Volume CVIII: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; Think King Family Matters

Hello, every One, welcome to The Good News Journal’s Thursday ‘Thing King’ Edition, thank King You for joining Me.

It is an appropriate Title for today, as I have been thing King a lot about Family Matters because it does – Family Matters.  Right now, I still have this estate thing going on in My Microcosm and I said I would share anything I am compelled to do with all of You here.  I went through the Rules of Civil Procedure with all of You when I filed My Claim, My intent-Ion is to do the same now.  I was rather hoping I would not have to share any of this with You because I don’t really Wish to deal with My Father’s Estate My Self, either – I Truly have no interest in any of the ‘wealth’, though it is enough most People would probably suggest that I should (around $150-200 k after creditors are repaid).  My main Issue is My covenant with God, Honouring My Father’s Wishes as I last knew them to be.  It actually works out rather well for both My Brother and My sister because My Father’s Last Wishes as they were known to Me, were that everything Shall be left to My Brother.  I’m going to See if I can Honour that Last Wish.  Today’s Title is appropriate because I spent most of My morning doing research and thing King about what I Will Write.

Once again, I just went to the government of Canada website and looked up the Rules of Civil Procedure to find out what forms are necessary to contest My sister’s application.  Then I went to the ‘Forms’ section of the same website, and here it is.  What is more interesting, is I discovered I am correct, or at least it would appear so.  My sister cannot make an application without My consent, it is required by the rules of civil procedure, 74.05 (c).  My intuition has been telling Me that something shady is going on.  If My sister can’t move forward without My consent, how exactly did she manage to get around it?  My apologies, I’m only discovering this now!  I got distracted doing a little more research and yes, My consent by Way of Signature is required in the application.  So I am very curious to know how My sister or her lawyer are planning to get around that – but not enough to wait around and find out!  I was going to prepare a Hand Writ version of the document and deliver to the Courthouse tomorrow, but I am going to take the weekend so it isn’t rushed.  I Trust My objection Will be filed in time and if not, I Will presume it was not God’s Will for Me to interfere.

There really isn’t that much more information on the website than what I have just shown, so I’m just going to file the Notice of Objection and see what happens.  Thankfully, I don’t have to serve it on My sister or her lawyer, the registrar Gives them Notice by Way of regular mail.  But yeah, thing King about this has been on My Mind all day.  Even now, what I have just discovered and shared with You is going to be on My Mind.  She does need My consent, My Signature is required – so what did she do?  You’re actually reading My thoughts at the moment.  Well, I suppose You always are.  Honestly, most People who know My sister probably think she is a saint, for the most part she really is a Good person.  But when it comes to Me…  There is something dark and sinister about her, Trust Me.  She is capable of anything.  The other thing I find very interesting, is that is also reads that the following are REQUIRED to accompany the application:

(b) a renunciation (Form 74.18) from every person who is entitled in priority to be named as estate trustee and who has not joined in the application;

(c) a consent to the applicant’s appointment (Form 74.19) by persons who are entitled to share in the distribution of the estate and who together have a majority interest in the value of the assets of the estate at the date of death;

As the eldest son, am I not entitled in priority to be named as estate trustee?  Keep in Mind, this specifically relates to estates without a Will, so what does ‘entitled in priority’ mean, exactly?  I offered to take over for My Brother if it was his Wish, I told him that as the eldest son I felt it was My responsibility, and at the time My Wish was to contest an invalid Will presented by a stripper.  My Brother insisted he was fine with it, he didn’t Wish to have the hassle of contesting it.  I mentioned here that I wasn’t too concerned about it because I didn’t think the Will was valid and figured My consent would still be required.  It’s True, I don’t really Wish to have the head ache of dealing with an estate, what bothers Me is that My sister and brother have made all of these decisions without Me, and without ever as King Me if it was My Wish to administrate the estate when it was finally determined the stipper’s Will was no Good.

Sincerely, I hope this didn’t bother You too much, I think I was sharing My thoughts more than Writing a Post because I feel like something really is going on here and now My Mind is distracted by it.  The reason I included ‘Family Matters’ in the title is because I don’t really Wish to jeopardize relations with My family but I am almost wondering if My determination to not disrupt family relations is allowing Me to be taken advantage of or taken for granted, and I don’t like either one.

The ‘Spiritualist’ in Me knows that’s ego, too, which means I typically just ignore it but this is bothering Me in a very unusual Way and there has been something off about this whole thing since it began.  I mean, really, they were telling Me a hand Writ scrap of paper from a stripper was a legitimate Will.  When I offered to challenge it, My Brother insisted I don’t.  Why?  I understand he wasn’t interested in the money any more than I am but to let some thirty year old stripper walk away with half My dead Father’s estate did not seem like a very ‘Good’ Way to Honour My Father.  I take that seriously.  And I can’t help but Wonder if the state is actually waiting to see how I respond to this.

Here’s what I know about Canada’s Code of Laws regarding Estates after today’s research.  If the estate were less than $200k, there would be no need for an application for probate, the estate would be distributed evenly among the children after creditors were paid (though not sure how, exactly).  If it is over $200k, then an application must be made to Act as Trustee.  Keep in Mind, I have seen nothing yet, only the Word of My Brother on all Matters regarding estate.  Estimated value $200k?  It’s a convenient coincidence that just ‘happens’ to be the lowest value they would be required to tell Me to consent to the application.  It must be at least $200k for the application for certificate to be required.

I have a lot more Ideas now about what might be going on but this is getting long and I still have more Letters to publish to Pages later tonight, so I should wrap this up.  I am still going to have to find out what ‘entitled in priority to be named as estate trustee’ means exactly, so I Will be looking into that more, too.

The point I Wished to make about family is that because We Love them, sometimes We take too much and I have been doing that for a little too long, maybe.  I stood My ground today and I’m ready for any repercussions because I Trust My Self.  It’s interesting that I Writ about this tonight because I learned so much more while Writing it.  If what I have learnt and shared with You here proves to be True, it speaks volumes about what My ‘family’ think of Me because both My Brother and sister have consulted lawyers on this Matter, they Will likely already know everything I have shared with You today and believed they could take advantage (or at least My sister).  Don’t allow People to take advantage, not even Family.  Being kind is one thing, but being taken advantage of is something completely different.  My family have basically threatened Me with emotional blackmail if I do not ‘conform’ to their Ideas about how I should Act, this Estate Matter is basically My Family dynamic made Macrocosm.

I did have One Wonderful epiphany while I was Writing this, though.  Although I won’t file the physical Writ of objection into the Courthouse until Monday, I am going to Give Notice HERE!!!  Instant notice to the world that I am contesting My sister’s application, reasons and grounds for contesting the application Shall be forthcoming.

Well, I suppose in a Way it is already Done!


And, just before I Sign off, the featured photo today My Pinterest analytics page.  My monthly impressions (top left) were somewhere around 20k per month less than two weeks ago.  The best thing about this statistic, is that the dramatic increase is really only because I’ve been Writing daily (and trying to feature a photo for THIS purpose, specifically) but it has made a dramatic difference.  My Wish here is to stress the importance of Posting more often and using photos for anyone starting or maintaining a Blog, Pinterest automatically ranks up accounts that post fresh, daily material, so well worth using it.

Thanks especially for making it to the end of this One, Love You!

Love and Blessings,


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