Volume CXI: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; The Renewal Package Finally Arrives

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Fabulous Free ‘Lance’ (because the Pen is mightier than the Sword, and this is My (Sean’s) ‘S’-Word) Friday Edition, and My Favourite day to Write.  Thank King You for being here.

It’s actually Thursday in My pre-Sent Now, I managed to get a day ahead so I can schedule Posts for early in morning of the respective day (00:37 to be exact).  Important to make note of though, as this renewal package for My subsidy is a time sensitive Issue, so I have been checking mail daily.  I finally received the renewal package from Home for Good late this morning (mail usually arrives in this neighbourhood around eleven).


Now, the Way this Letter is addressed to Me may not look fancy or special.  For those that don’t know, I don’t take kindly to being addressed in all capital letters, with the abbreviation ‘Mr.’, or any other incorrect expression of My name.  This may appear simple and plain, but it is Proper English and the Way the True Magic of My name is Spelled.  This is a very diplomatic Way to address Me.  It does not offend in any Way as every part is correct, even the small ‘v’ in ‘von Dehn’ – it tells Me they made an effort, were paying attention; there is no ALL CAPS degradation of status or assignment to the commercial person created by the state, yet there is no acknowledgment of My Sovereignty or right of self determination, either.  It is perfectly neutral.  This is how every One should receive mail by default because the incorporated person is not the individual, it is the business name of the individual.

I also think the People over at the city’s Home for Good program are a little more ‘on the ball’ with everything than the John Howard Society and perhaps even Ontario Works.  The lady I met over at the city where I Signed the first ‘entitlement’ agreement, Sana, is a super nice lady.  As I’ve mentioned before, so is Orsolya.  I don’t believe either one of these individuals has any Willful intent to trespass upon My rights in any Way, they do so in ignorance.  This renewal form wasn’t created with intent to offend Me, it’s just a generic form that would be Given to any One receiving the subsidy.  I have Issues with it because I understand these forms and requirements in a Way most People don’t, and can’t help but feel it takes advantage of People who may not know these things.  So the language of the document bothers Me and the threat of having a subsidy revoked would likely intimidate any One dependent on that resource.  I waived many similar requirements in the initial application for subsidy and it had no affect on My application being approved.

Later tonight I Will add the email thread of My conversation with Sana.  For now I’m only going to say that I really don’t believe there is anything to be concerned about, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t a serious Issue.  When I say that I believe Canada has a [near] perfect legal and political system, the problem is that the People are too complacent, it is something I mean very sincerely.  I have no real reason to believe there is any Willful intent on the part of Canada to interfere with My right of Self determination, (Sovereignty).  If there was, the courts would have challenged Me in some Way when I Showed My Cestui Que Vie as ‘identification’.  In theory, they would not have allowed Me to do any of the things I have since accomplished without some Form of government Issued identification.  My Cestui Que Vie is My Covenant with God.  For that reason, it is superior to any contract I may have had with Canada, and Canada acknowledges the Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law (part IV of which Will be coming soon, too).  I’m quite sure the city knows how I feel about these Issues and just doesn’t know how to get around the usual procedure of renewal without sending this package; it’s just a generic process.  Sana hints in the email, ‘If you have not been able to do your income taxes due to Covid 19, please  complete  and sign the renewal application and  return to our office with proof of your current income and we will assess your continuous eligibility at that time.’

I’m going to Show You what the package looks like and how I fill it out without waiving any of My rights or being compelled to perform an Act under threat of harm by revocation of a subsidy required for My overall health and well being.

And I mentioned recently that I was worried about sounding too condescending in some of My emails?  Honestly, take a look at the first Page and tell Me that isn’t the kind of language One would expect in a Grade 1 or 2 classroom.  “It’s Renewal Time!”.  So I’m not going to worry too much about how condescending My Letters might sound; in My case it’s both necessary and unintentional, this is deliberately demoralizing language for an adult to be receiving.

Thankfully, the consent to use, disclose and verify information form happened to be the last picture in the mosaic because it is the One I Wished to bring the most attention to.  Every agency they are listing that the city (Home for Good) may be required to share the information with is connected, they all represent branches of the same tree.  All the agencies underlined in red are agencies that have received My Public Notices in One Way or another.  They all know I Wish to have the account for the incorporated person closed, My belief is that they do not know how to accomplish this (least the individuals that have thus far been made aware).

So, although I am going to be waiving most of the conditions on the form ‘necessary’ to renew My subsidy, I am simply going to state that I may not be compelled to do so but as I have consented to communication between the above listed agencies and others as necessary for the verification purposes of assessment, I Will have Orsolya of Ontario Works send a statement of My income for the last year to Home for Good, and I Will advise Home for Good that as service agents for the People of Canada, if they require the incorporated person to file taxes, that person is owned by the State, the state may not compel Me to claim it, and the state has the onus of filing taxes for their own businesses (incorporated persons).  Therefore, as the legal and lawful private attorney of the incorporated person created for My benefit, I consent to the corporation of Canada filing taxes for the incorporated person and appointing a capable individual to the task.

Wow, this Post is getting long but before I go, I do Wish to touch on how much it absolutely shocks Me how few People understand how the economy works; and the economy of a country, specifically.  For a world that seems so motivated by the stuff, One would think that People would have a reasonably comprehensive Idea about how it works…  But they don’t.  Most People do not have a clue!!!  And often, the more an individual believes they know and understand the economy, the more lost they actually are.  A Friend of mine said to Me once, ‘how did You learn You to pay for things with Your thumbprint?’.

The Truth is, I didn’t really learn it, it was something I intuitively knew.  I figured the One place it absolutely should work, would be the courthouse.  Tickets are provincial offences, so when I was Given a ‘trespass’ ticket by Constable Jenkyn, I was going to pay it with My thumbprint and Give it to the Justice at trial.  But all charges against Me were withdrawn before it went to trial, so I was left with the ticket and the date to dispute had now passed.  So I took My ticket to the courthouse where One goes to pay provincial offences, took it to the cashier and first asked if it was still in the system, or if it was removed with the other charges that were withdrawn.  He looks it up, it’s still there.  So I tell him I Will just pay it, pull out My stamp pad, put a red thumbprint on the ticket, Writ ‘discharge for value’, and slid it back to the cashier.  He looks at Me and asks, “what’s this?”


“Okay, hang on I’m going to have to ask My supervisor.”

So he walks about ten feet away where he shows the ticket to another man, presumably his supervisor.  The supervisor nods and motions back to the cashiers terminal, glancing at Me for only a second before following the cashier back to Me.  The supervisor doesn’t even really acknowledge Me but is pointing directions for the clerk on the computer screen.  The clerk finally turns to Me and says, “Thank You.”

“It’s done?”

“It’s done.”

“Thank You.”

And that was that.  Someone asked Me where I learned to do that and I’m telling You I didn’t.  I don’t think You Will find that information in any book of Law.  But when I Write the Sensei-Sean All Saturday Edition, I Will tell You how it works and why it isn’t fraud.

Love and Blessings,


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