Volume CXI: The More Magical Monday Edition; Matters in the Microcosm, Part II

Hello every One, and welcome back!  This Monday has been so Magical I am compelled to Write a Part II.  The reason for adding a numeric Order to My Blog Posts was because I knew when I started Writing the Good News Journal that We are near the end of the Story, so what I might typically expect to be able to Manifest in any particular year would now only be a Matter of weeks.  The numeric Order is to see just how many it Will take.


And here We are enjoying the Apocalypse.  At least, I hope You are.  There are even memes flying around Facebook about how anti-climactic the Apocalypse has been so far.  They are funny, but let’s be careful what We Wish for. 😉

Everything is connected and everything is coming together.  The most Magical Part of My Microcosm is that what is happening in My Microcosm is happening in the Macrocosm, too.  It is always this Way, and it is the same for every One.  All of the ‘agencies’ of the Canadian government I have in some Way contracted with are now on the same ‘Page’.  The very agency responsible for the greatest trespasses upon My Common Law rights are now threatening to cause Me further harm (by revoking My subsidy) if I refuse to contract with them.  This is exactly the unspoken, silent ‘threat’ that intimidates Man into contracting with them in the first place.  If One doesn’t have a SIN, One Will not be eligible for any benefits.  The same type of threats are generally Given to parents when they refuse to ‘register’ their children and are as King of the government to Show the obligation (there isn’t one).  There is only the threat the child Will not be eligible for a SIN and therefore, Will not be able to apply for any benefits.  We are encouraged to participate in SIN, and the pun is very much intentional; both on the part of those who created the system, and those like Me who are as King of You to pay attention to it.  There are no coincidences, it’s all about the SIN.

“For Give Me of My trespasses, as I for Give those who trespass against Me.” – My Living Will, My Cestui Que Vie

You know that for almost ten years I couldn’t file taxes because I couldn’t convince revenue Canada I was the individual responsible for the incorporated person?  They Wished to have all kinds of proof of identification before they would let Me file, too, including the number of My last claim.  Who would remember that if they didn’t have a copy?  Once I figured all of this stuff out, EVERYTHING in My Life changed.  I Writ revenue Canada and told them that I Swear I am Sean von Dehn and I Wish to have a copy of all tax records for the last ten years sent to Me so I can file.  It was Hand Writ in red and stamped with My thumbprint, then faxed to them.  I received everything within two weeks, no questions asked.  I think the government was probably only too happy to know I would file voluntarily (I also knew they would owe Me some serious coin, which they did).  I figured the Honourable thing to do would be to cash out before leaving the casino. 😉

In the Tarot, I am the Prince of Wands.  I literally just ‘Googled’ a description of the Card from the Thoth deck to see what the first search result would Show.  It is not the original description by Crowley which is the reason for bringing attention to the Card.  The description as provided by Crowley can be found here, where One Will find the quote I Wish to cite.

“His sense of humour is omnivorous, and may make him a mysterious figure, dreaded without reason by people who actually know nothing about him but his name-as a symbol of Terror.”

I’ve mentioned before that I get a very strong sense I intimidate People.  I know I do, and it’s frustrating because I have absolutely no intent to intimidate any One.  And I am speaking specifically about those within Canada’s government I have Writ Letters or emails to regarding these outstanding [SIN] Issues.  So the other quote I provided today from My Cestui Que Vie is equally relevant.  I honestly presume nobody is Willfully causing Me harm, most simply don’t know any better.  I can almost guarantee that Housing Services didn’t perceive what they were as King of Me to do to be a threat until I put it in context.  So I really do for Give every One, yet that does not mean I do not Wish to see these Matters resolved and dealt with responsibly.  At this point it is difficult not to have a sense of humour about it because I am beginning to feel like I am dealing with children.  If One doesn’t know how to address the Issues I am Presenting them with, they could at least have the human decency and common courtesy to Write Me back and let Me know.

‘Hi, I have no Idea how to accomplish this, do You know who I should contact to get this done, any Idea where I should start?  Where do You Wish for Me to direct this Matter?’ – (Hypothetical, reasonable reply from clueless recipient).

One should at least admit they are in over their heads and are as King for assistance.  Failing to respond to My emails demonstrates not only incompetence, but Willful belligerence if it continues.  So this is also a clue for Anne Charette.  Please don’t Keep Me waiting much longer, I do not Wish to be compelled to follow up with You again…

The most Magical thing about all of this, is that it IS coming together.  All these connected Ideas and overlapping legal Matters are coming together into a single, cohesive argument, which was precisely what I had hoped for.

I am also very much looking forward to My workout today, chins are on the menu and I’m going to save the results of My first week until the Sun Day Re View.  All I can say, is that there is no better time than now to start a fitness program, You Will be glad You did.

Love and Blessings,



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