Volume CVIII: The Super Natural Sun Day Edition; The Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law

Hello every One, Happy Sunday and thank King You for being here for the Good News Journal’s ‘Super Natural’ Sun Day Edition.  Why Super Natural?  Because that is what We are.

Sunday is usually a week of re-View and this is one of the first weeks in a while that I’ve had significant events of importance to report from My Microcosm and there were two new developments this week.  I Writ a Notice of Objection to My sister’s application for certificate of estate trustee, and I’ve Posted a few new Pages (Paiges, like in the Tarot) to the Last Chapter’s drop down menu at the top of this ‘Paige’.  The Last Chapter is all about finding out who is able to answer the Quest-Ions I am as King of public service agents and elected officials in Canada.

Hmmm…  137 Words exactly at the end of last paragraph.  That is a Sign, Ladies and Gents.  As I was re-reading the paragraph, and before I noticed the Word count in the bottom right of My screen, I was thing King the knowledge must be worth at least as much as the salary of the individual able to answer My Quest-Ions.  Not that it really Matters to Me much, one day I Will pay for everything I need with My thumbprint.  Before You laugh, Keep in Mind it is only Funny to People who don’t know how to pay for things with their thumbprint.  A Friend of mine was recently as King of Me how I was Planning to pay for My Porsche*.  As I was typing ‘with My thumbprint’, he was typing ‘and don’t say Your thumbprint!’.

*I Wish to take Special Notice of the Quest-Ion.  The question was not, ‘do You think You Will ever have enough to buy a Porsche?’, which is vastly different in its Creative Power.  The Porsche itself is not a Quest-Ion, My Friend already knows and believes I Will one day have the Porsche I have described to him.  Now his Quest-Ion is how Will I pay for My Porsche?  Notice the difference?  One implies the Porsche may never exist, the other suggests it is already mine – because it is if One can learn to think that Way and speak that Way.  First determine it is already done, then Focus on how it can be done.  Starting with the belief that it can populates more Ideas for the possibility of how, rather than shutting down the Creative process and physical Manifestation of it before it even begins.

We both hit ‘send’ at almost the same time, so it was too late, I had already said I was paying for the Porsche with My thumbprint, so I followed it up with, “I can actually do that, You know”.  And he is one of the few Friends who knows Me well enough to reply, “I know You can, it’s more than weird.”

Well, I’m going to be Focusing on that a little more, too because I got My second bill on Friday and this one is paper.  My Rogers bill is electronic via email and of course stationary store and copiers are not considered ‘essential’ so I can’t even print a bill at the moment and I’m not entirely sure how easy it Will be with Rogers, either because it is unlikely anyone who receives My thumbprint there is going to understand what it means.  The fact is, it was accepted for payment for My provincial offences fines, so it is legal tender in Ontario, and on the Court of Record so it should work for Hydro because they are government owned.  So that’s just one more thing that Will be coming up over the next few weeks.  It would be ideal if the print store was considered essential because ideally one would send all the supporting documents with first payment, but I might just try without first just to see if they know what to do with it.  In theory, they really should, I am not doing anything ‘criminal’ (I guess that should be obvious if I use it to pay fines).  In fact, it’s part of the reason for the Title of this Post, ‘The Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law’.

The Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law go Hand in Hand.  God is the Grantor of Life, the True Gift We are Given.  It is limitless in potential, and therefor, unlimited in commercial value as a certified person.  Many People know this yet many live in poverty.  How can that be?  Because We have not Claimed God’s Kingdom, so Our wealth is limited to the wealth of the nation We have pledged allegiance to.  Every country in the world is in debt, and therefor, so are You, regardless how rich You might think You are.  With the gold standard gone, the only standard left, is You.  You are the source of the wealth that secures the loan to international banks.  I’ll get into this more when I actually pay My hydro bill with My thumbprint.

The other reason the Title is relevant today is because it relates to the Last Chapter of My Story and the estate Matter I have going on with My family.  The Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law being the first two lines of Canada’s constitution represents their ‘hierarchy’, that which has the Highest and most Supreme authority.  The rest of the constitution is below God and the Rule of Law; it means they are within that jurisdiction but not of that jurisdiction.  Starting to get a hang of how the Magic of documents works?  Highness is for the King.  Look for the Highest Law on the document and remain in that jurisdiction because rights are God Given.  Most People get tricked into thing King that ‘rights’ are what get listed in the constitution that follows.  Those are not rights, they are called ‘rights’ but they are selected natural rights that have been recognized and become ‘privileges’ of being a beneficiary of the state.  Parents (government) have selected some rights that Will be observed in the House.  (Think it’s a coincidence they call it a “House of Commons”?).  House Rules are made by the parents of the House Hold (Canada) for the children playing in commerce.

So that’s Your weekly Sun Day re-View of the past week to help Keep things in Focus for 2020 Vision this year.

Love and Blessings,


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