the tenancy ends and no formal Writ of notice is required.  The Writ of notice is required when the lawful agreement to end tenancy falls apart and one of the parties fails to Honour their Word.  Then the tenant can file and serve a notice to end tenancy, or the landlord can serve a notice of eviction.  That’s when things get ‘legal’.  The tenant has a right to dispute the eviction, and the landlord would have the right to ask for compensation if sufficient notice was not given.  Simple enough, right?

Well, this landlady believes that if One doesn’t sign a lease, they don’t have any right to dispute an unlawful eviction.  Right now, that’s what it is, an ‘unlawful’ eviction because insufficient notice to vacate was Given (none).  I have received no notice!  The landlady changed the locks on ALL the tenants last Wednesday and called the police hoping to have Me charged with trespass!  I am proud and Happy to report that the Ottawa police protected the rule of law that day and did not remove Me as they had no legal order to do so.  They even endorsed My belief that if the landlady Wishes to have Me removed there is a proper legal process.  She is ‘claiming’ I did not pay rent for the month of February, but that’s only because she was cut off by the city of Ottawa as she is not the legal or lawful property manager, she is a tenant.  This is also why ‘her lawyer’ is claiming I have no rights and Will be trespassed on the 29th if I am not gone by that day.

Well, the city of Ottawa has advocated for Me as much as they are able for now, as they cannot fight an eviction notice that has not been served to Me, so they are waiting as I am to find out what exactly Jane Scharf Will do tomorrow.  I had made some arrangements to store personal belongings tonight but am now unable to leave the apartment as she has changed the locks for a second time and is only letting tenants in and out by request!  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this woman is truly a character.

When I return, I Will fill You in on all the details and the exciting conclusion should be posted tomorrow if all goes according to Plan.

Love and Blessings, I’ve missed You!

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