Volume CVII: The Super Natural Sunday Re-View; The Apocalypse, and the Return of the King

Hello every One, and Happy E-Star Sun Day, and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Sunday E-Star (E=MC², Energy) Special, ‘The Apocalypse and the Return of the King’.  Some entertaining Ideas for You today to put a more positive spin on the negative news circulating Our global (Glow Ball) Garden.  Please do take them ‘tongue in cheek’, too, as I Will be using some international personalities in My Prophetic Fantasy Ending to the Greatest Story every told, and I’m only having Fun.  This Post is inspired by Friends on Facebook who thought My Creative Ending was both interesting and entertaining, so I hope You Will, too.  As always, thank King You for being here.

How did it begin?  I’m not quite sure.  I am thing King I saw a Post on Facebook that said that this Glow Ball Will be ‘shutdown’ until a vaccine is discovered.  In fact, I’m now reasonably sure that was the catalyst for the following lines of Thought.  Keep in Mind, We are in Deed all Characters in a Story, and all the world is a Stage; this is more True than most of Us could Imagine.  The Story I’m tall King about, of course, is the Bible.  Any One on this Earth who believes today is April 12, 2020, is a Character in the timeline of the Bible, which is Focused (2020, Perfected Vision) by Way of a memorial to the death of Christ (and consequent re-birth).  What is the primary Message of this Story?  That Christ died for Man’s sins.  I suppose it might be a rather large claim to make, but for now I’m going to Stand on that statement.

Even if One is to argue that Christ dying for Man’s sins is not the most important message of the Bible, most of Us Will have heard this is True, “all things are for-Given through Christ who died for Our sins.”

This is important because a lot of People right now are Living in fear.  Fear of what, exactly?  Fear We might die?  Well, that is a Given, We are all going to die.  So what else?  It wouldn’t even Matter if One believed in the Bible or not because Christ would still for Give You.  So why are We worried about death?  And if We are not worried about death, then what else is there to fear?  Really, think about that for a moment; it is a Key to unlocking the potential of the Super Natural You.

There is a point to this long intro.  What I’m getting at, is that I don’t believe ‘Christ’ is coming back – at least, not in the Way the Christians might Imagine.  Now, I could prove to be very wrong about that, as I know the Story Will end just as it Plays out in the Bible, so maybe there Will be an actual Man to Play the Role of Christ on the world Stage, Your guess is as Good as mine.  I don’t think so, because Christ does not have to come back to Establish God’s Kingdom, it was already done when He Gave His Life.  That is the point I was getting at – the returning King, is You.

Now that I’ve got My little prequel out of the Way, here is how I am thing King it could all Play out.

Let’s face it, Christian theology has been telling Us the Apocalypse is just around the corner for probably the last hundred or more years; it’s logical after a period of time to ignore the consistent warnings, yet I think We all knew it was just around the corner, most of Us were probably hoping it was just far enough away We would not have to worry about it in this Life Time.  There is only this Life-Time.

I knew it was coming because I know the Law of the Self fulfilling prophecy, and I know the Power of consciousness – billions of People all having knowledge of the same Story anticipating the same climax, could not produce any other result, it’s really that simple.

First, We had a major ‘upset’ in U.S. politics.  Trump became president ‘against all odds’.  Nobody believed he would actually make it, but he did.  And there were some wild Tweets about his behaviour as president, few of them flattering (if any).  I believe it was all deliberate, make the most controversial Man available president of the United States, claiming to ‘Save America’ and make it ‘Great again’.  A few People were thing King this might be getting Trump into Character for the ‘anti-Christ’, which of course comes at the time of the apocalypse.  For Me, it was just the sound of the ‘Trump-ets’ Signalling the Time is near.  He’s a decoy, Trump’s role is to distract the Masses from the real anti-Christ, who appears later.  So We needed some kind of ‘event’ that would cause an ‘apocalyptic’ type world, an external enemy to unite Man’s kind.  Enter Coronavirus and allow to take center Stage.  Ah, there We go, world in pandemic mode, Glow Ball is shut down, world is waiting on a ‘cure’, someone to ‘save’ them from this horrible apocalypse (including Trump).  And where do You think I’m placing My Alpha [male] bets?  The Will I Am Gates [to Hell] Foundation.  He Will ‘Miraculously’ develop a vaccine in one of his research labs somewhere and champion that everyone who takes the vaccine Will be free from the apocalypse and able to return to ‘normal’ Life.  The vaccination Will leave a scar, and Man Will bear the Mark of the Beast.  The fearless Will have Faith in God and their own body’s immunity, and the True King Will finally take the Stage; enter You! 😉

I hope You enjoyed this Super Natural Sunday Re-View and a different perspective on the ‘Apocalypse’.  Keep in Mind, Apocalypse means ‘unveiling’ or ‘revealing’.  If One Wishes to know how the producers and directors Wish to see their Story end, read ‘REVELATIONS’.

No offence to Trump or Gates, all in Good Fun. 😉

Love and Blessings,

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