Volume CXII: The Super Natural Sun Day Re View; The Glow Ball Economy, Part III

Happy Sun Day every One, I hope the Sun is shining where You are today. I Will be re Viewing some of the Ideas I was tall King about this week and expanding on those Ideas, too. As always, thank King You for joining Me.

I’ve been very excited about Writing this week, My Microcosm feels like a perfect reflection of the Macrocosm, almost like One is in the Eye of a hurricane; perfectly still but surrounded by wild, chaotic Energy. A few more Spells have been Cast recently; a complaint for fraud was filed with Revenue Canada for the administration of a Trust (by Ontario Works) I have been as King to have dissolved, I Issued $10,800.00 in Canadian funds to the city of Ottawa from the unlimited commercial value of God’s Kingdom to cover rent, returned a subsidy renewal package, and paid a hydro bill by accepting and as King to discharge for Value. I also Writ a final email to Anne Charette to let her know she was out of time and I Will be as King of some One else to address My Issues.

When I say that I feel the Macrocosm is perfectly synchronized with My Microcosm it’s because this is the perfect time to be tall King about the economy, We are in the ‘eye of the storm’, so to speak. We are over the initial impact of Coronavirus, strong social distancing rules are still in place, and We are collectively waiting for the light of Our Glow Ball economy to start shining again; many of Us are wondering how that Will be possible, how We Will repay what has been paid out in ’emergency’ covid relief benefits. I feel it really is time for the world to consider what it means to have an ‘honest’ and True economy, what it actually means to be a Sovereign nation; collectively or independently, the principals are the same.

I am going to include a link to the pdf of Law of Nations, but it might actually discourage some from looking into the foundation of sovereign states, though I recommend reading it for those with the appetite. Wikipedia provides a more simplified definition that is virtually identical to the description found in the Law of Nations. When We are tall King about an Idea, the Common understanding of a Word is more important than the ‘legal’ definition because the Common Man is not expected to know ‘legalese’ and there is an obligation for One’s adversary to communicate in a Common language. The Common Man would probably not read the entirety of the Law of Nations to determine what it means to be a Sovereign state, they would probably Trust the Common interpretation provided by a source like Wikipedia, and it is accurate so I’m going to use it.

“A sovereign state, in international law, is a political entity that is represented by one centralized government that has sovereignty over a geographic area. International law defines sovereign states as having a permanent population, defined territory, one government, and the capacity to enter into relations with other sovereign states.[1] It is also normally understood that a sovereign state is neither dependent on nor subjected to any other power or state.”

Does any One find anything unusual about the definition of a Sovereign state? According to the above definition, only the individual, the Living Man, meets all above criteria. A group of individuals would have a consistently fluctuating population; new People Wishing to join the country, others Wishing to leave, births, deaths. No country in the world meets the above criteria by definition, only the individual does. Some One said to Me once, “but a country (state) needs land”.

Having Land is a State of Mind. We have all received the Mother’s Promised Land, Our physical body, and We are the Sole/Soul Government (authority) over Our independent State of being. That is in fact the Natural Order of Law, Part of Our Divine Inheritance. Inheritance? What did We inherit? Free Will. The God Given Right of Self determination, the right to Live a Purpose Full Life.

recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

The Key here is the Word inherent. Rights are inherent and Given by God. If One believes they are the incorporated person created by the state, the state is God by legal definition, because God is defined as the Creator of the entity. The Good News here is that although most perceive this to be an ill plot to enslave Mankind, I don’t believe that’s the case at all. It is the perfect metaphor for the evolution of Self, the false ‘Idea’ We have about who and what We are. The ‘ego’ was made into a commercial entity, a dead thing. It was done deliberately so that the ego would die as People begin to realize (see with real eyes) their True Purpose and Value. I believe the People who created the system of commerce the world uses today, knew that it would last only as long as Man is in its Spiritual infancy. Once We wake up, the game is over, and I am thing King this might be the wake up call the world needs.

So I have a feeling I Will tall King about the Glow Ball economy a lot over the next little while because I Will Truly be war King to accomplish these things in My Microcosm and I am sharing that here, too. I stressed the importance of the relevance of God being the foundation for all of Man’s Laws in every country of the world to amplify the metaphor between the state created incorporated person and Living Man; one is created by the State, One is Created by God. To perhaps emphasize the importance of this, if One were to say, “You can’t do that, I’m a Canadian citizen, I have rights!”.

Well, declaring One’s Self to be ‘a Canadian citizen’ means Canada is the Creator, ‘god’ by definition. The Act of declaring One’s Self a ‘citizen’ is a State-Ment of the authority of One’s Kingdom. A State-Ment Showing the Man’s State of Mind is dependent on a foreign state for governance, rather that the promised Land that was Given by Mother which comes with its own Head of State (Mind of the King’s Dome). The Man has lost faith in God and placed their Trust in government. It takes Will to Pen a Letter, which is why the Hand of the King is equal in authority to the King, as it the Living expression of the King’s Will, which is Given by God. It is also relevant because a Man who claims to not know God can only ‘inherit’ rights as afforded to her by the state. The state is quite literally Acting as parents of God’s children. When God’s children grow up, they inherit God’s Kingdom.

I Will Sign off for today but still lots more to cover. I received My new hydro bill this week and My payment has not been credited to the account (which is not a tremendous surprise, even for Me). The interesting thing about that is if they are refusing to accept My payment, they need to return it, usually with some kind of explanation – they didn’t. Again, ignorance of the law is no excuse, so if they Keep the money without crediting My account, they are committing fraud. If they don’t credit My account, they must return the financial instrument. So I also contacted hydro’s customer service and explained that My payment was not showing on My latest bill and to contact Me right away. Otherwise, I would just do the same thing with the current bill, this time providing a couple of supporting documents and legal references, but then I would be paying the first bill twice.

However, hydro is a perfect example of a ‘public’ service that is often privatized and I Will be using that as a launching pad for a new perspective on the Word treason (because I Truly do believe Our current financial model is treasonous to any Sovereign nation). 😉

Hope You all had a wonderful weekend,

Love and Blessings,

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