Volume CX: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition – WHO’s Getting Trumped Now?

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal’s ‘Lucky’ Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday Edition, thank King You for being here.  It is a very ‘Lucky’ Wednesday in Deed as it seems as though at least one political leader is standing up against independent for profit global corporations determined to Keep the world’s People scared, hunkering down in their homes, and it is none other than perhaps the world’s most controversial politician of the moment, the U.S. president, Mr. Donald Trump.

Yes, Trump has officially ‘Trumped’ the CDC, the World Health Organization and the mainstream media.  America’s Surgeon General announced today that they are ditching Bill Gates and Fauci’s social distancing fear campaign, and Will now be war King with ‘real’ data.  Personal feeling for the Man aside, I must Give credit where credit is due – Way to go, Trump!!!  I have to confess, You are surprising Me in a very Good Way.

It also feels very “Lucky” for Me because it seems that whenever I get ‘fed up’ and start to complain about something here on My Blog, there is some kind of ripple effect in the Macrocosm.  The moment I started Writing about My concerns regarding the senseless social distancing model, more and more credible doctors began speaking out about the false data they were being asked to manipulate (listing the cause of death of all those who contracted Coronavirus as a Coronavirus death when many had other serious, life threatening conditions before contracting the virus that were in fact the real cause of death).  The CDC was even offering financial incentives to doctors listing death’s as Coronavirus.  How insidious is that?

Of course, I anticipate Trump Will be widely criticized once again for taking a stand against such powerful global corporations, but I also believe he Will be met with tremendous support because People are tired of being lied to.  He may not be the most charismatic Man, or the best public speaker, but if he continues to advocate for transparency and the rights of his People, his Good Deeds Will triumph in the end.

In many Ways, this is a lesson and reminder for Me, too.  I don’t like a lot of things Trump has said in the past, I don’t like his misogynistic attitude, I’m not really sure there is much of anything at all I liked about the ‘character’ of the Man being presented to Us by the mainstream media – but perhaps that was the intent.  Trump has said from day one that the media hates him and Will do anything they can to discredit him and I have seen a very concentrated effort to do just that over the last couple of weeks, all while Trump desperately seeks to find an alternative to Fauci and Bill and Melinda Gates’ plan to vaccinate the world – a plan I frankly find terrifying (though I don’t really believe they Will ever actually succeed in the execution of it, it is troubling and concerning for Me that so many People seem to be ‘hoping’ for it).

It Will be interesting to see how this Plays out on the world stage.  Will other countries begin to follow suit?  I Wonder if Russia Will do the same, Putin is one of the world leaders I actually have the most respect for because he is virtually the polar opposite of Trump; charismatic, fabulous speaker, methodical, and he takes shit from no One.  He (Putin) also seems to be generally opposed to any corrupt global agenda.

Now, do Keep in Mind I am as King of You to take all of this ‘with a grain of salt’, as the expression goes.  It does not mean I fully Trust either one – not by a long shot.  It’s very similar to the average Canadian’s perspective on voting; they know all the candidates are corrupt and shady, it is more a Matter of determining who is least corrupt, rather than believing there are any Good candidates.

Haha, I’m at 666 Words at the end of the last paragraph which seems oddly fitting to Me for some reason, so I’m going to cut this one short and Sign off for today.  But Trump’s move is a big one and I am cautiously optimistic that this Will open up the Minds of other nation’s leaders around the world, and the Minds of the People, too.

One last point I Wish to make is that one of the reasons the social distancing and shutdown were allegedly the ‘best’ and safest course of action, was that it was believed that if We did not shut down the hospitals would be overwhelmed.  Many scheduled operations and medical procedures were postponed by the shutdown and those People still need to go to the hospital for treatment when things return to ‘normal’.  Well, the list of People waiting for procedures and the urgency for them has increased as a result of the shutdown and medical professionals in the industry are now worried they Will not be able to handle the flood of People rushing to the hospital for their postponed procedures when this media propagated pandemic is finally over.  It may actually be doing more harm than Good to the health and safety of a country’s People.

I felt this was a very ‘Lucky’ break in the usual fear mongering perpetrated by mainstream media, and I hope it has inspired You, too.

Love and Blessings,




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