Volume CXII: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; The Glow Ball Economy and Man’s Matrix

Hello every One, and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for being here.  ‘Free Lance’ Friday is of course Playing on the Idea that the Pen is mightier than the Sword, and My ‘S’-Word (Sean’s Word) is especially sharp.  Today I Will be tall King about how a Glow-Ball (global), Sovereign economy works.  I’ll also be tall King about how the current economic system operates and why it doesn’t work.  Finally, I Will also be tall King more about the Matrix, though I am not tall King about the movie, it Will amplify its relevance to Man’s Macrocosm.

Okay, first and foremost, I have been checking mail everyday because I am expecting up to three letters over the next few days.  A Letter was delivered Thursday, though it was not one of the three I am anticipating.  The form below is the same as the one used as today’s featured Image, though I have highlighted a few ‘Magical’ details I Wish to point out.

I have mentioned that the ALL CAPS expression of My name is not Me.  Technically, nothing on paper could ever be Me, though pieces of paper are generally used to represent a Man’s Character.  The ALL CAPS name represents a business in the same name as the individual, which is why so many People get confused about all of this stuff.  It’s legally called the incorporated ‘person’.  When the Word ‘person’ is used, generally this is what the Word is referring to, the corporate (dead, corpus) entity.  We are the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of Christ which Gives Life to that dead person.  It has no Value without the Spirit of a Man’s investment (Ment=Mind, Invest-Mind) in it.

It is very tricky for Me to photograph documents and not blur the type at all, though I think it is clear enough to read if One views the photo full size.  The only difference between the two pages is the area I highlighted to discuss.  One Will notice that it specifically states that the name must be in ‘all capital letters’.  This is a statement of benefits.  The all capital letters are to distinguish between the individual and the corporate entity.  Can a person [legally] be compelled to operate someone else’s business?  Of course not.  The corporate entity belongs to Canada and it is akin to a license to do business; this is what is registered by parents with the state, not the child delivered in the hospital (that would be slavery).  The fact they are created almost simultaneously, share the same name, and are associated with the same event, adds to the confusion.  The difference is that one is created by the state, the other is Created by God.  Which One are You?


You Will notice it is not the same as the one I received last week.  This one was delivered by Housing Services.  There are only two organizations providing Me with benefits, Ontario Works and Housing Services.  Although the money being distributed by Ontario Works is determined by a provincial budget, both organizations are Acting as franchise corporations of the city of Ottawa.  The city of Ottawa takes on the fiduciary duty of care for its People.  This is one of the reasons I Wished to speak with the mayor because I’m honestly not sure if the People in charge truly understand how Our economy works.

I’m not sure why Housing Services sent Me this statement because they are the ones who need it to verify My income for renewal.  I presume they kept a portion of the above pictured document for their records which would explain why 1/3 is missing.  But please pay attention to who is listed as issuing all the benefits to Me – ‘The city of Ottawa’, and THE CITY OF OTTAWA, Housing Services.

With respect to what I did with the assessment (assess-Mind) I received today, I highlighted the details shown here and sent it to Housing Services (it was delivered by Ontario Works).  Now they have two statements showing the full amount of funding paid to the incorporated person and utilized by Me.  I am a not for profit, Spiritual entity, so I am a tax write off for the government Acting as a corporation.  Again, this is where the Supremacy of God comes in to Play.  God forgives all SIN, so anything paid out to the SIN that ‘satisfies’ (not fulfills) a Fiduciary obligation is paid for.

