Volume CVI: The Fabulous Free Lance ‘Freaky Friday’ Edition; Capital Ghost Town

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal, thank King You for being here.  I address My Posts this Way very frequently as of late, and I Wish for You to know I Truly mean it.  Please, do thank ‘King You’ (or Queen if You prefer, as Man is equal Parts both) for being here.  I am here to Give You some Good News amidst all this madness, the world really is a pretty ‘Freaky’ Place to be this Friday.

I had a lot of running around to do over the last two days, and I’m still not done.  There are line-ups to get into the ‘Super’-market, so I can’t as easily (or as quickly) accomplish goals I would otherwise be Able.  I don’t Mind taking multiple trips to the grocery store, I enjoy walking outside, the Sun Shine on My face, it’s easier than killing My Self by trying to get everything in one go, though I Will do that sometimes (usually Wondering why I chose to try to get everything in one trip while I’m walking My Way Home).

One of the things I Love about Ottawa is that it really does feel like ‘Home’ for Me right now.  It’s difficult for Me to go anywhere without running into someone I know.  Even in this desolate looking Ghost Town Capital, I ran into several People I know and Truly got a Sense of the level of fear that is ravishing this Planet.  I’m not even going to repeat any of it because it’s all One hears about now.


The Good News is that People sure respect a Man’s personal space a little more these days!  As Spiritual as I am, I really don’t like the ‘shoulder slap’ mentality of Brotherly Love without as King of Me first.  I also don’t care much for ‘close talkers’ and they can be difficult to avoid at times without being outright rude.  Two meters is a respectable distance, and I kind of Wish it was a Common Courtesy without the crisis.

The only ‘unfortunate’ News I have for today, is that it appears as though I Will uploading considerably less photos than I had been hoping to do in future Posts now that I have a comfortable Keep.  My phone slipped out of My pocket last night, directly into a full pail of rainwater sitting at My side!  I had it out literally within a second or two at most, and it appeared to be fine, I ran inside, wrapped in dry towel for a moment, then placed it on a ventilation duct.  I left it there for about twenty minutes and never stopped receiving notifications and Signs of Life, so I presumed the air dry was extra precautionary.  Well, fine as it was war King last night, it made no sounds today, and no One can hear Me talk on the phone, so the mic got damaged, too.  The irony, of course, is that with all of this running around and ‘chores’ I’ve been up to over the last couple of days, I was truly Wishing My phone would just ‘SHUT UP!!!’.  And so it effectively did – perhaps permanently, though it is now sitting on top of My rice to see if that helps.  Sometimes Magical things happen.  Point is, the camera only takes terrible photos that appear desperately out of Focus, and I’m not a very Good photographer to begin with, so…  Well, You may be getting the ‘un-animated’ Verse-Ion’ (Version) for a little while.

I have so many inspirational thoughts to share with You, and I Will be doing a lot of interesting things in My Microcosm, too, specifically related to Our Rights and what I Will be doing to further exercise (exorcise- remove a Demon?) My rights.  I said that We are In Deed ‘Lucky’ to have the legal system We do.  We do in fact have more rights than most of Man even know she has.  See what I did there?

I have been so crazy busy harvesting resources over the last couple of days that I haven’t had time to Write the ‘to do’ l List of things I Wish to do.  A ‘to do List’ is quite literally the first thing on My Mental ‘to do’ List for this evening.  First was My Promise to Post every day (unless I am un-Able for reasons absolutely beyond My control [the Universe, God’s Hand]).

I have been planting a plethora of Seeds and I have plenty more still left to sow.  The Micro-Greens Sewn yesterday were already sprouting this morning!  (Yes, See the camera was a little deceptive, tricking Me into believing My phone was still war King fine, as it had no problems taking pictures earlier today (which is why I believe water must have managed to get inside and is only doing it’s damage now).  It’s currently on a wooden cutting board in pieces, placed on top of a bed of rice in an air tight food container.  I Will leave it there for twenty-four hours and hope it’s war King fine when I come back to it.  I can still use My phone if I wear a headset, so the phone is still fully functional with the exception of the camera if no further damage is done.

Love growing food, I really do!  I’ve never had a space of My own to do it.  Here, I have plenty of room!  The importance of Food is obviously a little more apparent to the Common Man now than ever before in Our Life, and being able to supply a full meal of Micro-Green’s daily is a ridiculous Health benefit, believe Me.  You may be surprised to know that most sprouts contain 18-25% protein, all plant based and easy to digest.  Never Mind the vitamins and minerals if You get a decent variety going.  It’s a Super Food, and ironically, I am thing King You can’t buy the Seeds at the ‘Super’ market, One must go to a health food type store, which is where I was Lucky enough to find mine.

I Will have more photos on the Way (on the phone, not yet uploaded).  But the Positive message I Wish to leave You with today, is that My ‘to do’ list is so big I haven’t had time to make the List – do all the things You never had time to do before, enjoy the ‘down’ time.  I really think You are going to like the end of the Story.

Love and Blessings,


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