Volume CVI: The Terrific Tuesday Edition; Karma [Toronto] Police

I say that One cannot escape their fate in the Eyes of God, and this Toronto Police officer is a perfect example.  Now, I don’t know who the officer is, or what this officer might have done, but what I can tell You, is that this does not happen by coincidence.  Everything that happens to an individual is a result of their collective karmic Act-Ions.  For every Act-Ion, there is an equal and opposing re-Act-Ion, it is Universal Law and how the Universe maintains balance (and also why 0=2).  [Very quickly, simplifying as much as possible, ‘0’ cannot exist without an observer, so a minimum of two things must be present for 0 to exist].

At the time of this Post, 91 likes, and 16 dislikes.  Would that be the sentiment if People thought the police were defending the People and not corrupt government officials and chiefs of police?  I could be wrong, but I believe the entire Toronto police department was under investigation by the RCMP just a short time ago, though I may be confusing My information with the Ottawa police, who are equally corrupt.

Once upon a time, People felt they could trust their local police to keep them safe.  Now, even My Mother who is an absolute angel and would never cause harm to anyone, is afraid of police and gets nervous anytime she sees an officer in uniform.  Why?  Because they are there to collect money for commercial offences, not to investigate criminals and Keep People safe (though that does probably amount to 2% of all police work).  Police officer = policy officer, not Law enforcement.

This should be a BIG wake up call to all chiefs of police in Canada, because if nothing else, it tells You what the People really think of law enforcement in this country.

Good to see God taking care of corruption! 😉

Love and Blessings!




  1. God is here , there and everywhere,
    Dare to believe that life is fair ,
    You don’t have to compare ,
    You are special and the divine would care ,
    You are related to the divine spirit,
    The Infinite  flow is never rare , …

  2. God is in everyone and everything, after the winter comes the spring ,
    The bells of joy  start to ring ,
    Rebirth of livelihood is a wonderful  thing ,

      The divine is here , there and everywhere,
    For all of us , God would care ,
    Dare to believe that life is fair ,

    In the darkness of the night,
    Stars could be shining bright,
    The moonlight shows  up on sight ,
    Being from the divine light ,
    Things are marvelous  and white,
    With God , by your side , nothing to fear and nothing to fright,
    Gather in love and with the almighty God unite ,
    Our powers we gather and
    May almighty God ,  the warm flames of justice and love in the world ignite


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