Volume CXII: The Thought Full Thing King Edition; King Ship Casts Spell, Censor Ship Sinking

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Thought Full Thing King Edition, thank King You for joining Me.  We Cast another Spell Wednesday in the wee hours of the morning, as King of the Universe to sink the Censor Ship.  Today, the Spell began war King its Magic.  Words really are Magic, that’s why they call it Spelling.

If You click on this sentence, it Will take You to a link outlining Donald Trump’s inquiry into censorship by social media companies, specifically Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  Trump is inviting every One who experiences censorship based on political bias to report their story, and is potentially developing an app to make this user friendly for every One.

For those who know Me personally in My Microcosm, it is not at all unusual for My Words to Manifest, yet I must admit, even I am surprised to see how quickly this Intent-Ion was answered by the Universe.  Don’t go thing King I’m a Trump ‘supporter’ or anything, I don’t really support or follow any One, I’m more of an Idea guy.  I Will support an Idea, and I like this Idea.  I like it not only because it immediately Gives a Voice to those who are censored, I like it because it Will also Create a Record of these crimes so People can be held accountable later.  Remember that Play Bill I was tall King about?  Well, this is how the Characters of Our Story get their names on that Play Bill; they Will be held accountable, it is only a Matter of time.  And if My Words continue to Manifest this quickly, it won’t be very long. 😉

I also took a little more ‘serious’ Action in My Microcosm today.  For Me, it’s still ‘Lucky’ Wednesday, so I am still basking in the Glory of this wonderfully ‘Lucky’ Good News.  But that also means it has been three weeks and one day since I was first as King of Anne Charette to address My concerns regarding the dissolution of My SIN and request to officially dissolve the Trust [One is presumed to have in One’s government].  That is too long.  Canada’s Rules of Civil Procedure would allow for twenty days, and it is just a guideline for those who do not know how to act Honourably in a Common Law society.  Anne Charette is therefor in dis-Honour and demonstrating incompetence in her position as an administrative agent of the Trust, (Social Insurance via Ontario Works) or Willful belligerence.  I have advised Chris Tuck, Orsolya Vancsody, and Anne Charette that they are fraudulently administrating the Trust, and provided them with documents to validate My position.  So today I filed a complaint with Revenue Canada’s to report the fraud by Ontario Works.  We’ll see what happens.  I also advised Anne Charette that I would be doing so.

Generally, they take fraud pretty seriously, so I anticipate I Will hear something.  If nothing else, I am very confident this complaint Will find its Way back to Orsi, Anne, and Chris.  The complaint was a maximum 500 Word text box which proved to be more than sufficient, though there was no Way for Me to maintain a copy and a screenshot only showed part of the complaint.  This is one instance where I don’t have ‘proof’ of having performed a Deed, so I don’t really ‘count’ it as a developmental stage of this process.  I am Keeping a Record of every document I have Writ to every individual regarding this Matter since the day I was as King of Canada’s Attorney General to ensure it was done.  This is all part of ‘following up’ on that initial Order Issued to Canada.  All these documents Will be comprised into a single, massive example of the incompetence of Canada’s representatives and administrators.

Literally as I am sitting here typing this Post, a Friend on Facebook shared the following comment on one of My Posts.

“There are very serious consequences to violating “God given rights” no matter what country you are in.  Consequences that I believe go far beyond the flesh and law of man.”

And this is True in Ways those who oppose God’s Laws Will not Wish to experience.  When I implore the People I Write to take these Matters seriously, it is not because I am impatient, it is because I am concerned for their well being if they do not.  I cannot be responsible for the fate of One who disobeys God; that is exactly what One does when they trespass upon One’s rights.

Oh, and that reminds Me.  I also Wish to advise Genevieve Langlais, city of Ottawa’s legal counsel that My Claim against the city of Ottawa is not yet over.  The Justice who dismissed the claim as frivolous and vexatious does not have any right or authority to dismiss the Claim.  We are in God’s Kingdom, and statutes of limitation do not apply here, corrupt justices are not welcome here.  So My law suit against the city of Ottawa and the city’s opinion that trespasses upon the constitutional rights of Canada’s People is a ‘frivolous and vexatious’ complaint One is not entitled to compensation for is both incorrect and unreasonable.  So Justice ‘Bobby’ (Robert) Beaudoin, You are hereby suspended as justice in this Case, and Your Order to have the case dismissed is hereby vacated.  Thank You.

And that is done, and My Law Suit against the city of Ottawa is back in play for continued attacks and threats upon My character after determining previous complaints of trespasses upon My rights were frivolous and vexatious.  I may also file a complaint with the BAR association to have Genevieve Langlais disbarred for aiding and abetting the enemy by placing corporate interests before the interests of the Public Good.  And just for Good measure, I’ll also file a complaint against Robert Beaudoin (no longer a justice in the real world, just an enemy of Canada’s constitution posing as a justice, a power hungry pig) for treason for undermining the rights of Canada’s People.

Now, these letters may also be ignored.  But every failure to respond to a Letter is another nail in Canada’s coffin, another Page of My Story.  Eventually, this Will be filed as an international law suit against Canada for international [war] crimes against a Sovereign state.

Worst part is, it’s really simple, are Canada’s People free or not?  And if so, why is the government so unprepared to answer these questions and honour their obligations?  All Canada has to do is apologize and Honour My right of self determination.  I can provide the rest of the direction they Will need to accomplish what I am as King of them to do.

Hope You have as Thrilling a Thursday as mine has been!

Love and Blessings,



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