Volume CX: The Sensei Sean All, Simple Solutions Saturday Edition; Thou Shall Not Covet

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Simple Solutions Saturday Edition, thank King You for being here!  I’m especially excited today because more and more of My dreams are becoming a reality every day.  I have said that We Will Live in world without money, possessions Will be obsolete, We Will Live by the Golden Rule in the Golden Dawn.  We Will share and share alike.  My Kingdom Comes, My Will is Done. 😉

Today, tech tycoon Elon Musk announced he Will be selling almost all of his possessions and Will own no House!!!  Musk is a rather controversial individual in his own right because he does have a Plan to connect the entire world by Way of Neura-link Network.  Basically, instead of Me sitting here typing at a computer, You would just be able to read My thoughts by connecting to Me through Your computer.  Yeah…  And You thought Star Trek had some far out Ideas.  These technologies are actually happening, and it is anticipated that a Man Will be connected to this technology for the first time within a couple years or less.  I believe most of the funding and conceptual Ideas are Musk, though I’m sure Bill Gates is involved because it would also have huge implications for Microsoft.  Despite all of that, there are a lot of things I really like about Elon Musk and he is one of the few People I follow on Twitter just so I can stay up to date on his latest Ideas.  He was also the first Man I heard on the World Economic Forum tall King about how a Universal basic income would be absolutely necessary in the future because war King Will be a thing of the past, everything Will be automated, People Will be invested in the Arts and technology, creating new frontiers.  He is absolutely correct, it is not just possible, it is inevitable if Man understands its own evolution and why We created more efficient production in the first place.  Less is more.

So it is difficult for Me not to be very optimistic at the moment, and I Wish to remind all of You that it is important to not be Living in a state of fear as We move forward.  Oh yeah, Elon Musk also happens to be just as opposed to the global shutdown as I am.  Just because We are moving toward a beautiful new world does not mean that One should not be Vocal in Stating (State-Ing – Declaring the borders of One’s State, or Kingdom) One’s opinion (Open-Ion, opinions open doors; o-pin, keys push pins in locks).  Words have Power, One must let their Voice be heard for this is how We Sing in Universal (One Song All) Harmony.  What We Dream We Will Create.  Musk surely knows how controversial his opinion must be but he doesn’t care, he’s not going to allow that to stop him from speaking his Mind, and that is primarily what I like about him.  Many People are opposed to the Idea of downloading a human brain to a computer but Musk is quite comfortable tall King about with any One who Wishes to ask.

The only thing I Will ever strongly be opposed to is compelling One to do something they do not Wish to do.  No One has that right, period.  So I’m fine with the world getting vaccinated, I care not what others do if it be their Wish.  But do not compel Me.  I do not care if One downloads their brain to a computer, do not compel Me to do so.  See, not so complicated or controversial, just Common Cents.  I Spelled it like that because many are short on change and a simple Mind is pennies on the dollar.

The Sensei Sean All Saturday Simple Solutions part of the Post, is to be as King to You not to worry about the economy, please.  Trust Me, everything is going to be just fine.  Better than fine.  If You haven’t read My Book, I recommend You do now because I said all of this would happen, it’s just Part of the Prophecy, My most Powerful Book of Magic.  I said that money must disappear for the New World to emerge, so please just let it go with Grace.  We are wealthier than most can Imagine.  Imagine Nation.

I am also sharing some of My inspirational tips for Living in solitude and using it as an opportunity to improve One’s Life.  I’ve been very slow adding new commitments to My daily routine because I’ve been Loving this Keep so much.  It has been so long since I have been able to spend My days as I Wish in the comfort I currently enjoy, so it is difficult not to be ‘Great’ Full for not being compelled to do anything.  Last month I commit to Writing a Post every day and I know it is one I Will keep.  This month I finally commit to My fitness routine, and again I know it is one I Will keep.  I’m also going to share lots of photos in this Post because My phone charger died a little over a week ago and I wasn’t able to create new content for Pinterest.  I am generating over 70k impressions a month on Pinterest now and that number was just starting to drop because I wasn’t adding new content.  So that’s another commitment I had been keeping but was unable to for reasons beyond My control.  It allowed Me to avoid a phone call from My sister so I am thankful for the temporary inconvenience.  The new charger is also significantly better than the old one and only cost Me $10.  Extra photos today to make up for lost time, really.  I also thought I’d share some of the Ways I maintain My motivation, We’ve all got plenty of time on Our Hands with this lockdown right now.


I initially wasn’t going to share this because I am absolutely dis-Graced with My results!  I had intended to do five sets of ten push ups to start, thing King that would be a very light Way to start, rather than doing each set to failure.  Well, on the first set the tenth rep was kind of hard!  I honestly don’t think I ever go a full year without incorporating some kind of work out into My Life just to keep in shape.  So usually, five sets of ten would be a light way to start out!  I’m doing the second and fourth set with My feet raised on the first step of My staircase, resting one minute, thirty seconds between sets.  I tried so hard to do ten and it was just not happening.  Then three on the third set!!!  So disappointing…  Last thing I really Wished to share was how pathetic this workout was but I figured there are probably a lot of People out there who can’t do ten push ups.  There was a time, My first martial arts class I could not do ten push ups on My first day, and the class was doing sixty in a minute.  Did that make Me not want to go back?  NO.  I was more determined than ever to do it again, so I wouldn’t want anyone to be discouraged from working out because they feel they are not fit enough to start.  One always has to start somewhere.  My goals are ambitious, for Me, My first push up goal is 500 in a day/workout.  I did 28 total on My first day, I have a long way to go!  But watch how fast I’ll get there if I continue to do this every day.  Push ups are actually every second day for now, today I Will be doing chins.

Remember, this is the Good News Journal, it is an international Publication, and I am hoping to Give You a more positive perspective on the news and fear mongering of main stream media.  I Wish to leave You with another video from Lilley because it’s from a mainstream reporter tall King about some of the things I have been tall King about here.  (And if I’m promoting main stream sources, they Will not make it disappear).

I hope You are all keeping well, keep fit because it Will improve One’s immunity to everything.  It is Good for both the body, and the Soul; One bears witness to the evolution of their own Form.

Love and Blessings,


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