Volume CX: The Magical Monday Edition; Federal Fools

Good evening every One, welcome to the Good News Journal’s Magical Monday Edition, thank King You for being here.

Well, if You hadn’t guessed by the title I Will be criticizing Canada’s federal government today for how they are dealing with the Covid-19 scenario.  Again, it was only a few days ago that I began tall King about prolonged effects of isolation on the average individual.  Most People cannot handle long periods of solitude which is why isolation is used as a punitive measure for inmates who don’t follow the rules in correction facilities.  Before I Post today’s video, I Wish to point out the Good News here, which is that other People are also beginning to talk about this including mainstream media reporters.  I posted a video from a Fox News anchor yesterday tall King about this and today a Friend shared the following video from a news journalist here in Canada.

I’m currently amused because I didn’t see the frozen image of Trudeau wearing a pig mask promoting the video but I can’t help but feel it is appropriate.  I really hope You watch the video and I am as King of You to please pay attention not just to the Words that are coming out of Trudeau’s mouth but more importantly to the smug expression on his face and the smile he appears to be attempting to stifle (with little success).  It appears he is laughing on the inside like this is some kind of big joke, which is precisely what I believe this is.

Now, I Wish to see an end to the lockdown not because I’m scared of a virus, I’m not even scared of death.  That doesn’t mean I’m going to jump off a bridge or do something foolish to cut My Life short, I just don’t believe that any One can be here one second longer than God intended, nor can any One leave this world sooner than God intended – and that actually includes those who do choose to take their own lives, which is one of the detrimental effects of the lockdown; increased suicide rates.  I Wish to see an end to the lockdown so My Mother can go back to enjoying her retirement and visiting with her grandchildren.  It is one of the great joys My Mother has in her Life right now and to Me, her inability to visit with family is perhaps the most tragic element of this pandemic on a personal level.  But it isn’t just My Mother, We are all experiencing this loss of the enjoyment of Life, which is Our primary reason for being here.

I didn’t say much about the lockdown when it first began because I knew doing so would be too controversial and My Wish was to focus on how the time can be used to Our advantage.  I am still as King of My audience to consider how One can make the best of this time.  But at some point, We have to start as King of Our selves if this is war King, and how long it should continue.  Keep in Mind, Sweden did not shut down at all and are fairing every bit as well as other countries that have.  It supports My belief and philosophy that the best Way to beat this virus is to be exposed to it, treat those who contract the virus and allow the rest to develop immunity.  The death rate is exceptionally low, especially when We start looking at more accurate data.  Keep in Mind, at least here in Canada, any One who goes to the hospital with the virus and dies is perceived to have died from Covid-19.  Doctors are required to list the cause of death as Covid-19, even if they had other Life threatening conditions that were actually the true cause of death.  Covid-19 (or any virus) weakens the immune system and causes those fighting other life threatening conditions to be further compromised.

Even before this pandemic, I was suggesting that Trudeau is a Fool.  I don’t think he’s very bright, I’m sure his speeches are Written by some assistant and reviewed for content.  This is the Man who introduced ‘People-kind’ (insisting ‘mankind’ is discriminatory and an insult to the female sex, which in and of itself diminishes women as they are half of the ‘kind’ in ‘Mankind’), ‘blackface’, which demonstrates an immature, juvenile mentality if the intent was not to discriminate against People of colour, the SNC Lavalin scandal, and two ethics violations, the most of any Prime Minister Canada has ever had sit in parliament.  He is a puppet, not a politician, and he is not serving the People of Canada, he is serving some globalist protocol which is not governed by elected representatives of the People, and is not a government body at all but a private corporation heavily funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and many other pharmaceutical companies and private ‘philanthropists’.  We have no idea if their intentions are Good or not, they answer to no One as a private, non-government organization (I am tall King about WHO, World Health Organization).

So for Trudeau to say that the lockdown Will continue for ‘many more weeks’ is not reasonable.  Not even because it’s ‘many more weeks’ but because he can’t know that now, even if he is allegedly doing this for the sake of public health and safety, which I personally don’t believe for one moment – this is about maintaining his Power and control, a fascist pig (appropriately masked showing his True face, which I believe was the intent here).  Canadians do ‘Love’ their freedoms and the belief they Live in a free and democratic society, despite how complacent and apathetic they are in advocating to defend their democracy and freedoms.  This is One of those times when People should start Writing their elected officials to tell the federal government how they feel about the lockdown.  Unfortunately, media is very powerful, and People are now attacked for suggesting social distancing is unnecessary despite examples from Sweden and how We typically deal with a virus outbreak.  We had SARS, swine flu and others over recent years and although precautions were taken, no country in the world shut down completely.  What makes this virus so different?  The Truth is…  Nothing.  All the rhetoric about this virus being much more dangerous than any virus We’ve seen in the past is quickly becoming disproved and more and more doctors are beginning to speak out about how the numbers are not accurate.  Unfortunately, doctors risk their job and reputation for speaking out against a strong majority too ‘afraid’ to tell the People what is really going on in hospitals, and the real reasons for fatalities from those who have been infected.

Wow, over eleven hundred Words already?  I was just getting started!  Truth is, most People can’t handle more than 1000-1500 Words so I Will continue discussing this Issue another time.

Once again, the Good News here is that People are beginning to talk about this.  The People of Canada have shown that they Will respect the government’s Wishes in the best interest of public safety, now Canadians need to demonstrate they Will not allow their ‘Good’ Nature to be taken advantage of, which is precisely what Trudeau is endeavoring to do.

In other News, I did follow up with Anne Charette today, though have not yet received a reply.  I Will update My Page as soon as she does.

Until tomorrow.  Please take care of each other, always.

Love and Blessings,




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