Volume CVI: The Sun Day Morning Saturday Evening Edition; Real Life Free Masonry

Hello World!  I hope and Trust You are all Keeping Well.  The only ‘bad’ News today isn’t really bad News at all – I didn’t manage to get a Blog Post for Saturday Writ before mid Night, the Good News is that it’s because I don’t care what time it is when I feel inspired to Write, My Day ends when I go to bed.  So, although it’s 12:37 (no Coincidences) right now, I’m still Keeping My new ‘House Rules’ for the King’s Keep.

I sincerely had the most Fabulous day, and I hoping You are managing okay, too.  I decided to skip the Super market because I didn’t get up as early as I’d Wished and it’s Saturday – absolute worst day of the week to go grocery shopping if One can avoid having to do so for any reason.  I also got that ‘to do’ list done, but it turned out a List of ‘House Rules’ for My Keep, I thought it sounded less bossy, somehow.  I don’t really like telling My Self I have to do anything, so telling My Self ‘to do’ stuff all day long every day would get old really fast.  But getting a few more essential groceries was still on the List and it wasn’t an Opt Ion.  I didn’t have to go but I would have regret not going later and genuinely be missing the things I as King to get.  I was just going to try the local convenience store, plenty around this neighbourhood, see what they had in store.  But Shoppers was still open and they have a grocery section, I didn’t notice a lineup and saw someone walking out.  They also has everything I needed, were closer than the grocery store and roughly the same price.  So that was a Win!  I thought I’d be gone potentially hours, and I was back in less than thirty minutes.

Then I sat and looked at this, which is also on My List.wp-1586056201129.jpg

I’ve been Wishing to clean this area up since I moved in, today was truly the first day I was able, until now it was covered in a thick sheet of ice.  Then there’s My potato planter to ‘fix’.


I did mention I need some plant pots, right?  That’s why You see a cardboard box there; I’ve been improvising and re-using as much of My waste as I can, practicing the whole ‘reduce My carbon foot-Print’, thing.

Anyway, the Great News is, I have Photos!!!  Yes, I removed My phone from the pail of rice late this morning and everything is working perfectly except potentially the mic for tall King on the phone or recording audio without a headset, which I never do.  So I won’t even know if it’s war King or not for some time, My headset as war King fine. 😉  I am very Lucky.  If the camera had been toasted for Good, I would have to buy another phone or get it repaired, it’s one of those essential things for My Goals this year.  The other Great News, is look at that Sunshine!!!  Of course I should fix My potato Planter and clean up My patio while the Sun is Beaming down on Me.  I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it, it was like Playing with grown up Lego.

I Act on Creative Impulse often.  What I mean, is that I Will get an Idea and immediately put it into Act-Ion if the materials are available.  That doesn’t always mean I’ve taken the time to sit back and consider if My strategy is the best possible one to employ.  This was one of those cases where even half Way through the second layer of bricks I knew I was going to have to do the whole thing over again because of crucial mistakes, but Kept going anyway because I Wished to get a sense of the Size and how it might look.  As far as that part goes, I like it.

I was able to find the perfect nylon screen netting to line the bottom of My planter by cleaning up the yard.  I had Wished the netting I had was bigger when I constructed the first one so I could secure with stones on all sides, but I was Happy to have any at all.  It was salvaged from the stuff thrown out when renovating My apartment and had been buried in snow all winter.  This morning, the last pile of snow is gone on the side of the patio with the staircase which reveals another damaged window screen buried in a pile of leaves.  It’s bigger, of course!  Then I Wonder if maybe I should wash all the bricks before rebuilding and think, ‘Nah, I would need a Good brush to scrub them with – two seconds later I notice the exact kind I would need is on top of the pile of bricks.  Now I know what they were using it for!  Honestly, this is how My Universe works.  Even the right brooms and rakes for the job are hanging on the wall outside My front door.  I Love My new Keep so much.

I’ll Give updates on farming potatoes with My new Potato Planter as I do more work.  For now it doesn’t need to be very deep and I Will be growing four types of potatoes, so You are looking at the first planting of ‘Yukon Gold’ potatoes.  Oh, I even found a bag of regular, medium grain Sand revealed by the melt.  The Season Springs many Surprised on Me!  (The Sand Will be for assisting with drainage when starting new plants and I’d been wondering where I’d be able to get some.  Universe delivers right to My Door!

This afternoon, this evening.  And I didn’t just move the doors, either, I basically tore them apart and the wood used in the frame is still Good, the Door panels themselves are rotting away so they pulled right off.  The Wood is probably weather treated.  Either Way, it’s perfect for another construction project I was hoping to start – Pyramid Pots!!!

I Wish to See about building a plant pot shaped like a Pyramid to see if it grows any better.  Might sound a little out there, but there are all kinds of ‘old wives tales’ about the Power of the Pyramid and Sacred Geometry.  One of those rumours is that Seeds stored inside a perfect Geometric Pyramid (Giza as example) for three months before planting produced four time as much fruit.  Razor blades kept in a cabinet shaped like a perfect Pyramid Will never go dull.  I’m not sure about any of this, if You Wish to know You Will have to try, and We all have plenty of time to be Creative.  The Funny thing is, the whole day was like a Dance with the Universe.  I Wished for exactly the type of wood I found inside the rotting doors.  Not just like the Wood I Wished to use for frames, exactly like the Wood I was picturing.

I also had plants to water,


workout Regis Ments to Keep, Meals to make, and the shopping this morning, however quickly I was able to get it done.  It was a very busy day and I was almost non stop after dinner and I Wished to enjoy the day a bit before sitting down to share it with You.  So I did.  Now, I am Keeping My commitment so long as I Write a Post every day before I go to bed, which is One I know I can Keep.


Finally, to top it all off, after having that last thought about Wishing to relax and enjoy the evening after war King so hard all day, and Giving thanks to the Universe for all of the day’s Blessings, these lights came on just beyond the fence of My seating Area – as if I might have put them there for added ambiance My Self.

The Universe Loves You, it knows what it’s doing.

Love and Blessings,

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