This is very important to comprehend because what I am Showing today is actually an example of how it all ‘works’, which is equally relative to paying for something with My thumbprint.  These are just systems put in place to facilitate the same Idea in Man’s Matrix.  The other reason this is important is because it is also a compliment to the city of Ottawa and the mayor, Jim Watson.  Only $6846.00 of what I received was to satisfy a federal obligation (the Social Insurance Act via Ontario Works).  The rest of what I received is only available because the members of city council determined that Canada’s People not only have a right to ‘shelter’, they also have a right to safe, dignified, housing.  That Idea would have been presented to some One at a provincial or federal level who agreed (that People have a right to safe, dignified housing), Creating a new ‘fiduciary’ obligation (for Canada via the provincial or federal budget) in Order to satisfy the intention of the new program they Created called “Home for Good”.  The assessment of benefits is to Show the federal government that the money Issued to the city to satisfy this new fiduciary obligation is being used for its intended purpose.  When this statement is received by Revenue Canada, revenue Canada Will verify the amount paid in fiduciary obligations (satisfying God given rights), and Sign off on the amount which then becomes a bill of exchange.  It is actually deducted from Canada’s national debt, not added to it, which is why the city of Ottawa as a corporation Will receive a share of that money back in the Way of a tax rebate.  It is also likely the reason why the city is quite happy to keep these People in shelters for now because they can ‘bill’ each individual as much as $1740 a month (including meals) to stay in one of the city’s shelters, a portion of which Will be Given back to the city of Ottawa as a tax rebate for satisfying a fiduciary obligation.

So there is both Good and bad News here, but mostly Good.  The bad news is, We can see how the city benefits as a corporation for paying out huge ‘rent’ costs for homeless to stay in shelters, and why places like the Salvation Army have become so popular.  It is a great way for the municipalities to receive a huge tax break while ‘satisfying’ their obligations (as Canada’s constitution only provides for the right to shelter, not housing).  See how that works?

Now, if each of the individuals subject to homelessness were in fact able to administrate their own wealth, they would simply receive a bill directly from the Salvation Army, the individual would Sign (to Show the need), accept for value and return to the merchant (Salvation Army) to redeem for value.  The Salvation Army could redeem this bill of exchange for value at a financial institution for fulfilling a fiduciary obligation.  Instead, the country is managing the wealth of the People, paying for their needs, and receiving the tax break through the incorporated city.

The point here, is that if the city of Ottawa can do this for the Salvation Army, if the city of Ottawa decides that shelter accommodations are unsuitable and unfit for occupancy, they can send these individuals to a hotel or any other vacant place in the city; the costs would be paid for because it is satisfying an obligation, a fiduciary duty of care which is covered by God.  It gets tricky in politics because most councilors won’t understand how this works so would perceive a Plan like this to come at a tremendous cost to the taxpayer when in fact is it just the opposite.  All the city needs to do is collectively determine that the city of Ottawa’s People deserve better and declare they Will receive it, then come up with a plan to fulfill it.  Doing so Will lay the groundwork for the necessary infrastructure and services, outline the costs, all of which Will be paid for in the fulfillment of a fiduciary obligation to Canada’s People.  That is in fact how a Sovereign economy works (or would work if there were any in existence in the world today).

For example, if the majority of city councilors were to have a city hall meeting and determine that all the homeless People have a right to safe, dignified accommodation and determined shelters are not satisfying the obligation, they could collectively vote on whether or not the city would Give homeless People the ‘right’ to check into a hotel if they are currently subject to shelter. The moment the bill is passed, it becomes a contractual fiduciary (Godly) obligation. The city pays any hotel bill putting up an individual in need, those bills are received by city, accepted for value and discharged for value against Canada’s debt. The People are the Value of the wealth because the People warrant the need for the infrastructure and services.

I Will do a Part II because there is a lot more ground to cover here, but before I Sign off, I Wish to leave You with today’s definition and how it pertains to Man’s Matrix.  Let’s take a look at the Word ‘Matrix’ itself, Shall We?

MATRIX; definition:

In the civil law. The protocol or first draft of a legal instrument, from which all copies must be taken. See Downing v. Diaz, 80 Tex. 436, 16 S. W. 53.

Also known as the ‘Genuine Article’, but more on that in Part II.

Love and Blessings,

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