Volume CVII: The Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition; Tending the Garden

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Monday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for being here.  I Wonder if You are having as much Fun as Me at Home and Hope that You are.  I have been finding it difficult to get all My goals fit into a day, there is so much I Wish to do from the moment I wake.


The middle plastic beige tray has been overdue for a transplant for a while but I haven’t had any suitable pots, haven’t made time to make any, and didn’t have potting soil either which is probably why I never got around to making any pots.  I did finally get around to it today, something I have been very excited to get done.


In the pots at the back are three Sage, then a single Sage, then as single [mystery] Pepper.  It could be a bell pepper or chili pepper, I Will be Happy with either one as I Wish to eventually have three or four types of peppers going.  In front of the pots is an Acorn Squash, one of the Seeds harvested from the first squash I ate in My new apartment, so it seems appropriate it would be the first squash to sprout.  To the left in the purple tray are a new set of seedlings in the end egg carton.  From left to right; Beets, Carrots, Corn, Cucumber, a second type of Corn, Early Squash, three seeds to a row.  Tomorrow I Will do another tray of 18 using another egg carton to start three types of Pepper, Tomato, Cabbage, and two types of Lettuce.  I’ll only do two of each type of Pepper so it all fits.

I also started a number of herbs that Will get some time outdoors but Will be intended to Keep inside the House at the end of the season.  There are a few more herbs I would still like to get but I’m not as anxious to get herbs started as I am to get the main vegetables going in time for a full season on My new patio.  I also started a log of My planting so I Will know when I did things this year, next year.  A ‘Sean’s Almanac’, so to speak.  I’m also trying a new filtration method in My pots which I Will share with You once I confirm it is war King. 😉

I’m consistently finding new activities to add to My daily routine when I finally get one set up, which is also one of the main goals this month.  It’s not something I’ve been procrastinating on, either, it’s just that the list Keeps getting longer and needs more revision, prioritizing, and organization in general.  But I really do have a lot of things I Wish to accomplish, both inside My Home and in My extended Microcosm.  In fact, I Will soon be sharing some of My Ideas about how I would like to make doing what I normally do everyday a ‘sponsored’ not for profit organization.  Once again, to get that under Way, I still need to do a bit of ‘organizing’.

Anyway, I’m not going to Keep You all long this evening, partially because I am once again exhausted from a busy and enjoyable day with still items to Cross off My ‘to do’ list, and partially because I Wish to get to bed at a slightly more reasonable time this…  morning.  I haven’t gone to bed before two A.M. in over three days, I need a Good sleep and an early start tomorrow.

I hope You are feeling Loved and Blessed, Good Night!

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