Volume CVIII: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition; E-State Matters and Perfecting the Pancake

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal’s ‘Lucky’ Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday Edition, thank King You for being here.  I have another E-State Matter to contend with today, so I Will be tall King about that briefly.  I Will also be tall King about the updates You can expect to find on My Blog tomorrow, as I Will be sharing My Letter to Orsolya Vancsody later this evening.  I hope You are all well and finding enough Deeds to Keep You all busy.  Hopefully, some of You are even finding new Purpose in Your Life.

My days seem to fly by!  I’m not exaggerating, either.  It’s True, I haven’t been getting up as early as I usually do, but I’ve been making up for it by being productive well into the wee hours of the morning.  Today I was up a little after nine, which is getting a little more reasonable.  Ideally I like to be up with the Sun, though that does get a little early for Me at the peak of summer.  One of the things I really Loved about My bike trip was that I was always up with the sunrise, it was impossible to [get any real] sleep any later than that.  However, I was also going to bed within an couple hours after sunset, so it’s pretty easy to be up early when You ‘get in the rhythm’.  That’s a goal I’m war King toward before the end of this month, to finally get a daily routine going.  Right now, there are just way too many little random projects I Wish to get done that make a daily routine seem unnecessary.

Today I thought I would take advantage of a reasonably early start to My day by heading out to pick up a couple of ‘essential’ groceries, primarily eggs but potentially more depending on the line outside the grocery store.  Alas, it was already too long by the time I got there to bother going in for the few things I ‘need’, so I just headed home and checked the mail on My way in, expecting My first hydro bill to show up sometime soon.  Instead, a letter from Miltons Estates Law office.

Now, I had said that because it is a family Matter, I was not going to share the details with My audience here, though I did say I would share with You any legal Action I may be required to take.  On One Hand, I do not Wish for there to be any reason for any further disharmony with My family, but My Brother feels My sister should Act as Trustee of My Father’s Estate, which is something I have serious Issues with for multiple Good reasons I Will not get into here.  In an effort to Keep the Peace, I told My Brother that although I cannot Trust My sister, I Trust him, We have always been very close.  I told My Brother that so long as he ensures each of the three children receive an equal share of the Trust, I Trust that he Will make sure My sister Keeps that Promise and Give My consent.  I was as King of My Brother to tell My sister he had convinced Me to allow her to Act as Trustee, and to resend the application so I could Sign it.  He seemed Happy with that resolution, and I was reasonably Happy with it, too because I really don’t Wish to have to deal with this at all.  I was expecting to receive that Letter today when I opened the envelope.  Instead, what I received was a ‘Notice’ that they are moving ahead with My sister’s application without My consent!

This time, I’m sharing this with You because I believe My Brother is Truly innocent in this Matter and doesn’t fully comprehend what’s happening.  My sister was already as King for My consent and I declined to Give it and let her lawyer know exactly why I was objecting to her application.  In fact, My sister’s lawyer refused to accept My Letter in reply to that requisition of consent and said, “I am not acting as agent for Your sister, I’m just here to get You to Sign.”.  And frankly, I don’t even know what she means by that.  How she can be as King of Me for My consent and not be My sister’s agent is some Magic trick I don’t know.

You might be wondering, ‘If I said to My Brother I would consent to My sister’s application, what difference does it make if My consent is Given or not?’

If My sister and I were to ‘go to war’ over who should administrate My Father’s Trust, this is how a law firm would respond if they Wished to ‘get one over’ on someone.  They didn’t re-issue a requisition for My consent to My sister’s application, they are presuming to go ahead without it. They are not telling Me My consent is required, or even relevant, this is to Give Me Notice that this is happening!  It’s a ‘not so nice’ Way of saying, ‘We don’t care what Your opinion is, We are moving forward with this application anyway’.

So that’s why I’m not ‘pleased’ with the Letter I received today.  I may actually ask for some counsel with respect to this because I’m not sure which form I need to file to contest My sister’s application and make My objections known to the Court.  I have a ‘different’ Way of doing things and if I do anything beyond letting My objections to My sister’s application be known to the Court, I Will file a Claim of right to administrate My Father’s E-State as his first born son and rightful heir.  Yeah, it’s archaic Common Law, but it still applies and I’m one of few People who’s ‘House’ is in Order, which means I have the ‘right’ to own property and My Father’s name.  (That was how I resolved that I would still be Honouring My Father in death without disputing My sister’s application.  Because it is not a joke or understatement when I say My Father’s LAST Wish was that My sister should receive nothing at all.  She ‘disowned’ My Father over 20 years ago, My Father would not even know who ‘Mrs. Johnson’ is.  To be honest, I’m not sure anyone does, including her Self.

Well, that was more rambling than I intended.  Hopefully, hearing of My headaches helped to ease any of Yours.  Truly, I do Love My time at home and although the ‘principal’ of this whole thing really gets under My skin, it really doesn’t have any effect on My day to day ‘Happiness’ meter.  I just know My sister – this is her Way of saying to Me, “I don’t care what You say, I’m doing it anyway.”

Well sis, I guess We Will see.

How Happy was the rest of My day?


Yeah, I’ve pretty much Mastered My pancake game.  This one has strawberries and was served for dinner!  Ah, yes, the Wonder of not having to live with parents, One can eat pancakes anytime One Wishes.

Love and Blessings,

Oh, and for those that are interested, the first thing I did do was Write My sister’s lawyer an email citing the File # and the title of the application.  The body of the email reads as follows:

Hi Hala,

As I expressed to You previously, My Father’s Last Wish would be for My sister to Act as Trustee to My Father’s Estate, I thought I made that reasonably clear.  When Will this application be heard by the Court, I Wish to make sure the Justice has all information necessary to make an informed decision.  
I look forward to hearing from You at Your earliest convenience.
This email is a Matter of Public Record and Will be Published. 
Love and Blesssings,
Lord Sean,
House of von Dehn,
Hand of Stephen,
Kingdom of God.
(Legal and lawful private attorney for the incorporated person Created by the state, commonly known as ‘SEAN VON DEHN’)

I was Given Notice of application, My sister’s lawyer was Given notice that this would be published on the public record – I don’t like to disappoint.  Do not underestimate the Power of One’s Own ‘domain’ and ‘Public Record’.  😉


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