Volume CIX: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition; Casting Common Law Spells

Hello every One, welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition of the Good News Journal, I Hope and Trust Your Wednesday’s are as Lucky as mine.  Thank King You for being here.

It was a Lucky Wednesday for Me in Deed, as I mentioned yesterday that My sister had emailed Me Wishing to speak with Me on the phone and I was unable to oblige as My phone is not currently taking a charge (pun intended 😉 ).  I prefer to have Written correspondence anyway if what she Wishes to speak with Me about has anything to do with the estate.  When I insisted she communicate her Wishes to Me by Way of email, she failed to reply.

I can honestly tell You that I do not think My sister has ever called or asked to call Me on the phone in My entire Life.  Not once.  Now, she Wishes to speak to Me about something just a few days after I Write her law firm to inform them of My objection, and telling My Brother if the application moves forward without My Objection being heard by the Court, I Will advise the Court that I believe there was Willful intent to take advantage of Me and deceive the Court.  Considering We don’t believe in coincidences here, only Divinely inspired serendipity, We can reasonably deduce My sister Wishes to speak with Me about acting as Trustee for My Father’s E-State.  We can also reasonably presume that speaking with Me must be of great importance.

For those reasons, I presumed she would eventually cave in and I figured there would be something new in My email this morning.  I was wrong, and admittedly surprised.  I may be indifferent to the outcome of what happens after My objection is heard, but I Will not be pleased if the application were approved without My objections taken into consideration.  My intuition tells Me that despite the fact that the law firm only responded to say that I need to make My objections known in Writing, I did send a snarky reply stating that if the lawyer had not refused to accept My notice of objection when I met with her at the Courthouse, she would already have My objection in Writing, and I think they know I Will follow through and make sure My concerns are heard by the Court.

I Titled this Post ‘Casting Common Law Spells’ because the Way My sister’s law firm (Miltons Estates) responded to My email is typically how they would respond to anyone.  I have mentioned before that lawyers Write Letters to each other, stating their position on a Matter and it is all done formally.   Emails don’t count, they are not considered proof of legal service by the Court.  That does not mean they are not admissible and it does not mean that sending an email to My sister’s law firm is a bad idea, it is the Common Law Way to Act.  Only dis-Honourable parties come before a Court.  It may not be considered ‘legal’ proof of service, but it is perfectly lawful and any reasonable individual is going to know that My sister Will be expecting a reply to her email, so it would be unreasonable to presume she would not read it, so I made sure the reply was sent to both My sister and her law firm.  Now it would be unreasonable for the law firm to suggest they did not know My objections to the application, so it would be ‘dishonourable’ for them to proceed with the application without informing the Court.

The other reason I Titled this Post ‘Casting Common Law Spells’ is because this Blog is a Powerful tool, too and I do not Wish for My audience to forget that.  Writing a Blog is a legal and lawful Public Record, complete with a digital date and time Signature.  My website address was included in My email to My sister’s firm and they were advised My objections to the application would be on the Public Record.  I sincerely believe this Blog makes a big difference.  Otherwise, I’m not really sure how effective My emails would be.  We live in a world that is very ‘ego’ Focused at the moment, which means that generally, People care a great deal about how they are perceived by others.  Miltons Estates Law Will not Wish to do anything that may appear to be Willfully deceitful and have probably advised My sister to obtain My consent or rescind her application.

So I was expecting an email this morning and was a little surprised to not see one, especially with it being ‘Lucky’ Wednesday.  It’s still cold here, colder than it was two weeks ago, so I haven’t been doing much outside recently and had considered formally Posting (like the mail, but faster) My Notice of Objection here as a static Page on My Blog, then sending an email to My sister’s firm with ‘COVID-19 Special Notice’ in the subject line, explaining to My sister’s firm that due to the pandemic I am unable to file with the Registrar but Will do so as soon as the Courts resume regular business and I thought it would be courteous of Me to advise them of its contents.  I would include a link to the static Page Titled, ‘Notice of Objection’ where a typed version of My Notice would be made available.  At the same time, if My sister were to send an email, it is reasonable for Me to expect she Will read the reply.  That’s why her as King of Me is so important.  If I were to just send an email notice to My sister and her firm, they could fail to reply and ‘claim’ they never read it.  I was about to start the new Page when My intuition told Me not to, ‘Your sister Will email You soon’.

I spent a little time on Facebook and offended a few People with My perspective on the pandemic enough that the individual who Posted the meme I criticized blocked Me from the conversation.  Doesn’t bother Me when this happens at all, either, as I believe it is as much the Universe aligning things to My favour as anything else, and why would I Wish to have People in My Universe who do not share some of My core Values and beliefs anyway?  So it does happen from time to time but this was the first time I was ‘blocked’ from a conversation in a flattering Way.  The individual who Posted the meme tagged Me and apologized for the fact that she was going to block Me from the thread because My opinions were offending some of her Friends, while simultaneously defending Me from a number of ‘ad hominem’ attacks from those I had offended that were unable to defend their position by telling her Friends that I Write a ‘very interesting’ Blog and am a strong advocate for the rights of the poor and homeless.  I have something of a ‘natural selection’ perspective on the virus without getting into too much detail, so someone said it was hard to believe someone who sounds so heartless could have compassion for the poor and homeless.  Again, My Honour was defended, and she encouraged the individual to Trust her, ‘pour Your Self a pitcher of crantini’s, check out his website, and settle in for a Good read’.  I felt tremendously Honoured by her Words and kindness and Wish to express My gratitude, as I know (and Hope) she may one day read this.  I felt both flattered and Honoured, thank You.

After that little conversation was over, I noticed I had a new message in My email and I already knew it was the one I was waiting for.  It had to be, it’s Lucky Wednesday!  I am going to share My email to My sister and her firm at some point because this is how things are done in the Common Law.  The Common Law is to Act in Honour so that Courts are not required.  Court Matters are for individuals that can’t resolve things Honourably themselves.  Only if My sister dis-Honours My Wishes and proceeds with the application without taking My objections into consideration Will this come before a Court.

Love and Blessings, more updates coming soon, though no News for ‘The Last Chapter’ today.






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