Volume CIX: The Terrific Two’s Day Edition; Two New Developments

Hello every One and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Terrific ‘Two’s Day’ Edition, thank King You for being here.  I Play on the Word Tuesday because often there are two things I Wish to Write about on Two’s-Day, so it seems appropriate.  Today, I finally received an email reply from Anne Charette ‘team lead’ for the City of Ottawa’s ‘Employment and Social Services Central’.  I also received an email from My sister!  So yes, this was a doubly interesting day.

As far as the correspondence with Anne Charette is concerned, I Will update Pages in My ‘Last Chapter’ drop down menu on My Home Paige later today (or early tomorrow morning).  I don’t Wish to spoil the surprise but things are beginning to finally heat up!

As far as the email from My sister is concerned, it was just an email as King of Me if she could call Me to ‘talk’.  I really do Love how the Universe tends to take care of things for Me because I really don’t Wish to speak with My sister on the phone and as of yesterday, My charger stopped war King so I don’t have one until at least the end of the month.  I anticipate it Will only be so My sister can be as King of Me for My consent (to administrate My father’s estate) and why I Will not Give it.  I may not be particularly ‘fond’ of My sister, but jokes aside, I do still love her and know she’s not stupid, (yes, One can love someone they don’t like) so it would be unreasonable for Me to believe she doesn’t know why I don’t Trust her.  My sister does not contact Me unless she wants something and she was fairly insistent.  She suggested Face time and zoom or something, I told her if she has anything to say to Me she can Write it in an email.  She can’t Write it in an email, she only Wishes to talk to Me on Facebook.  I told her if she can’t Write it in an email, it really can’t be that important.  That was the last I heard from her.

I decided to mention this because I have said before that one of the ‘tricks’  to interpreting law, is paying attention to what is NOT said or Writ in the document.  I made an example of this once by tall King about the ‘right’ to ‘choice of work, fair and favourable war King conditions, and equal pay for equal work’.  These may all be recognized ‘rights’ but they are not ‘obligations’.  I have the ‘right’ to work but there is no obligation to work, that would be slavery.  “No One shall be subject to forced labour, servitude or slavery” (U.N.).

My intuition tells Me that something Gave direct cause for the email.  If things were going swimmingly for My sister, she would not be emailing Me.  So, despite the fact that her law firm, Miltons Estates Law, presumed to ignore My email Notice of Objection, I have a feeling they told My sister that I intend to object to her application and she may Wish to consider rescinding the application lest she is able to obtain My consent or reach some kind of resolution.  Of course, My sister Will be plotting for some Way to obtain My consent without admitting she requires it to proceed with the application.  She Will also have invested time and money in legal counsel and court filings and Will not Wish to rescind the application now or she loses her ‘investment’ in this venture.

There is another potential reason for the email, however, as I was also tall King with My Brother on Saturday to let him know why I am so ‘angry’ about the whole thing.  Angry is in parenthesis this time because angry isn’t really the right Word, I’m just not sure what other Word is appropriate.  It really just comes down to principal.  My consent is required.  Not only do I feel My consent should be required, it is required by the Rules of Civil Procedure and I posted the link on My Blog when I discovered this ‘Fact’ last Thursday.  Clearly, this Will be something a law firm specializing in Trust Law Will be aware of, so it appears as though Miltons Estates Law is deliberately trying to take advantage, presuming I Will not know it’s a requirement under the Rules of Civil Procedure, and trying to fast track the application before I have an opportunity to have My Notice of Objection heard by the court.  It is not uncommon for law firms to take advantage of ‘self rep litigants’ they believe to be incompetent in defending their Self.  As far as I’m concerned, the intentions of the law firm reflect the intentions of My family.  That is My issue – because if this law firm is trying to take advantage of Me, then so is My family.

My Brother and I have been very close all Our Lives, despite some serious disputes along the Way.  We’ve both made mistakes, the difference with My Brother is that he Will take accountability for his actions and I Trust him, explicitly.  Even if the two of Us are at odds with one another, I don’t believe he would ever Willfully betray Me (or anyone, to be honest).  My sister, on the other hand, is almost the exact opposite.  It’s like she’s in competition with Me or something, looking for any opportunity to ‘one up’ her Brother.  The funny thing is, I don’t even care because I’ve never perceived My sister to be any kind of ‘competition’.  And I’m not saying that to imply superiority, I am simply stating that I have never been in competition with My sister, I have completely different interests, We are two diversely different People.  In fact, it would be fair to say that I am entirely ‘uninterested’ in anything My sister does.

So the conversation with My Brother was more about why I felt it was unreasonable for him to ask Me to Trust My sister in the first place after the Way she has treated Me specifically.  He doesn’t seem to get that part, he doesn’t understand why being able to Trust My sister is important.  This is the point I was really Wishing to drive home last Thursday in a Post called ‘Family Matters’.  My Brother didn’t ‘think’ about whether or not it was reasonable for him to ask Me to Trust My sister because I have never complained to him about what she did.  ‘How was I to know You were angry about that, or that You don’t Trust her now?’.

This is the kind of conversation with family that boggles My Mind.  Forget the fact that I still Trust My Brother, despite him colluding with My sister to Keep the secret of her daughter from Me because he didn’t feel it was his place to interfere.  As a Brother, I get that part, I do.  But expecting Me to Trust My sister after that?  No, it was unreasonable for My Brother to even be as King of Me such a ridiculous Quest-Ion!  Just because I don’t ‘react’ to the emotional games My sister was trying to Play, does not mean I’m ‘okay’ with being treated that Way.  It sent a clear message that My sister does not Wish for Me to be part of her family, and I can respect that, too.  But I’d respect her a lot more if she at least had the decency to be honest with Me and tell Me, not conspire with My Mother and Brother to Keep secrets from Me!

I have a feeling some of the things I said to My Brother might resonate with him later, he ended the conversation pretty angry and that is also ‘typical’.  Now I’m the ‘mean’ Brother for making My little brother feel guilty for as King Me to let My sister administrate the estate, and calling him out for keeping her secret for so many years.  Oh well.  This may be the ‘other’ reason My sister emailed Me today, but Your guess is as Good as mine.

Wow, I didn’t mean to babble quite so much, this was meant to be a short Post because I Wish to just enjoy the evening watching movies or YouTube, the weather here is pretty miserable for April.  It is snowing outside right now and I woke up to a light dusting of snow this morning, too.

I Will have updates to ‘The Last Chapter’ very soon, and that I can assure You is getting very interesting in Deed.

Love and Blessings,

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