Volume CXIII: The Magical Monday Edition; The Corporate Glow Ball Conspiracy

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Monday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for being here. I had some One ‘mock’ the Style of My Writing on Twitter one day, chirping, “I am an advocate against the abuse of capitalism”.

I make so many arguments tall King about the problems associated with capitalism, I very naturally presumed the individual was tall King about My social and economic opinions. In fact, I felt reasonably satisfied that the individual considered My arguments ‘abuse’ of capitalism as I feel capitalism is deserving of all criticism it receives, so I didn’t bother to respond. A couple of days later, I saw the Tweet again in My list of notification and it donned on Me that the individual was referring to the use of capital Letters in My Writing, and I actually laughed out loud – partially for not realizing it was meant to insult My Writing, and partially because My immediate thought was, “But You’re probably perfectly ‘okay’ with the abuse of Your NAME by capitalization, right?’ And so that’s what I Tweeted. No reply.

So today does feel kind of Magical because I Will be taking a bit of a new direction, though I’ve been foreshadowing My new path here for quite some time. It is perhaps one of the other reasons I am so thank Full to have You. Tall King with You about the Glow Ball economy, why I can use My thumbprint to pay for things and how We can each learn to do the same, inspires further thing King within Me.

I have felt for a long time that Canada’s elected officials were Acting in Ways that seemed treasonous to its People. I have mentioned before that I believe Giving Loblaws $13 million to update their refrigeration systems is an Act of treason. The company profited over $3 billion serving Canada’s People the same year. All of those profits came from the Canadian People. Should Loblaws not be required to Give some of that back to Canada? And Trudeau decides he is going to Give Loblaws an additional $13 million dollars of the People’s money to update their refrigeration? Now, according to what I have researched with respect to Canadian law, this would not be considered treason. However, any Act aimed to infiltrate or overthrow the government of a Sovereign nation is treason; whether done by force or covert means.

I may actually Write another Book one day because I think a Book detailing the Glow Ball (Global) corporate takeover of Sovereign Nations is one the world Will be interested in reading. Why do We perceive the World Bank or the IMF to be anything less than foreign entities that have trespassed upon every country’s Sovereign right to mint its own coin? Why do We not consider this to be treason? Because too few People understood the meaning of Sovereignty, or how to set up their own National bank. Every Canadian should have been in an uproar the moment Canada gave up its right to print its own debt free currency. The fact that they didn’t and that nobody was charged with treason, is a reflection of the People’s ignorance, and potentially their elected officials, too. I’m not the first to suggest that Canada should return to an honest banking system, Rocco Galatti was advocating for the same cause, though I believe I may be the first to call the Act of government treasonous. However, consider the implications.

When Canada ‘borrows’ money from a private entity, the money is loaned at interest. The interest does not enter the economy. So the country Will always owe the full amount plus an additional amount that was never Given. If the money isn’t there, Canada Will have to surrender some of the collateral. The collateral is the country’s natural resources, which includes People as a ‘human resource’. This is why taxes are always increasing when a Sovereign nation would require no taxes at all, it can print money to satisfy infrastructure and expansion projects to satisfy the needs of the People. Services like hydro would not be held hostage and in debt to central banks, so they would be free public services. People working in hydro would be paid directly by the government according to their annual staffing needs which would be accommodated in the annual budget. There is no cost for hydro to come to My address, there is a cost to staff the building and maintain the facility which is paid for by government salaries as a public service. Money is printed according to the needs of the annual budget, not the amount of taxes collected.

See, there is a corporation of Canada, and there is a country called Canada. The country is organic, natural, a group of Sovereign People. The corporation of Canada is a society of People who have agreed to work for the corporation of Canada in exchange for privileges and benefits. One is even told they are not able to work for Canada without a social insurance number (SIN). This is also True. There was never any obligation for the People to Give up their Sovereignty or the right to administrate and dispose of their own natural wealth. It is the second part of the first Article of the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and it is absolutely integral to the Sovereignty of a nation. Believing one needs to work to earn their wealth is the fallacy – the People are the wealth. There is nothing wrong with creating a corporate ‘idea’ as a means of exchange and developing a nation, but wealth is relative to the available resources. If food is available for everyone, then no One goes hungry. The same applies for every resource, and anywhere the resources fall short determine where human energy is required, so investment is placed in that resource.

As far out as some of these Ideas might sound, We don’t even have to go too far back to Imagine how Man might manage to Live without money, We only need to observe the social customs of the People who inhabited the lands We now call Canada before the colonists arrived. The resources of a tribe are shared. I can’t tell You what they did about People who didn’t Wish to contribute because I am thing King it did not happen as often as One might believe it did. Generally, when People are Happy and well taken care of, I believe they Wish to contribute to their society.

Imagine if We were simply to share the wealth of resources We already have unconditionally. Imagine if all We decided to do was Focus Our 2020 Vision on the equal distribution of the wealth We already have, then assess how many People are ‘essential’ workers to Keep the supply chain going. Now Imagine if We took turns war King those shifts instead of creating the ‘need’ for more meaningless jobs for the sake of ‘earning’ Our right to the enjoyment of Our Kingdom. Then, We focus on innovating those jobs and industries even further, reducing the work force as much as possible. Eventually, although We Will always need to contribute to society in some Way, the average Man could likely spend a year of their lives in the ‘work’ force before being able to enjoy the rest of their Life. Money is completely obsolete.

Alright, that’s My Magical Manifestation for Monday. The most Magical Part of this Blog, is that My Words Manifest, and You are the Source of that Magic.

Have a Marvelous Monday!!!

Love and Blessings,

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