Volume CVI: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Edition; The Happy Hermit’s Homestead

Hello, every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal, thank King You for being here!  I have a Happy Post for You today amidst all this doom and gloom mainstream media madness, so I am ESP-ecially (or is it E-Specie-Ally [and E=MC² ]?), Pleased that You are here.

I had a chance to plant a few more seeds today, and the potential for My future Garden grows ever more Promise-Sing.  It was a very, very busy day for Me, too, and the first time I have really ventured outside My little Keep in over two weeks.  That does sound kind of isolating and odd, I must confess, but Truthfully it is often how I Live My Life.  I Love to be at Home, ‘Keep’-ing to My Self.

I am Virtually never bored, I always have something I Wish to do, One of them was getting more Seeds on the go.  Both the kind that Will bear Fruit in My Garden, and Seeds of Intention for a Better World for all of Us.  I managed to get some of that done today, but it was several trips around town to get everything done, and I am thoroughly exhausted this evening, but commit to a Post every day beginning April 1st, and I Wish to See how long I can Keep My Commit-Ment (Commit Mind) – so here I am, ‘crunching it in’ for the final hour.  And the Microcosm reflects the Macrocosm in all things.


This is My Star feature for the day.  Some People think that Blogging is a ‘useless’ waste of Time, I am thing King it is One of the Greatest Gifts We have in the world right now.  I bet someone Will benefit from My Posting this photo, though My intention is not to advertise any particular Brand, though I Will say I felt somewhat ‘Honoured’ to find out the maker of My little propagator pictured above is a German company (I’m half German Genes, for those who don’t know).  German People do tend to Craft some Quality products (and so do many other countries, I am confessing to some ‘hereditary’ Pride, I suppose).

The tiny little packages of Seeds pictured above Will yield a tremendous amount of Food relative to their size, and it Will literally be some of the best quality Food a Man can consume.  I didn’t notice there were actually suggested measurements of Seeds per flat, and I have no Idea how close I might have been to the recommended amount.  I spread them pretty sparingly because I know how much space they Will take up when they start to sprout.  I Will Keep You all updated, too.

In addition the using the micro-green Seeds as a valuable Food supplement, I Will also grow a few of these to maturity to See if I can begin harvesting some of My own Seeds, and I Will share that with You, too.  (As well as Ideas about to improve and Evolve the Seeds even further for future generations.)

I also managed to pick up some red wriggler worms (25 of them) to accelerate My compost.  A small adjust-Ment (add Just Mind) needed to be made, and the little stone is obviously not Ideal but it Will do for now.  You may also notice I mentioned when setting up the compost that an opaque lid was Paramount to Keeping it reasonably dark and moist, while ensuring plenty of air circulation.  I am using a yard bag as a lid for now, though I have something better in Mind soon.

The worms Will eat pretty much any Organic Matter and Love coffee grounds (can You blame them).  I always have coffee grounds to spare, which Will help attract the worms upward when they have consumed most of the food beneath.  The holes I had drilled in the bottom of this bucket Will now serve as drainage for the second bucket it sits in which has NO holes drilled into it (which is intentional).  This is to catch the water and add to the watering can once in while as liquid fertilizer.  I Will eventually acquire a third bucket, which I Will perforate with countless tiny holes again, just as I did with the previous bucket.  It Will sit on top of the first bucket when the bucket is within an inch or two from the top (I Will Show pictures when the time comes).  It is quite likely that if My little red Wrigglers do Well, My first bucket of compost Will be ready by the time the second one is full.  Oh, but that’s not all!!!


Okay, so it might not look that impressive, but until today I had to carry My towel into the bathroom with Me and was hanging it My bedroom.  There was no towel rack in My bathroom before today, and although I had the physical rack itself, I had no tools with which to hang it.  So I got tools today, too, and promptly got busy putting this up.  I can hardly wait to have My first shower.  Funny how the little things can excite Us, no?

And still more Seeds!!!  😀  Corn, Beets (oh, how I Love beets!!!), Carrot, Cabbage, Lettuce, most heirloom variety.  To be honest, I don’t really know what that means, People just tell Me they’re better.  Heirloom or Organic.  I’ll have to look into that more.  But I was just as eager to get these planted because in this particular geographical area, Commonly known as the region of Ontario, Canada, it is said to be safe to bring My Seedlings outdoors on April 15 (Farmer’s Almanac).  For those of You unfamiliar with Canada’s climate in this reason, it just means that last fear of overnight frost should be over, as frost can kill most Seedlings quite quickly.

Alright, thirteen minutes and counting, I’ve got to get this Posted to Keep My new resolute Sean’s.  Fitness is also a commitment, I am to begin a daily fitness routine starting slowly, and ascending to Spartan.  I Will share that with You, too.  Yesterday was push ups, just three sets of ten, controlled, slow repetitions.  Alternating between flat and elevated (feet on second step of My staircase – use Your environment, be Creative); F,R,F.  I Will do four or five sets of ten tomorrow.  Today I had the Opt-Ion of getting Blog Post in or continuing My fitness regime; You know what I chose and I said previously, this day was truly exhausting, so I am Trusting the Universe Wished for Me to be here and was as King of Me to make the second day of My Fitness Regime a rest day.  😉

I Love You all, I hope You are also Happy Hermit’s enjoying Your Homestead.

Love and Blessings,

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