Volume CXI: The Magical Monday Edition; More Matters in My Microcosm

Good evening every One, welcome to the Magical Monday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for being here.  Once again, Our thoughts are Creative, so this Monday was as Magical as One might expect.  Word count, 37. 😉

One would really have to know Me to fully comprehend what that means, but 37 is confirmation of an Idea backed by God (better than Gold).  So the Universe is telling Me this was a Magical day in Deed.

Before I get into the details of today, I suppose I should mention a Letter I received some time last week, perhaps ‘Lucky’ Wednesday.  I didn’t mention it here because there were other pressing developments to be tall King about and I’m not entirely sure what to make of it.  Take a look.


I Imagine most People would open something like this and wonder what they are expected to do with it.  First of all, it’s not the full Page, it’s had a section removed at the bottom.  Now, I presume this is a statement of benefits, as it is titled as such and appears as though it is coming from the Canada revenue agency.  Seems to Me that this document should be a full form and should have been sent to Me directly by revenue Canada.  The only other consideration is that Housing Services is sending Me a copy of their statement to revenue Canada, but that doesn’t make sense to Me either.  Just above where the document is ripped off at the bottom, it says ‘See the privacy notice on your return’ T5007(17).  So I’m guessing some One is filing a tax return ‘on My behalf’?  The ‘government’ is doing My tax returns for Me? How nice.  Problem is, the information is incorrect and I don’t Wish to be a conspirator to fraud, I never lived at the address on the form, the address doesn’t even exist.  So if Revenue Canada decides they Wish to fact check this claim, they Will discover the fraud.  I know it is just an error, but it’s a pretty big one.

I didn’t Write about it because there was a lot going on with this pandemic in Man’s Macrocosm and I figured there would eventually be more to this story, some kind of explanation for this cryptic tax form;  Magical Monday delivered.  I returned to My Keep after some light ‘essential’ groceries this morning to find an email from Josh, a representative of the Jon Howard Society (JHS).  It reads as follows:

We got a message for Home for Good. They will need your most recent notice of assessment by June 1, 2020. I can do your taxes on my end through an app but I will need your 2019 T5. Did you get it in the mail if not what’s your OW workers extension? I can give her a call and see if she can send it to me by email. 

I also texted you but given the importance I thought I would email you as well.

Hope everything is going well,


Clearly the statement of benefits that was sent to Me is for this ‘Notice of Assessment’.  The irony here, is that these are exactly the same Issues I was dealing with through the Jon Howard Society in the beginning.  Dan telling Me I ‘need’ a birth certificate, health card or some other piece of government issued ‘ID’ in order to be ‘eligible’ for a subsidy.  I told him he was wrong, My right exists without any obligation to perform or contract.  This was part of the reason I was as King to have Dan re-assigned to Me when the subsidy was Given (without being compelled to provide any government issued ‘ID’).  The only document Given to the city for the registry was a copy of My Cestui Que Vie and copies of the Public Notices I have filed with Canada’s government.  My Cestui Que Vie is My ID Entity, My Spiritual Character.  So again, it gets very frustrating when People start uttering threats in ignorance.

Now, before I continue with My reply, please take Notice of the Words in Josh’s email.  ‘We got a message from Home for Good.  They Will need Your most recent notice of assessment.”

Why would Home for Good not just contact Me directly?  I’ll tell You why.  Because they already know how I’m going to respond, so they pawned it off on the JHS to feel Me out.  I figured this was a Magical moment in My Microcosm because it is directly related to My outstanding Issues with the Canadian government with respect to absolving My SIN, literally!  And again, the Word metaphors are not a coincidence, this is redemption, or for Me, Redempt Sean.  So I made sure My reply to Josh was ‘cc’d’ to Orsolya and Anne who are currently administrating the ‘insurance’ part of the Social Insurance contract of which I am as King to be released.

Hi Josh,

Yeah, well I don’t consent to any obligation to file taxes because I’m not a certified person and am under no obligation to aid and abet government fraud.  If the state Wishes to file taxes for the certified person they are more than welcome to – it has NOTHING to do with Me.  Home for Good already sent Me a partial tax form showing what they paid out in rent for 2019, but the address to which they claim to have paid rent is incorrect.  So I don’t Wish to be part of that fraud, either.  You Will have to contact Home for Good and let them know the taxes they filed are incorrect, the address was 247 Montreal Road, not whatever number on Hanna St. they stated in the claim.  I am ‘cc’ing this document to Orsi and her team lead supervisor, Anne Charette because I am tired of dealing with these issues.  A man may NOT be compelled to contract for insurance in order to work or earn a Living wage, to suggest otherwise is to compel a man to contract under threat of withholding his right to Life, Liberty and Freedom.  These are corporate rules for incorporated persons.  I am NOT an incorporated person, I am a Living Man.  Now Home for Good is suggesting they Will revoke My subsidy if I fail to comply with an order to file taxes?  That sounds like a threat to Me…

Please be advised, this email is a Matter for the Public Record, www.vondehnvisuals.com.


Lord Sean,

House of von Dehn,

Hand of Stephen,

Kingdom of God

See how easy it is to identify a threat when One becomes aware of how the ‘system’ works?  Of course it is a threat to suggest that I Will no longer be ‘eligible’ for a benefit unless I participate in the Social Insurance Program.  Revenue Canada deals specifically with the Social Insurance Number as an incorporated (business) person.  Participation in Canada’s Social Insurance program is optional.  People are surprised to hear it, so I didn’t waste any time sending an updated copy of the application form for a SIN which clearly states whether or not participation is mandatory, to Josh, Orsolya and Anne.  And for the record, the very last thing I did before sending My Public Notices to Canada’s elected officials in position of public office, was make sure all taxes for the incorporated person were filed up to date.  I expected the account to be closed permanently after the Registrar and Sean Kearney (Attorney General’s legal director) received My Letters.  The fact that they are not evidences fraud and that Canada’s government is operating in default.  Once again, this is why every government office is also Given copies of My Public Notices registered with Canada’s Ministries.  Ontario Works got copies of the documents I have filed, as did the city of Ottawa.  None can claim ignorance.

There is plenty more to update so I Will continue with this Story on the ‘Two’s Day’ Edition, as I also received another email from My sister!  I’ve already Writ too much, so I Will save that Story for later, too.

I hope and Trust You are all well,

Love and  Blessings,




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