Volume CVII: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Sowing Seeds of Intent-Ion

Hello every One, and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition of the Good News Journal, One of My favourite days to Write.  As always, thank ‘King You’ for being here.

The featured Image (I-Mage) today is a Pyramid plant pot I’m Crafting.  Paper makes great ‘starter’ pots because they can just be transferred directly into the soil and covered, the paper Will just break down and become food.  The example I’m showing is the same dimension as the Giza pyramid and You might be interested to know that each side is one sixth of a hexagram if One were to divide One evenly.  Paper also lets Me experiment with the Idea before I start making One’s to last (I’ll probably just re-use plastic I find).  I would like to build a Good sized one, maybe opposite My potato planter with some kind of brick (not sure if the ones I have Will work but I Will soon see), and a few medium sized ones, maybe a foot to sixteen inches at the base.  I may yet make this one semi-permanent by lining the inside of the paper with nylon screen.  The paper Will still break down but the shape should hold.  I figure paper is also a Good Way to practice and make templates for the bigger projects.  This One Will sit on a removable base I created specifically for it.  All pieces are ready now, it just needs to be assembled, so I should have new pictures tomorrow.  In the background You can see the watering jar I use to water My micro-greens ‘charging’ on a talisman of Sacred Geometry, which happens to be three hexagrams inside each other and a six pointed Star.


And here it is how it Will look (roughly) when it sits on it’s base.


I also got around to clearing away the rest of the leaves.  This area was a bit of a disaster before I got started today, but the work got done relatively quickly.


You might notice an old paint roller and some other random junk scattered in the leaves back there, there was considerably more of that than it would appear here.  However, I was very Happy to get it done and see what lies underneath.


Et, Viola!!!  If You look really close, You can see some green grass trying to inch its Way up at the nearest corner.  Don’t get Your hopes up, I Will be removing that, though I Will find another place to relocate it.  I actually like ‘decorative’ grass, so I might just move it into a pot and Keep it near My entrance door.  One thing about grass, it’s very easy to care for.

You Will also notice I didn’t get all the leaves.  Well, that was intentional and I’m actually a little worried I took too many, though the yard bags are still here so I can always ‘get more’.  The reason I decided to leave some behind is because the next job Will be prepping the soil for the plants I’ve started and the soil is surprisingly Good!  You can virtually see how rich it is, even in the photo.  Only downside is I’m not sure how Good the drainage Will be, so I plan to make rows of Earth (I was Gifted a whole lot of that on Lucky Wednesday, too) and to increase the volume and provide better drainage, I’m going to mix some of the earth with leaves.  There’s a large planter in the front that they’ve been trying to grow stuff in for years with no luck, so they said I could have the earth that’s in there because only plastic plants go there now!  I said I would find something that Will grow there and he insisted I was wasting My time, just use the soil for My plants in the back, so I took that as a Sign.  “It Will be done!”

I’ve really been more focused on My garden (or getting it ready) than anything else lately, though cooking has been up there, too.  I’ve got five more days before things can ‘safely’ go outside, though I Will be checking temperatures just to be sure.  A few of My plants have been out for a few days already but Will be indoors tonight and tomorrow night as it Will be going down to -2. 😦  Soon enough, it Will be warm. 🙂


I decided to see if I could use one of My micro-green seed trays to propagate other seeds, too and it seems to work very well.  I didn’t even soak any of the seeds, just dropped them in there to see if they would sprout.  The ones in the photo with the long roots are two squash, one Acorn, one ‘Early Summer’ (whatever that is, looks like Butternut).  One of the other things I Will be doing which some People find strange, is making a Journal of all the plants I have with their ‘Common’ name on one side and their proper Latin name on the other.  It is Way better to know the Latin names of plants because some plants are Commonly called different things in different places/countries.  So far, no seeds I have tried in here have not sprouted, so that’s a Good Sign.

Finally, I also had two Tomato’s sprout today!  I have been hoping for Tomato’s so was Happy to see them finally surface.  They were planted well over a week ago, patience is not My best Virtue (though always war King on it).wp-1586561370056.jpg

See how much they look like Peppers in the beginning?  Their seeds look similar, too.  I bet when I discover the Latin name, We find out they are in the same genus or something.  Same with melons.  Melons are easy to identify by their seed (though it may be very difficult to tell which type of melon seed One is looking at), they vary mostly in colour and size but maintain the same shape.

Well, that’s all the photos I have for today, but it tells You where My Focus is at.  I had said I would share My Letters to My Case worker and I Promise I Will do that shortly, but I believe these Letters Will be the last series of Letters I Will be ‘compelled’ to Write, so I am going to make a new Page for them which I Will Call ‘the Last Chapter’.  I have not received a reply yet, either, which is a Good Sign because it suggests My Letter has been taken seriously.

Wow, already over 1,000 Words?  Okay, I guess I’ll let You go.  I hope and Trust You are all Keeping Well and finding Wonder Full Ways to fill Your Time.

Love and Blessings,






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