Volume CV: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday Edition; Corona, Crown, Collapse, and the Fall of Babylon!

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal!  As always, a Royal welcome to all of You.

I once Called this Place the Temple of Equated Forces, a Virtual place that exists only in Your Mind where every One can Visualize their Self any Way they Wish.  It was My Intention to teach You all Magic, to re-Mind all of You that We are whatever We perceive Our Self to be, and I was as King to all of You to Visual Eyes Your Self as the Hero of Your own Story – because that’s what You are.

I’m still not ‘full time’ yet, I still don’t have a desk, My laptop is on top of My lap, I am not yet committing to Writing every day.  Yet being here is not a chore, I Love chatting with You.

With this whole coronavirus thing going on and [most] every One in panic mode, I feel I have a Duty and response Ability to Present You with something more positive than the main stream media is bombarding Your brain with.  At the same time, I do not Wish to undermine the serious nature of this situation and Wish to encourage You to stay home if You can.  Make Your Home a Temple, a place that makes You feel Good, Loved, and Safe.  I Will do what I can to Give You some reading material to pass the time and hopefully help You feel a little more hopeful in these uncertain times.  Things are not as uncertain as they may seem.

TRUMPS XI – Lust Queen of Disks, Princess of Disks

Last February, I decided I would do a Tarot reading to share with the world, to Show You all how the Tarot Truly are Magic.  The above pictured Trio of Cards represent the subject Matter.  The Central Card indicates what We are as King of the Universe (Uni-Verse/One Song) to know.  The Central Card is Lust, and the Lust Card speaks of Babylon, which I said represents the world We know now.  The two Cards on either side influence the Central Idea.  Generally, Court Cards represent actual People in My Microcosm, so too Will this be True in the Macrocosm.  The Key difference, is that We Will all have different People in Our individual Microcosms (with the exception of the Queen’s influence over Commercial Admiralty), so the Princess represents Ideas.  In the above picture, You Will notice the Princess is Piercing the ground with a Staff, planting a new Idea into fertile soil.  In the Lust Card, everything below the horizon (Horus-Son) appears sinister and sinful, filled with Lust, as the name of the Card suggests.  But the Lady appears to be coddling an embryo in the soil, and the beginning of a Golden Dawn appears as though it may be looming on the Horizon.  The Queen on the right represents the actual Queen, Elizabeth II Her Self, the authority of the Commercial Admiralty waters on which the Ark known as the citizen’s Ship Sails (Sales).  This is actually discussed in detail in the description of the Lust Card itself if One reads Aliester Crowley’s description provided in The Book of Thoth.  (I didn’t make a reference to Horus Son as Horizon for no reason, this is related to Egyptology and other ancient Magical traditions).

Now, I could also tell You that the Head of the Beast the Lady is riding represents the world leaders We have now.  There are Seven of them, take Your pick, I Will not say who they represent in Man’s Macrocosm.  But I Will say that You can see they are all looking at the embryo the Lady riding the Beast is embracing with the same kind of Lust.  All these leaders believe the New World Order is for them.  They are wrong.  But, the Lady Will Keep them at bay until the Golden Dawn has emerged. 😉

Then, We had another Trio of Cards which represent the natural development of the Central Idea.

The Tower; The Magus, Fortune.

The Tower, which I told all of You represents the Fall of Babylon.  It is influenced by the [Karmic] Wheel of Fortune and The Magus?  I did tell You I am a Master Magician of unprecedented proportions…  But that could just be a coincidence, right?

The Tower represents the total collapse of Our current world, and We see it happening now.  But if One looks closely at the Card, One can see that there is a Dove with something in it’s beak in the upper left Hand corner.  What does the Dove represent?  Well, the Dove represents the Bird Noah sent out from the Ark to see if there was dry Land to provide Foundation for a new Kingdom for His People.  The Dove is returning with Good News, just as You Will find here.  What is perhaps more important, is that You Will notice that the People who are jumping from the Tower are leaping from the Highest Ledge.  They represent the Powers that be today, Your current leaders and government.  Only essential services are operational now, the rest of the world is on lockdown and isolation.  Notice the politicians are not considered essential?  They can go home and stay in quarantine, We won’t need them anymore soon.  The People Will be what Keep this thing going, and the Value of the little Man Will be appreciated much more.  This is a shift in Power, and nothing for the People to Fear.

I am the Silver tongued Serpent, too, and I can be seen on the right.  Did You know that Corona = Crown in Latin?  Coincidence?  Not.  This is making Way for the new King, Ladies and Gents, and You know which King I am tall King about, right? [The Christ if You don’t].  You Will also notice that the Eye at the top of the Card is Wide open, shining Light in every direction.  This represents the Apocalypse, the unveiling, and finally, 20/20, perfected Vision.  Did I not say that this would be the year that things Will be put in perspective?  (Okay, so I’ve been wrong about when the fall of Babylon would take place a few times, so if You didn’t believe Me, I can’t really say I blame You – I’ve never been Good with dates and timelines).

I Wish to remind You all in these uncertain times, that there is nothing uncertain happening, this is all part of God’s Plan.  I told My Brother, My Mother, My Sister and every single Friend who knows Me well that I Will destroy the economy one day, global financial reset.  I’ve been saying that for over ten years, so it is difficult for Me to not be a little excited when I see it is finally made Manifest.  My family are going to hate Me (not really, I’m being facetious – My sister might, but I think she’s always sort of hated Me).  What’s even more interesting for Me, is that ten does represent a New Age in Magic, so it really shouldn’t surprise Me that it took ten years to Manifest – let’s be honest, it was kind of a tall Order.

“Keep on as King, and it Shall be Given.”  Matthew…

(I think it’s 7:7 but I’m too lazy to look it up at the moment and with this whole quarantine thing going on, I am thing King maybe You should grab Your own Bible and Give it a Read.  I may not be religious, but I Will tell You that You Will find all the Keys to Your Kingdom within it.)

I hope this Post has lifted Your Spirits even if only Slightly.  I Will be with You through this thing, and I Promise You, this is the beginning of the Golden Dawn.  You Will not even believe the world You Will one day know, but I do Promise You Will Love it.

Love and Blessings,



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