Volume CIX: The Super [Un] Natural Sun Day Edition – Is ‘Social Distancing’ Science for Safety, or Civil Control?

Hello every One and welcome to the Super un-Natural Sun Day review, thank King You for being here.  It is the un-natural Sunday Edition because there is nothing natural or normal about being ‘locked’ in One’s home, metaphorically or otherwise.

I have been Writing about this for the last couple of days now because My Mother is one of those People who does not enjoy long periods of solitude and gets lonely more easily than others.  My Mother also has no pets in lieu of human contact, so I am thing King this Will be getting especially difficult for her and I was sensing this intuitively from her last email.  I do not Wish for My Mother to be locked away in her home any longer than absolutely necessary, and I am sure many of You are beginning to feel the same Way.

Initially, I was too Happy to enjoy My Hermetic new Home to be overly concerned with any lockdown that was taking place.  In fact, I was so busy moving into My new place that although I heard there was a virus going around, I had no Idea lockdown measures were in place and that People had been ordered to self quarantine.  I did not use the Word ‘ordered’ arbitrarily, either – there are fines of $1200 or more for those who disregard the new social distancing rule.  Although the context is completely different, the authoritarian dictates are too eerie a reminder of Nazi Germany, and Canadians must be vigilante in ensuring their government does not take advantage of the situation and their People.  Right now, it is beginning to look like that’s exactly what is happening, so I began thing King about how ‘necessary’ this lockdown is, presuming of course that the virus is every bit as dangerous as the government claims it to be.  Let’s face it, all of Our information is coming through the government and mainstream media channels, People are even being told that if they complain about self isolation or quarantine measures and question their necessity, comments Will be automatically removed from social media feeds – again, this is anything but Natural, it is an infringement upon one of the most important rights; Our right to free speech and peaceful assembly have now been compromised and made ‘criminal acts’.  This is very alarming.

So a couple of days ago I started tall King about the lockdown measure and how I felt that if it were done in the best interest of public safety and proved to be effective, then seven days should be sufficient, most certainly two weeks would be more than adequate to reach the ‘spike’ in the bell curve.  This is based on a five day gestation period that would have everyone stay in their homes for one week, reporting (perhaps to a dedicated hotline) any dubious symptoms.  Those who do report symptoms could be quarantined in a special wing of a hospital or care facility designated specifically to deal with coronavirus, and the majority of the population infected would be contained within a week, two at the very most.  We are at the end of month two now, and Trudeau has said the lockdown Will continue until a vaccine is found?  That doesn’t sound ‘reasonable’, and I don’t believe Canadians should stand for it.

Fortunately, after Writing about it for the first time, the following day My Facebook feed was full of other People stating similar philosophies, expressing similar sentiments – enough is enough.  If the quarantine measure are working, shouldn’t it be over by now?  And if they are not, then why sacrifice the health and well being of the country’s People by locking them in their own homes at the expense of the economy and People Happiness?  It doesn’t make sense.  Unless there is an ulterior motive.

Thankfully, a mainstream media network is also tall King about this very serious issue, the following video was uploaded to YouTube by the Fox news network in U.S. (which is considered ‘reliable’ news network, laughable as it may be).  Despite My personal opinion regarding Fox News, this is a fabulous piece and I commend the anchor, Tucker Carlson.

(The anchor Keeps the [citizen] Ship in Port until ready to Navigate the commercial seas)

Although this is a U.S. broadcast, the same policies and procedures are in place here in Canada, and the same infringement upon the constitutional rights of Canada’s People.  This is precisely when People need to express dissent, and it should be done by Way of Letters!!!

Now, I can’t guarantee that Letters Will make a difference, We know too well how much the government loves to ignore mine.  However, enough angry People Writing Letters Will at least let the government know that as ‘politely’ and ‘obediently’ as the People of Canada have humoured the government’s temporary trespass upon Canadian freedoms, it Will not be tolerated forever.

In fact, this was something that was on the back of My Mind Writing My last couple of Posts.  Because I know that solitude is literally torture to some People, I couldn’t help but Wonder if this is actually some kind of social experiment, all the countries in the world testing the obedience of their People.  Politicians may not be overly intelligent individuals, but collectively they are not stupid enough to not know the effects of extended isolation and solitude.  They know the People Will eventually crack and take to the streets in mass protest, are they just Wondering how long it Will take, or is that the hidden agenda?  There must be one – all the world’s governments (except Sweden) shut down their entire country, destroy their economy and inconvenience their People for a thesis!?  As Tucker Carlson points out, there is no scientific data whatsoever to suggest that social distancing is more effective than carrying on with business as usual because it has never been tried.  So why inconvenience all the world’s countries on a whim?  It doesn’t make sense.

My feeling, is that this is all for Bill and Melinda Gates and I genuinely believe that.  They are the number one financiers of the World Health Organization which seems to Me a very strong conflict of interest.  A man who Wishes to vaccinate the world, is (openly) a proponent for population control and eugenics also happens to be the guy financing the same organization that ordered a ‘lockdown’ procedure to be implemented globally that We are now being told Will not be lifted until a vaccine is developed?

“There are no coincidences in the Universe, only the Illusion of coincidence.” – V, ‘V for Vendetta’

So, what’s the Good News today?  The Good News is, I’m not the only one tall King about this and I strongly believe this is just the beginning of the Quest-Ions People Will be demanding answers to from their governments.  The more of Us realize how ridiculous this whole thing is, the sooner We can get back to some sort of ‘normalcy’.

(And if You are a member of government reading this Blog, remember, it is never too late to do the right thing.  Better now than never.)

I hope and Trust You are all coping well.  Sending You My

Love and Blessings,





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