Volume CIX: The Magical Motive A Sean Edition; Entering The Twilight Zone

Hello every One, welcome to the Good News Journal’s Magical Monday Motive A Sean (Motivation) Edition, thank King You for being here.  Today I was all set and ready to file My Notice of Objection to My sister’s application for certificate of appointment of estate trustee.  I checked online to see if the Courthouse was open for filing documents, which it claims to be, and another sign in the lobby at the Courthouse was as King People to stop to ensure they are performing one of the listed ‘actions’.  One of those actions was ‘filing court documents that cannot be filed online’, so I proceeded to enter, only to have four police officers tell Me to stop the moment I passed through the door, as King of Me why I am there.

I’m telling You, One really gets a sense of how scared People can be of a virus.  I can’t even really take it seriously, I already know I’m immune and/or that My body Will be strong enough to fight off any virus and recover anyway.  I am no more afraid of Corona virus than I would be of the common cold.  Of course, I know there are countless People who Will tell Me I should be, that this virus is ‘different’ from other viruses, one person told Me they were estimating eighty percent of the world’s population would be lost to this virus.  THAT to Me sounds like crazy talk.  And if that IS the case, I still don’t think hiding in Our homes afraid to death We might catch it is any kind of Life.  One must at some point ask themselves how far One’s fear Will allow them to justify sacrificing Love for Life.  If One is just going to spend the rest of their days hiding in their home afraid to see anyone, far as I’m concerned, might as well be dead because One is no longer Truly Living at that point, they have become the literal example of paralyzed with fear.

Anyway, that’s how the officers were, absolutely terrified, acting as though if I spoke too loud or opened My mouth in their general direction, they may be struck down by some Magical death beam.  They insisted filing an objection is not an ‘essential’ court matter and that all Court procedures are currently on hold until further notice, there Will be no action regarding My father’s estate until the Courts resume ‘normal’ operation.  If what they say is True, that’s great news for Me.  Unfortunately, do You think any of these officers would have Signed a Letter of liability if I were to lose out on My opportunity to object to My sister’s application?  Of course not.  So am I going to believe the Ottawa police service?  Absolutely not!

I did, however, make no protest about it at the Courthouse.  I was quite Happy to leave the Matter for another day or find an alternate Way to file the Notice. I’m not sure if I can file this Notice online or not, but I Will look into that later this evening or sometime tomorrow.  On My Way home I stopped to do the last of My ‘essential’ shopping for the month – a couple loafs of bread, eggs, milk and pancake batter (they’ve become an ‘anytime’ bachelor favourite and frankly, dirt cheap – roughly four to five (large) breakfast meals for just $2.50 a box).  I am not exaggerating, as I was walking through the isles of the store, I Truly felt like I was in an episode of ‘The Twilight Zone’.

People were literally ‘veering’ away from Me and I was never closer than the recommended distance to begin with; I would not Wish for You to think I am not respecting the social distancing ‘rule’, I just think its ridiculous but I also kind of like My personal space, too, so I don’t complain about it much.  I’m the sort of person who would try to maintain that distance anyway just to Give People ‘space’.  But People genuinely looked terrified overall.  Not everyone of course, and the ones who are not terrified seem to be more like Me, especially ‘chipper’ and Happy to have an opportunity to connect with someone in real life, even if only to say ‘Good morning!’.

With this tangible environment of fear and paranoia surrounding Me, I couldn’t help but Wonder why People are so scared.  I mean, really.  Do the same People get this scared every spring and fall when flu season comes around?  Maybe they do.  I have never been afraid of getting sick, the Idea seems ludicrous to Me.  Now, I don’t have a compromised immune system, either, if I did I might feel differently – but the Truth is, probably not.  I’d be the guy that wants to develop, strengthen and improve My immunity by exposing My Self to more.  No Matter how One feels about the virus, the only ‘real’ thing any One has to worry about as far as health is concerned, is death.  I know how extreme that sounds but again, the reality is that every single one of Us Will one day.  So are We really that afraid to die?  I would say the only People who are, are those who have not found any meaning and purpose in their Life.  If One is Living their Life with Purpose, there is no reason to ever fear death as I am currently doing everything I can to fulfill My Divine Purpose.  If God decides I’ve put in enough effort, time to retire, I Will not argue with God’s Will.  Only God can take Me out and I don’t believe now is My time.

So, I hope I CAN do or say something to Keep You thing King positive throughout this ridiculous ordeal.  Hopefully the People of the world Will come to their senses soon and this thing Will all be over.  Realistically, I think they are going to try and Keep it going for as long as the People allow it to.  We are the authority of government, so if We just Keep doing what We are told without as King Quest-Ions, We are as much to blame as the corrupt politicians.

Well, that’s 1037 Words, so I’m going to presume it’s the perfect time to Sign off.  See You tomorrow, stay safe and more importantly, stay positive, motivated and don’t lose Your Lust for Life!

Babel On

Love and Blessings!

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