Volume CIX: The Sensei-Sean All Saturday Edition; The Effects of the Glow Ball Shut Down

Hello every One, and welcome to the Sensational Saturday Edition of the Good News Journal.  Yesterday I was tall King about the long term effects of isolation which is often used in detention centers as additional punishment for inmates who don’t follow the rules, and is considered a form of psychological torture.  Yesterday I was encouraging People to stay positive and know that if One is finding this time difficult, it is not abnormal whatsoever.  Today, I decided to see what others were saying about this ‘pandemic’ and how it might be affecting Canadians in particular.

I came across this article by Maclean’s magazine, “Quarantine nation; Inside the Lockdown that Will change Canada forever.”

I’m not going to sugar coat, it is not an entirely ‘inspirational’ article, it states the facts and effects of the shutdown on Canada and its People rather bluntly.  However, there are some glimmers of Hope in the article, too.  There is great consideration Given as to how We Will all adjust to all of this both during the pandemic and when it is over and People return to work.  One thing is for sure, it won’t be ‘business as usual’ because Our usual has been turned completely upside down.  One of the comments I appreciated and resonate with from the article:

“I live in a province where people talk about individualism and pulling up your bootstraps,” she says. “We have to stop all that. This is where the state comes in.”

On one hand, I am not an advocate for ‘dependency’ on the state, but perhaps that statement needs to be revised and re-Worded.  Perhaps dependency on ‘the state’ is not so bad depending on how One Wishes to define it.  I would suggest that dependency on, and Trust in government can be very dangerous if We simply presume all these things are being done in the best interest of Canada’s People without critically challenging whether or not the strategies being implemented are truly the best option.  However, it very much is a time when We Will need to work together as a community, however large or small One’s community may be.  So, on a ‘Macrocosmic’ level, We very much need to rely on One another as a country.  If We can agree to stop this insane Idea that We must all Magically emerge from this as economically secure as We entered the pandemic, We might just be able to develop a greater sense of compassion for others who may have been forced out of their job for other reasons beyond their control, whether it be health or otherwise – those individuals (those unemployed before the pandemic and those subject to social services or disability insurance) are not receiving the stimulus that was provided to those who were forced out of work due to the pandemic.  It was determined by Trudeau that those forced into unemployment due to the shutdown qualify for $1800/month in stimulus.  By comparison, others subject so social welfare receive less than $400 a month!

This has NOT changed as a result of the pandemic, but I believe it Will have an effect before the pandemic is over.  It is clear Canada has not been providing a ‘reasonable’ living wage to those subject to social welfare or disability, and this might be the catalyst to change such social policies.  Collectively, this is an opportunity for Canadians as a People to demand more from the state, Our elected officials and public servants.  This might be the kind of situation that forces People to become more active Writing Letters to elected officials and demanding they respond.  The Power of millions of People coming together for a United cause provides great potential for massive social restructuring.

I also found the following quote very encouraging for the future of Canada:

“A recession is now unavoidable, according to forecasts from Scotiabank. And as for the public debt that desperate governments are quickly amassing, Tedds says: “We don’t look back.” Until the coronavirus is behind us and economic activity ramps up, the federal government will take on a remarkable amount of debt to limit the damage, as will every province and territory.”

This is often an area of concern for most People, something more to ‘worry’ about.  Again, this is the Good News Journal and I’m hoping to share a different perspective.  The beautiful thing about that quote, is that although the Idea of Canada taking on enormous debt is a scary Idea for most Canadians (because it inevitably means it Will be paid back by Canadian taxpayers), it is also exactly what a Sovereign nation would do.  A Sovereign nation can create wealth as necessary for infrastructure and the wellness of its People.  Canada may still be borrowing money rather than exercising its Sovereign right to mint its own, but there does not seem to be a ceiling on the amount – at least none that I have heard thus far.  If every Canadian knew that each individual is wealthy enough to repay that debt on their own, how worried would We be about how much We borrow?  Well, that is the reality of the situation, and why I never worry about money – it’s debt, WE are the [True] wealth.  Any man on this earth is wealthy enough to pay back all international debt.  Problem is, nobody seems to know their value.  I believe this pandemic has the Power to change that.

Alright, I’m going to cut this one a little bit short but I may review some of the other points in the article tomorrow or even next week.  It is a very long article, so don’t feel compelled to read all in one shot, but there is a ton of information there I Wish to discuss and share My perspective on, so I am sure I Will make reference to it again in future.

Otherwise, I Will be posting the latest developments in ‘The Last Chapter’ tonight or tomorrow which Will have the Page (Paige) all up to date for Monday morning.  Anne Charette received My email last Tuesday and Anne Will be quarantined, too, so I am thing King she Will have had lots of time to address My issues by Monday morning, so Will follow up with her then to see how she is making out.

I hope You are all Keeping well.

Love and Blessings,


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