Volume CIX: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; The Insanity of Prolonged Isolation

I, Soul A’Sean welcome You to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for being here.  Today I Will be tall King about the self isolation part of the new social distancing ‘norm’ the world is practicing these days.  Once again, this is the Good News Journal, so I Will hoping to offer something of a more positive perspective on a potentially dismal seeming situation.  I also feel this Will be an important Post to Keep in Mind because if You feel like You are losing Your Mind, I Wish for You to know – that is perfectly normal while You are in isolation.

Isolation is where they place inmates who don’t follow the rules in jail.  A day is considered ‘tough’, and sometimes inmates endure weeks (and unfortunately, sometimes considerably longer, depending on the country and what is considered ‘legal’ torture in that country).  It is a form of torture, do not kid Your Self.  I have no problem spending lots of time alone but I real eyes that now is a time to acknowledge so many People that do not – like My Mother, for example.  My mother does not like to be alone for extended periods, this Will be getting a bit much for her already.  I Wish to make sure all of You are okay and if You feel like You’re not, know that’s okay, too.

Also, if You really are not dealing with the self quarantine and social distancing thing as well as You were hoping You might, please don’t be afraid to reach out to someone on social media or pick up the phone and call someone.  We are all going through this together, which is why there is Good News here, too.

I’m pointing this out because I do respect doing My part to Keep other People healthy.  However, My staying at home doesn’t really help or hinder anyone.  I don’t have the virus, so I can’t make anyone sick, it’s really that simple.  Now, the Idea, of course, is that it is not just My health I have to consider, I might be immune to the virus (Good guess) but still able to carry the virus and affect others who have not developed immunity.  Okay, I get that, too.  But if I stay home for the next week, still show no signs or symptoms, am still perfectly healthy, then how can I still be a danger to others?  The virus only has a four to five day gestation period.  This is the point I Wish to draw People’s attention to.

Let’s just presume for the sake of argument that this virus is the most deadly virus to ever plague the earth.  All We know about it, is that it has a maximum five day gestation period (meaning how long it takes from acquiring the virus to the time it takes to show symptoms of getting sick). If strict quarantine practices were put in place the moment We heard of this virus and anyone showing any symptoms of any kind were to report to a physician immediately, the quarantine and self isolation protocols would not need to be in place for more than a week (providing People followed the safety protocols).  If all People who came down with the virus in that first week were to report to a physician, all cases would be contained very quickly and could be more easily isolated.

The point I’m getting at, is that I’m all for safety and social distancing, but at what cost?  Human contact is essential to health.  Critical.  People Will eventually die without physical contact, We need it as much as We need sex to sustain Our species, regardless One’s opinion of it.  The same is true for connecting with family and friends, social media is not an equal substitute.

This is getting a little ridiculous and that’s if We presume everything that’s being done is in the best interest of public safety.  There is no reason why the social distancing and home quarantine should need to continue as those who have been practicing those measures should now know they are not sick and can safely return to work.  One week of isolation is all it takes to know if One has the virus or not, and an uninfected individual can’t put anyone at risk.  That takes into account an extra two days for those who have immunity to the virus to have it cleared from their system.  Now, I’m not a doctor so We would have to find out just how long it takes for an immune individual to ‘kill’ the virus attempting to invade their biology, but My logic is based on the gestation period.  I figure if it can’t ‘take hold’ within five days, it is probably already dead.

Either Way, if We all practiced social distancing and self quarantining for the first week, the vast majority of cases should already be receiving treatment and the numbers should be flat-lining.  How are new cases ’emerging’ out of nowhere if individuals are not coming in contact with those who have the virus?  Are We sending People who test positive for the virus back to their essential job?  Of course not.  So why presume perfectly healthy People Will make One sick?  It is not a phantom, it is a virus, it must come from a live host and One is not going to get it from other People who have self quarantined for the last month or more.  Since that is pretty much everyone now, how are People still getting sick?

Anyway, the reason I am tall King about this is because isolation is literally a form of torture – and technically, one of the worst kinds because it is slow and psychological.  People Will begin to think about things they had never considered, start as King of their Self if they have lived a purposeful, meaningful life.  If they are not completely satisfied with their responses to those Quest-Ions, One Will find isolation very difficult.  Eventually, isolation forces People to do the ‘shadow work’, experience every negative and painful emotion at once, just to accept it is there and bring it into One’s being as a badge of Honour One’s Character wears.

So please, Keep in Mind that what You are going through right now may be the new ‘norm’ but there is nothing normal about social distancing, We are communal creatures who crave human contact and interaction.  If this thing continues for much longer, People Will start to break – don’t be one of them, You are stronger than that.  Keep the Mind busy, reading is great, a hobby is helpful, chess is fun if You have a Good partner, learn a new language, take an online course, whatever.  Just know that there is nothing ‘normal’ about torture becoming a part of Your everyday Life.

The really Good News here, is that We are all being forced to do ‘shadow work’ right now.  We Will all be stronger and more mentally adept to handle the challenges ahead after this psychological training is over.  That’s how I like to think of it, psychological training.  We are evolving in real time, and We are forced to do it, like it or not.

So, I’m Writing this Post to let any of You who may be struggling with isolation that it’s okay, it’s perfectly normal to not be okay with this.  And for government, I Wish to let You know You’d better come up with a new ‘public safety’ plan quickly because People can only endure so much torture, regardless what One chooses to call it.

Love and Blessings, stay Strong!



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