Volume CVII: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition; Sushi in the Kings Keep

Well, hello and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday Edition, thank King You for joining Me.  I hope You like sushi!!!

Ah, as promised, I said I would share some cooking tips for Kings without Queens or Queens without Kings, this is bachelor life, 101.  Especially now that We are all compelled to practice social distancing and isolation, getting out for sushi isn’t as easy as it once was, so today I made some sushi at home.

Nothing fancy, and believe Me, sushi is an Art, and I am not showcasing mastery by any means.  They say it takes 10,000 hours to master any single skill, so I Will be having a lot of sushi in My future.  I actually think it is almost the perfect meal for a Man like Me; lots of carbs (rice), anti-oxidants (seaweed wrap), protein (fish, or whatever You like to use to stuff the middle), and it tastes pretty Good, too!  If You add the wasabi (and I like enough to make Me sweat), then I believe You are also killing a lot of potential viruses that may be attempting to invade One’s body.  I feel the same is true of pepper, especially hot peppers, though this is really just My body intuition and how the food makes Me feel rather than nutritional ‘fact’.


As You can see, the final product is far from perfect, but believe Me, incredibly satisfying.  And if You are wondering if I actually ate it all, the answer is yes, with plenty of room to spare.  I have a voracious appetite!  Anyway, though the instructions for making sushi can usually be found on the back of any seaweed wrap one buys, I figured I would show You My attempt and potentially where I need some improvement. 😛

In My opinion, the rolling is the hardest part an d some tips I can Gift to You if You Wish to kill some time and try this at home, this is what they would be:

  1.  Use a rice cooker – I can never seem to get rice perfect, but even a cheap rice cooker seems to know how to make rice perfect every time if One is competent enough to measure water.
  2.  Spread the rice on the seaweed paper as thin as You possibly can.  I can’t stress this enough, as I truly believe this is part of mastering this craft.  Too thick and it Will be very difficult to roll or add any ingredients.
  3.  Only fill the bottom 2/3 of the seaweed wrap.  This allows the backside of the rolled wrap to ‘stick’ to the end and hold together.  Otherwise, Your sushi roll will unfurl with enthusiasm.
  4.  Spread Your ingredients as thin as possible on top of the rice.  Again, this goes Hand in Hand with rule #2, as if Your sushi roll gets too fat, it Will be very tricky to roll.
  5.  One last thin layer of rice on top of the goods.  In My example, I’m just using flaked tuna, though I did this with crab meat last time and it was exceptionally Good!  The rice sticks to the seaweed so again, helps to keep everything together.
  6.  Finally, cut the rolls into eight pieces.  I start by cutting in half, then each half in half, then each quarter in half.  Overall, My sushi usually turns out pretty well with the exception of the outermost cut.  This probably means I should be filling the sheet closer to the edge, but I lose all kinds of rice on My cutting board so…  Yeah.

Anyway, that’s it.  However, don’t get Me wrong, this took about 20 minutes to make three rolls and the measure was one cup of dry rice (1 and 3/4 water), 1 can tuna, and [obviously] 3 sheets of seaweed paper.  I also picked up some instant miso soup, as no sushi meal is complete without miso soup and chopsticks.  Yes, I can also use chopsticks, I spent six months in Japan, it is a requirement.  If You don’t know how, give it a go because it makes it more fun and Will help You to eat a little more slowly.

It is also April 1st, which is also April Fools.  Not sure how many of You Will remember the significance of April Fools to the world of Babylon and the world We currently live in, but it got its name because it marks the time of the Gregorian calendar becoming the accepted timeline each of Our characters would share in this great Story We are telling.  People who did not know of the new timeline were called April Fools because they did not know the time had changed.  [In a nutshell, do some Googling to get the full story on the April Fool’s tradition, We all have plenty of time for learning now].

It also marks the beginning of My commitment to Write.  I have no real ‘agenda’ I Will simply be Writing about whatever pleases Me in hopes of entertaining You.  Maybe I Will give You some Japanese cuisine Ideas for dinner, maybe I Will discuss why dis-Honourable Justice ‘Bobby’ (Robert) Beaudoin’s decision to dismiss My lawsuit was both incorrect and unreasonable.  Time Will tell, but I am sure I Will get around to all of it eventually.

I hope to also be setting up a weekly podcast soon and Will be on a conference call with some very interesting and intelligent People later this evening, One of which received a personal Letter from Her Grace, Glory and Majesty, Elizabeth II Her Self!  (Yes, I do have some very interesting Friends, and hope to introduce You to some of them in the near future, I did not come to be so knowledgeable without the assistance of others on similar Quests).  Remember, We are all in this together.

“All the world is a Stage, and all of Man [regardless their sex] merely Players” – Will I Am Shake Spear (with an adapt-Ion from Yours Truly).

I hope this Wonderful Wednesday finds You all feeling Fabulous, I Will be back with more banter tomorrow.

Love and Blessings, enjoy Your solitude!






  1. I do not know if you are kidding or not . Not all skills require 10 thousand hours to master like building Google …Maybe, you are joking around…

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