Volume CVI: The Super Natural Sunday Re-View; 2020 = Perfect Vision, and Adjusting Our Focus

Hello every One, or ‘Folk (Us)/Focus’, how are We this week?  I am Hoping We are all Keeping in Good Spirits and taking some time to Focus on what Matters most for each of Us while We collectively have this time to reflect and consider Our Opt-Ions.  No better time than now to start Living a Purpose Full Life, become the Hero of Our own Story.

The English Language really is amazing, isn’t it?  Let’s look (See-King/Seeking) at the Word ‘options’.  We know what it means to ‘opt’ for something, to choose, exercise Our greatest Gift, Free Will.  Everything begins with an Idea.  Opt is to consider, Ion is Energy. so an option is a consideration of applied Energy.  The Act Ion (Action) of making the choice is the application of the Opt-Ion.  And not One bit of it is a coincidence, We are pure Magic.  Learning to Cast most effectively, means a Mage (In His I-Mage) must Master Spelling.

I actually have Friends in My Microcosm who now tell Me they can’t Spell, ‘You, Me, We, Us or Our without Wishing to Give it a Capital Letter, and are re-Minded of Me every time.  They say it feels ‘wrong’ now, and I tell them it is!  Of course You, Me, We, Us, Our deserve Capital Letters every bit as much as I.  Why are We so ‘Self’ important?  That’s all a Capital Letter means, something of Importance, pay attention!

I actually had to Self reflect for a moment there.  At-tent-Ion (where-House-Energy/ware House Energy), and also ‘At Ten, Sean…’  Now of course, some of these Words Will mean more to Me in My Microcosm because not all of You were Called Sean.  Some People actually say it wrong, and Call Me ‘Sea-N, or ‘seen’.  Now I say, ‘No, this is where the commercial admiralty Current ‘Sea-N’s’.[Sea Ends].  But ‘at Ten, Sean’ has always been an internal translate Ion of the Word Attention.  My House Energy is where it should be, so I’m Good there.  But I realized that I think this is the ten year anniversary of My Book, ‘A Prophecy for Peace’, too!  I Will have been on this Earth for 47 years and roughly nine months this coming June 5th, which means I completed My Book at 37?  I Will have to go and look this all up when I finish this Post because I feel I would have remembered if had published My first book at 37, the number has been Magical for Me since the moment I published that Book, is it possible I didn’t even notice the relation to My years on this earth?  Really, I am thing King that ‘at Tent-Ion’ or ‘attention’ means to pay a Tent Ion to the Ten Command-Ments (Command Mind/Come and Mind) as the House Rules – where is One pitching their ‘at Tent-Ion’? 😉

I don’t have any Pictures to Post today, so this is the non-illustrated Edition of the week.  Sunday is also ‘relax’ day, and this One in particular was earned for Me.  Sunday, I do what I Wish, no ‘Agenda’ for the day.  However, for Monday I am back to goal setting for social media growth and that is essentially going to be My main Focus in all things concerning My Life moving for Ward (for protection).  In addition to Writing a Blog Post a day which really isn’t work because I enjoy Writing so much, I Will be trying to get back to actually ‘managing’ My social media accounts by updating daily.  Daily activity on any social media platform is like night and day with respect to results, which probably isn’t surprising, but for Me, that’s the ‘work’ Part of Keeping and marketing a Blog.  I don’t really like marketing My own stuff and I’m not really a big fan of social media, I thoroughly enjoy My solitude, though I can get caught up in it as much as anyone else can.  When I was marketing My social media accounts actively for just two months, the results were exponential.  Right now I get roughly 5,000 views a month on Twitter (which is basically nothing if One is not up on statistical data) and that was roughly the same as when I started My ‘test’ marketing campaign.  By the end of a month I was generating over 200,000 views some weeks!!!  When I say exponential I’m not exaggerating but it was a lot of work, about an hour and a half to two hours daily using two apps that allow Me to schedule new Tweets to Twitter and Pins to Pinterest.  Setting them up to basically micromanage both My accounts a day in advance, so it ‘appears’ as though I’m always online.  😛 Two hour investment for 24 hours of Freedom.  The reason it tends to fall to the Way Side is because I don’t enjoy doing it but do enjoy Writing and I can’t to the social media before I Write the Blog Post (because the Blog Post is what I’m promoting), so it makes My whole ‘doesn’t Matter what Time I Post an Entry’ under reconsideration.

Alright, I’m going to call it a night and enjoy the remainder of My Sunday evening, I hope You Will, too.  I know a lot of People are in a state of panic right now and My Wish is to do everything I can to encourage You in the Words of Douglas Adams, ‘DON’T PANIC!!!’

This is the perfect time for Self reflect-Ion, Focusing on where We Wish to place Our attention (or pitch Our Tent of Ideas to Act Ion) moving for Ward.  We all have a very Special Purpose for being here, and that is probably the Best News I have to Gift You with this evening.  This is a very unique time in Man’s evolution, and I Promise You that every One who is here right now, even the Ones panicking, were as King to be here for precisely this moment in Time.  Think of it like picking a ride at a theme Park, with ratings ranging from white bunny to black diamond.  You all picked the double-black diamond run.  And as scary as it is when that roller coaster is rocketing toward its first hair-pin turn, You are terrified and excited all at once.  The only difference is You forgot it’s a ride, that’s how Powerful Your Magic is.  You actually Created this Universe so You could experience it as exactly the Character You are now.  So, who are We?

Love and Blessings,


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