Volume CVII: The Thrilling, Thing King, Thursday Edit-Ion; CAPSIZING the Ship

Good evening every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal’s [Thoroughly Thrilling] Thing King Edition.  This One is about the troubled Current-Sea of Commercial Admiralty waters and whether or not the citizen Ship can weather the Storm, or Will it be CAPSIZED?  And if it IS capsized, would that be so bad?

I find it somewhat surprising that law is considered a ‘boring’ topic of conversation.  Is it not interesting to consider that We all have different laws depending on what country We ‘belong’ to, or hail from?  That Idea has always intrigued Me, even from the time I was a young boy who was told to be thankful I Live in Canada, told of the atrocities of Germany by a Man who experienced it first Hand [My father].  It stunned Me to think that People were not allowed to express their thoughts and opinions in some places, that it was against ‘the law’?  Who’s ‘law’ exactly?

I remember as King of My Mother once when I was a young boy if I ‘had to be Canadian just because I was born here’.  I remember My Mother answering Me very quickly, without even a thought, ‘no, You can go to any country You like and make it Your Home.  I wasn’t born here, I came from Scotland’.  So that all sounds reasonable enough but that wasn’t what I meant.  No mom, I mean, “do I have to belong to any country at all?”.

My Mother didn’t know how to answer that One and I Truly don’t remember what she said, only that it wasn’t satisfying (or I would have remembered).  I never liked the Idea of ‘belonging’ to any One or any thing.

I said I would be Showing the rest of You what I Will be doing in My Microcosm to advocate for My rights in hopes of helping to defend Yours.  Again, My favourite Jordan Peterson quote:

“Your rights are My responsibility”

This Letter was delivered to My Case worker, Agent and Commissioner for the Ministry of Community and Social Services by Way of the Ontario Works ‘Act’.  That is ‘officially’ (office-I-ally) her title, which is also indicated on the Stamp used to Show receipt of delivery.

The following is all ‘Proper’ Common Law example of a Letter and how it would be delivered ‘back in the day’.  The commercial fiction has no authority over Living Man, only non-living, incorporated (en/in-corpus-rated) entities.  Here, I am Hand delivering a body.

There is the ‘Face’ of the Envelope (Tomb), but one must break the Seal to enter the Tomb to invoke the Spirit of the Body of the Letter.  This is a Sacred Magical undertaking We take for granted.  Now that the Seal is broken, the Body of the Letter comes to Life, and We are ready to Raise the Head (it is currently bowed at One’s Hand) to reveal the Face of this Character.


Ah, now We can See (Sea of Commerce) the Face of the Spirit’s Character, and We know where the Caster of the Magic is Spelling from.  The corpse is still kneeling, one must Stand by extending One’s legs.  To open the Foot of the Letter is to allow the Character to Stand and reveal the True Character of One’s Spirit Cast into the Body of the Letter.


Does any One sincerely doubt this is all Magical ritual?  Trust Me, it is!  Now that I am Standing, I have announced the place where I am Casting My Magic from, (Lord Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God), which also declares and Establishes the jurisdiction of the Letter.  No Court on Earth is above God or God’s Kingdom, so the Supreme Common Law has been invoked by this Act, and the recipient is hereby by Given Notice.  On the upper right, is typically the postal address.  I have replaced it with http://www.vondehnvisuals.com, My Domain, as I can receive messages through My Blog on the Public Record, it meets all requirements of a ‘legal publication’.  I am also giving them notice that the Letter is the under the authority of vondehnvisuals.com, which Gives Me right to publish it here, and no recipient can say they were not ‘informed’ (in-Form is how it was Given them).

Next, I indicate all the parties I am addressing by Way of this Letter, and who has been appointed to inform them of My Wishes (Orsolya Vancsody, in this case).  I also state the reason for the Letter.  Something must compel a Man to sit down and Write a Letter, what is the Cause for the Letter?  This is in Regards to Sean von Dehn’s ‘Trust’ with Canada’s Ministries, so this is a “Letter of Attorney”.


“A House Divided against it Self cannot Stand” – The Bible ?

I think Jesus actually said that, not sure.  Anyway, it’s True, a House divided against itself cannot Stand, so there cannot be two of Me, there is only One.  The state still Wishes to believe I am the incorporated person created by the State, and it seems reasonable enough they should know that character has no value or Life without the Energy of My Will.  So, now they have a Record of some ‘Holy Ghost’ giving Life to this incorporated Character formerly known as SEAN VON DEHN who has placed his Trust in God and a Living Man known in the Common Law as Lord Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God.

Although it may appear black in the photo, Orsolya’s Signature is also in blue ink, as is the Stamp used to identify her as authorized commissioner for the Ontario Works Act.  (Black ink is used when negotiating contracts with the incorporated person, blue ink is used when One is Acting in Common Law as the incorporated person (as there IS no other entity than the legal entity in Man’s commercial fiction).

So, to summarize, this is actually about ‘un-CAPSIZING’ the citizen ship, making things right while We sail (sale) these turbulent times.  Some think I am an ‘enemy of the state’ for opposing government.  I don’t actually oppose government, I just have very strong Ideas about capitalism being Man’s greatest mistake.  On the contrary, I do believe that Canada has a fabulous system of Law and an exceptional political model for the protection of Our rights.  However, they are no Good to any One if We don’t apply them.  I Will be Showing You exactly why and how these Ministries are actually obliged to do what I am as King of them to do.

All coming up in the very near future.  Tomorrow, I Will upload a couple of Letter that I sent to Orsi today that Will be the first step to fully exercising My rights.

Love and Blessings!!!



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