Volume CIV: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; The King’s Keep

Hello every One, and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You SO much for being here!

The King’s Keep is finally functional!  Coronavirus pandemic had Rogers technicians on equipment back order so it was a bit of a wait to get re-connected with the world, but it is finally done!  Oh, I cannot even begin to express My gratitude, but I AM going to make an effort.

Thank You God for never letting Me down, thank You Lori for approving My application for this absolutely dreamy apartment, thank You to the John Howard Society who’s staff were exceptional and are probably very Happy to be rid of Me, and thanks again to all of You for being here and Giving Me a reason to Write.  I still walk around My apartment from time to time in absolute awe that this is My Life.  Do not ever let anyone tell You that a thing cannot be done if You believe it can.  Every single person I told of My plan to move to Ottawa penniless, determined to accomplish everything I enjoy at this very moment, told Me I was nuts.  In fact, I am quite sure My own Brother thought I had truly lost My Mind, when I was more confident than ever that I would succeed in what I was setting out to do.  And here I am, living in an apartment that is truly beyond My wildest dreams, fully paid for by the government of Canada via the city of Ottawa (thank You also to Ottawa and all who played a part in making this happen), for Life (or for at least as long as I Wish to live in the city of Ottawa).

I was tall King with My last landlord (Joe) last night, who gave Me an exceptional reference which I am sure sealed the deal with respect to My approval for this wonderful space.  He was telling Me that after I left Guelph he looked up My Brother and called him because he was concerned for My well being (and probably thought I was nuts, too).  He said to Me that now I should focus on My Art, get some serious painting done, and I Will have that Porsche in no time.  So, I Wish to also say thank You to Joe for the excellent reference and the positive encouragement, but I cannot tell You how many People have said to Me that if I just Keep painting, I Will be rich and famous in no time.  As much as I appreciate the support and enthusiasm, I am not the Artist People perceive Me to be, I am not exceptionally talented in that regard, and the reality of actually making money as an Artist is far more difficult than I think People real eyes.  Ask any other artist and they Will tell you the same.  It is probably the least likely to be profitable profession.  A portrait takes Me roughly 50 hours to complete.  I would need to sell 1000 portraits at $500 a piece to buy My Porsche, and that would not include any expenses.  However, I do Plan on spending the majority of My time painting and beautifying My new Home, but the whole point to this, was that I would not be dependent on Art sales to survive, I can produce as much intellectual property as I am capable without having to worry about how ‘profitable’ it is.  This Blog is what I am most passionate about, and I am pleased that I Will be able to continue to Write for My readers without having to worry about how I Will make My next rent payment.  God would not be pleased if I were to ask any of You to pay to read My Story.

As far as the Artwork is concerned, it Will be primarily to promote My political ambitions as I Will continue to Write elected officials, adding their Characters to My Story as I continue to work on My Exhibit-Sean. 😉

I anticipate the final collection Will consist of 80 or more portraits, and the intent is that the collection Will be donated to the Canadian government as a collage of the Common Law.  I am a not for profit entity.  Corporation ARE the false profits/prophets the Bible warned Us about.

The other thing I Will be demonstrating is the importance of taking care of One another.  To be honest, even I find it remarkable that I was able to publish more than half a million Words in the last two years on this Blog while I was homeless – and some People think I am lazy and unmotivated, not living up to My potential.  We Will see about that…

Now that I can care for My Self properly, My health has already dramatically improved.  A ring a Friend made for Me was literally falling off My finger if I let My Hand drop to My side because I lost so much weight.  I weigh about 130lbs when I’m in Good health, I don’t exactly have a lot of extra weight to spare.  The ring now fits My finger perfectly once again, and My cheeks are beginning to finally fill out.  I’m guessing I was probably under 120lbs when I first moved in.  Stress Will do that to a Man.


I Will be able to show You the evolution of My Home.  My patio looks like a bit of a disaster right now but I am very Good at visualizing potential.  I know how it Will look once I am done.  It Will take at least a couple of years before My Home is truly My Temple, but it is something I Will take Great Pride and Joy in war King on.

I still don’t have a desk, which Will be the next priority, but I would prefer to wait until I can get something I really like rather than some piece of junk I can afford.  I may be a minimalist, but I do prefer quality over frugality.  That’s part of the reason why I said I would be war King ‘part-time’ this month, as I plan to be in full swing come April 1st, and part of that ‘full-time’ plan Will be to publish a Post daily.


Well, I’m not much of a photographer, either, but this was the absolutely delicious dinner I was able to enjoy last night.  You are looking at mashed potatoes (skins on), acorn squash and finally, lemon pepper oven baked Tilapia!  I also enjoy epic omelette’s for breakfast.


Did I mention that My fridge and stove were both brand spanking new, delivered to My home the day after I Signed the lease?  Never had brand new appliances before and it is SUCH a treat!  I really am a clean freak, so no nasty oven or fridge cleaning to do, just maintaining what already is.  They look as new today as the day they were delivered.

Finally, I’m going to Show You what Will be My eventual office.


This room is so big, I can’t actually fit the whole thing in the camera lens.  The window here faces south, so perfect for starting plants (which is what You see in the window sill).  There is plenty of room for a 90-110 gallon fish tank which I plan to place at the bottom of the stairs, which Will have a second 30-50 gallon tank underneath for growing edible sprouts and other plants, which Will also provide filtration for the fish.  I Will raise Tilapia (the fish featured in the photo previously) and an assortment of other small cichlids for decoration and to Keep the tank visually appealing.  My desk Will go in the sunny corner under the window, and the rest of the room Will become My home gym.  I Will have a heavy bag, chin up bar and yoga mat for sit ups and stretching.  One year from now, I plan to be more fit than I have ever been, and I Will also share My workout regiment with You.

Oh, and just for the record, every One was telling Me that it would be very difficult for Me to set up all My utilities and services without government issued identification  – they were wrong.  I only had one company ask Me for a piece of government issued identification (and I can’t remember now if it was Rogers or Hydro) and when I told them that I don’t use government issued identification, I created My own, they literally said, “okay, that’s fine, We don’t need it, We just like to have it.”

Anyway, some things You can look forward to beginning in April Will be daily posts, updates on Artwork, potentially even cooking tips and recipes for Kings without Queens (or Queens without Kings), and I am also hoping to set up My own podcast where I Will talk about anything and everything under the Sun.  So lots to look for Ward to!!!

I Wish to Give one final and very special thank You to Eva and Slick (You know who You are) for their generous donations over the last couple of years.  I Will be war King on Portraits to Honour each of You shortly!!!

Love and Blessings,





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