Volume CVII: The Terrific Two’s Day Edition; Keep On As King and it Will be Given

Good evening, and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Two’s Day Edition.  I like the Idea of ‘Two’s day because everything in the Universe is about maintaining balance, Cause and Effect.  For every Act Ion there is an equal and opposing re Act Ion.  I also did say that I would be tall King more about what I Will be doing in My Microcosm to continue advocating for Our rights, and today that topic has special relevance in My Microcosm and there is no better time than now to be teaching the world how to invoke Our rights, especially for those of You Living in a Common Law country, though what I Will be Showing all of You is applicable to all member states of the U.N. council on foreign relations.  That’s already beginning to sound like a bit of a complicated mouthful and I don’t Wish for any of You to lose Your enthusiasm, I Promise none of it is as complicated as it may seem.


See, I have Beautiful things like this going on in My Microcosm.  These are the ‘little things’ that bring a smile to My face every morning and there are countless examples I could Give (just start thing King of all the plants I’ve potted).  I have virtually everything I could ever Wish to have in Life…  Virtually everything.

I could quite Happily go about My Life planting fruits and vegetable to continually improve a Garden, husband a fish tank and raise all kinds of interesting, high quality (organic) specimens, some of which would actually be edible (Tilapia), continually upgrade and improve the decor of My apartment, produce an incredible amount of Art, and continue sharing My thoughts and adventures with all of You here.  Maybe I’ll even Write another Book, I’ve had a lot of People recently suggesting I should (and all things are the Voice of the Universe).

The Fact is, I Will do these things anyway, it’s what I ‘do’.  So I could look into different Ways I could ‘market’ all of these things I Will be doing to appeal to a number of different Blog reader demographics, continue war King to increase Blog traffic until I have sufficient traffic to advertise and ‘make a Living’ doing the things I Love to do.  I would eventually like to be able to raise enough fruits, vegetables (though primarily veggies) to provide for My Self and up to three additional families of five fresh, weekly vegetables including one micro green serving a day.  If that sounds ambitious, Trust Me, it is modest compared to what I would do if I had unlimited resources at My disposal.  Which brings Me to Two’s Days point.  I Will be as King for the resources I need to make this happen as My contribution to My community and society as a not for profit, Spiritual Entity.

I had a little ‘extra’ income this month because I appealed to My social worker, Orsolya Vancsody for the ‘special needs dietary allowance’.  Generally, Orsolya (or ‘Orsi’ as she likes to go by) is very accommodating and did Honour My request for the month of March and April, which works out to an additional $160.75 per month.  She also sent Me a Letter to take to a doctor sometime this month if I Wish to continue to receive the extra ‘dietary’ allowance.  You can probably guess how I might feel about that.

The worst part is, the Letter does not even require a doctor’s Signature, a nurse Will do!  My sister is a nurse, and let Me tell You, she is not in any position to Give any One medical advice or provide a ‘diagnosis’.  Now, let’s look at the Word, “Diagnosis”.

Dia-Gnosis.  dia– a prefix occurring in loanwords from Greek (diabetes; dialect) and used, in the formation of compound words, to mean “passing through” (diathermy), “thoroughly,” “completely” (diagnosis), “going apart” (dialysis), and “opposed in moment” (diamagnetism).

Gnosis – Knowledge of Spiritual Mysteries…

Hmmm.  Dia-Gnosis.  So it implies (in this instance defined above) that diagnosis means to Give complete and thorough knowledge of Spiritual Mysteries?  I am to see a doctor for knowledge of Spiritual Mysteries?  Who would have thunk it?

Well, there is some Truth to it, actually.  Believe it or not, doctor’s Will be more well Versed in the knowledge of a Man’s rights than the average elected official.  Doctor’s have a very specific Function in today’s society and do have knowledge of things the Common Man does not.  Which is why I don’t really have a problem going to get a doctor to Sign all the items I Wish for the doctor to Sign on this Form because a doctor Will not be foolish enough to argue with Me when I tell the doctor what is in the best interest of My overall health with respect to preventative natural health care and in maintaining My optimal biological function.  But the fact that an authorized representative of the Ministry is not acknowledging My right to determine what is in the best interest of My overall health and well being is a final trespass upon My right to self determination that I Will not tolerate any longer.  I am in the perfect position to advocate for My rights in the Honourable Way every Man should, and in a position to share all of that wisdom here with You simultaneously.  So THAT Will be on the very near agenda with respect to what You can expect from this Blog (in the background more so than main Focus).

And also a disclaimer for Orsolya Vancsody as I’m sure she Will not ‘like’ the paperwork that Will be coming her Way in the very near future.  Having said that, just so You know what My ‘Plan’ is, I Will be taking the Form to a doctor for My own amusement.  I Will see how many ‘conditions’ I can have the doctor agree to consent to ‘indefinitely’ (the privilege Will never be revoked and Will require no future doctor visits to maintain) on the foundation that the recommended diet for treatment would also be the recommended dietary needs for prevention of all listed ‘diagnosis’. 😉

Then I Will Show You how reason and logic must be used in all Letters one Will Write to advocate for their ‘rights’, which are determined by a Man’s ‘needs’.  In God’s Kingdom, Man has want (need) for nothing, as a Man’s Wish is God’s Gift.

“Keep on as King and it Will be Given” – Matthew 7:7 (and depends very much on which Kingdom One has claimed).

The other point here I Wish to make is that I don’t really ‘Wish’ to do any of this.  I actually filed another very important document with Orsolya just a couple of months ago and was beginning to think We had reached a meeting of the Minds and that she was beginning to recognize My right to Live a Spiritual, non commercial Life.  Now I see that I am either mistaken, or she simply does not understand her position well enough to do what should be done, and I can’t just ‘let’ People trespass upon My rights because they don’t know any better – it doesn’t work that Way.

“Your rights are My responsibility” – Jordan Peterson.

I don’t like everything Jordan Peterson says, in fact, I don’t like a lot of things he says, but I do LOVE that line and it was said by Jordan Peterson in a teaching seminar about Man’s Duties and responsibilities in LIFE.


(My after dinner project).

I hope You are well and finding some meaning and purpose in all You do.

Love and Blessings,

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