Volume CX: The Thursday Thing King Edition; The Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law

Hello every One, welcome to the Good News Journal’s Thursday Thing King Edition, thank King You for being here.  Today’s Title is taken from the very first line of Canada’s constitution and is also the Foundation of Man’s laws in every Common wealth country.  Tall King about God can be a controversial conversation, especially for those who do not believe in God, today My Intent-Ion is to attempt to explain why belief in the Supremacy of God is integral to the Rule of Law, and as such, why ‘Church and State’ cannot ever Truly be separated.

As an intuitive, I can already feel how controversial My opening paragraph is today, so please Give Me some time to elaborate before jumping to conclusions.  First, to further define ‘Church and State’, I do not Wish for People to presume I am tall King about religion and state – there is a big difference between the two.  Religion endeavors to define God, a church is a place where One worships (war Ships) God.  If Man’s body is their Temple, it is equivalent to One’s church; and a Man cannot exist without a body, it is Our Spiritual Vessel, the Ship We were Given by God to Navigate the commercial admiralty waters in Order to reach Our Destine-Nation (Destiny).  And Nation is just another Word for State.  So already it is easy to see how Church and State can never be separated so long as Man is Living.

So what is the importance of ‘the Supremacy of God’ to ‘the Rule of Law’?  Well, if We remove all religious dogma from the Idea of God, it simply means to acknowledge One’s [Divine] Creator.  We may not all believe in God, but all manifest Man has been created, so it is impossible to negate a Creator, Divine or otherwise.  Whether Man perceives God to be mom and dad or a Divine Intelligence, We all have (a) Creator(s).  For those that do not believe in a Divine Creator and Supreme Intelligence governing Our natural world, We are left only with Our parents as Our guide and moral authority.  Once One reaches what is most commonly referred to as age of majority or adult-hood, there is no more parental authority or moral guidance, so the state becomes the new parent, providing ‘House Rules’ to govern One’s behaviour.  Without a moral foundation to determine ‘codes of conduct’, We would only have chaos.  Arguably, without democracy, We would only have tyranny, as the state would determine the ‘House rules’ without any input or consideration from the People.  Generally, this is why democratic countries are perceived to be more morally just (and I think that belief is reasonably well accepted  to be fact).

The purpose of this Post is to elaborate on the importance of the Supremacy of God as ultimate authority and Foundation for the Rule of Law.  So to that end, let us presume that One does not believe in God, and let Us also presume for the purpose of this Post, that their belief is correct and there is no ‘God’.  If there is no ‘God’, then how can the Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law have any Power or authority over the Common Man?

Well, this goes back to the original definition of God as the Creator of Your being.  If there is no ‘God’, that leaves only mom and dad to provide the moral Foundation for Our Life.  Mom and dad have no authority over Us after We reach adult-hood, so the state becomes the moral authority governing Our behaviour.  But what if the state determines that rape, murder and pillaging is all well and Good – let the strong survive and oppress the weak?  Well, that’s exactly what happens, it is the natural Order of things, and it is even happening now in democratic countries where elected officials take advantage of their positions of Power over a country’s People.  This is why the Idea of God was Created, to provide a moral Foundation for Man’s behaviour.

We see the same example in all other species of Life on the planet – only the strong survive.  The current Covid-19 pandemic is a perfect example of this.  If We were still Living in more primitive times and did not have modern medicine and vaccines to consider, We would have no choice but to let the virus run its course.  The strong would survive, the weak would perish.  It sounds cold and harsh, but the laws of nature can seem very cruel and unkind – but there is a Higher purpose.  Darwin refers to it as ‘natural selection’.  It has been, is now, and always Will be the governing force of nature.

Now for the Good News.  Let’s presume that this is exactly how it was for Man in the beginning; no system of laws, no authority except natural selection, survival of the fittest.  This is in fact exactly how it was for Man as We evolved as a species.  Burying the dead was one of the very first evolutionary indications of Spiritual awareness in Man’s kind.

The other thing evolution has taught Us, is that Mind is the most successful evolutionary trait that allowed Man to dominate creatures significantly stronger and more powerful than Man.  Put a man in a cage with a lion and see who wins.  Put a man with a gun in a cage with a lion and see who wins…

Why would We perceive it would be any different among Our own species?  The strong suppressed the weak, and those of superior intelligence became the ruling class of modern society.  Love it or hate it, that is how Man’s kind has evolved to where We are now.  The Good News, is that Man’s Spiritual curiousity and desire to understand Man’s Purpose for being, allowed for the more intelligent to take advantage of Man’s Spiritual evolution by Way of religion…  And they determined that God is Good!!!

The ruling class initially used God to instill fear in Man’s kind, suggesting that if One does not obey God they Will be eternally damned in the afterlife.  Those who sought to have greater understanding of God, Trusted the early religions as authorities on God’s Laws, so would obey these laws hoping to ensure safe passage in the afterlife.  This provided the moral Foundation for modern society, separating Us from the rest of the animal kingdom.  The product of Man’s Spiritual evolution has resulted in the religions that exist today that provide the moral Foundation of modern society.  Before the inception of Spiritual consequence, it would be perfectly ‘natural’ for a strong Man to take the home of a weaker Man, perhaps believing it is the ‘natural’ Order of things.  Fortunately, those who are responsible for defining God in answer to Man’s Spiritual queries, believed God to be much more benevolent and kind than Our previous Ideas which would allow the strong to oppress the weak.

If We consider that evolution continued within Man’s species, the more intelligent consistently rising to the top, the eventual result was the Roman Catholic Church.  Whether We like it or not, it became the accepted authority of God’s Laws, and even in the last fifty years We have seen the Roman Catholic Church ‘change’ some of God’s laws to encompass and allow for a more tolerant society.  This Post is already getting long so I won’t get into that now, I am simply trying to stress that modern day religion is really just the product of Man’s Spiritual evolution, regardless how We feel about the Way it was made manifest.  And again, the Good News is, the Roman Catholic Church determined God is Good and clearly defined God’s Laws.

Most who complain of ‘out of control’ governments passing too many commercial laws Wish for a reduction of Laws that are more simplified, yet those laws have already been clearly defined for Us by the Ten Commandments.  Those are the Laws all of Man is expected to follow, they were ‘set in Stone’. 😉

Before I Sign off today, I Will continue this Post with a Part II but I do Wish to leave a disclaimer for other world religions, as I do not Wish for any One to think I am Giving preference to the Roman Catholic Church, I am only stating what is.  The Roman Catholic Church provided the Foundation for Man’s current system of commercial admiralty laws regardless how We feel about it.  They are responsible for the Gregorian calendar which is the current timeline of Our Story, and have declared themselves the ‘rightful’ authority of God’s Laws.  The intent was not to diminish or discredit People of another Faith, I respect all People of all nations, regardless their faith, how they identify with Self, or their sexual preferences.  It is in Our individuality and uniqueness that We are all the same.

Love and Blessings,




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