Volume CVII: The Sensei Sean All Saturn Day Easter Edition; Christ is Razed from the Dead

Good evening every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Sensei-Sean all Saturn Day ‘Special’ Easter Edition, thank King You for being here, it Will be a Great One if You like Magic, Mysticism or Miracles.

Why the ‘Saturn’ Day Edition?  Because I have not yet Writ on the Significance of Saturn-Day.  Most of Us Will know that Sunday is named after the Sun, rather an obvious One.  Each of the days of the week are associated with either the Moon (Moon-Day), a planet (Tuesday – Mars, Wednesday – Mercury (which may also be why I find it so Lucky)), or a Star, as in Sun-Day.  There is an expression that goes something like, ‘the darkest night is before the brightest dawn’.  I am thing King that’s not quite right, but You get the Idea.  Saturn also represents ‘Satan’ in schools of Mysticism and I find it interesting that the days of the week were arranged in such a Way that the ‘darkest’ day Comes before the celebration of the Giver of Light and Life on Earth, Our Sun.

I’ve said before that the Masters of Magic in this world are beyond astounding.  Every association is deliberate, communicating a Message to You subconsciously whether We are aware of this or not.  Language is the same, every Letter of the Alpha bet, is associated with a chromosome on Our DNA, and all the correct associations were made to ensure Our evolution.  They knew this stuff millennia ago.  The Ancient Languages were the same, 22 Letters each, each associated with a chromosome on Our DNA.  Now We have Four (Foundation) more Letters (English, 26 Characters/Letters) that have not yet been ‘correctly’ associated with Our DNA, or are currently assigned to the ‘wrong’ chromosome (some chromosomes would have to have two Letters assigned in Order to have each Letter assigned to a chromosome, perhaps causing some kind of confusion, mutation or irregularity in Our DNA).  It’s even more complicated than all of that if One really starts to look into this because it’s the tongue movement that’s associated with each Letter and how it’s assigned to Our DNA.  The point I’m making, is that the People who Created the English Language were Master Magicians and they knew what they were doing.  Beyond comprehension, they knew what they were doing.

I mentioned in My Book that at some point, Mother Nature would throw something at Us that We collectively can’t ignore, if only to save Our species.  The planet has never been in any danger of dying, Life Will continue on Earth indefinitely, but We could certainly disappear if Our behaviour continues to jeopardize Our planet.  Did You know that the People in India can see the Himalayan mountains for the first time in thirty years because most industry is shut down?  That’s some Good News, no?  We were out of control!  Seriously.  Hopefully, We Will collectively have an opportunity to see this and reconsider how We Wish to proceed once this thing is over.  It may seem like a dark time, but the darkest night comes before the brightest dawn, and the Golden Dawn is Coming – I Give You My Word.

Tomorrow is the day Christians Will celebrate Christ being Raised from the dead, and (at least metaphorically) the darkest night is before Us now, for it is Satan’s night when the Sun goes down this evening (which it has in most parts of the world at this point).  It is the most celebrated Christian event, even more so than Christmas, and People Will not be able to gather in churches tomorrow.  Very interesting times in Deed.

But I would like to stress that there are no coincidences, especially when it comes to language and (arguably) the most Significant event of Christ’s Life was being Raised from the dead, Living proof He was ‘God’s Son’.  Well, I Will soon be adding One Last Page to this Blog which Will be Called, ‘The Last Chapter’, because this is the End of the Greatest Story ever told.  The Bible does have an Ending, have You read it?  I may not be Christian, but I say the Keys to Kingdom can be found inside of it.  This is officially the Last Chapter, both in My Microcosm and the Macrocosm.

I Will be ‘Razing’ the dead, incorporated, commercial character created by the State and Will be Giving Life to My Character.  It is the most celebrated Christian day because it is the most Significant, it is what each of Us are to do.  Raze Our dead, corporate fiction by Giving Our Character’s Life Purpose.  The false Idol they say not to war Ship, is the I [am] Doll, the ‘ID’ in Your wallet.  That is NOT You.  You are not an ID-Entity, You are a Living Entity with God Given rights.  One must Claim God’s Kingdom to receive God’s Blessing.

My photos don’t really have anything to do with today’s Post, except to remind You that when I’m not sitting down Writing a Blog Post, I’m admiring beautiful Plants and munching on micro-greens.  Life is Good.

I’m going to leave You with a little more Good News, and a Message from Her Grace, Glory and Majesty Her Self about the Significance of Easter.  Pay close attention to every Word, this is the first time the Queen has made an announcement at Easter, so this is kind of a big deal for those who follow that sort of thing.  I find it…  Serendipitous.

“God Save the Queen!!!”

Love and Blessings, every One.

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