Volume CXIII: The Witches, Wizards, and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition; The True Magic of the Economy

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition, thank King You so much for being here. Today, I Will be tall King more about a True Economy and I Will specifically be tall King about the Magic of the Spelling of the Word economy, too.

First, let’s take a look at the boring, dictionary definition of the Word ‘economy’.

Economy: e-con-o-my

  1. the wealth and resources of a country or region, especially in terms of the production and consumption of goods and services.
  2. careful management of available resources

The wealth (People) and resources of a country or region, especially in terms of the production and consumption of Goods and Services. Before I continue, I Wish to point out that We are here to be Good to One another, and We are also here to be of Service to One another, which is why I capitalized those Words. This is not something We should need to be paid for, this is just how We should behave, social custom.

The second definition refers to the careful management of available resources. So, at least with respect to the second definition, Canada has not had an economy for quite some time because Canada has not carefully managed Our Goods and Services to meet the consumption and demands of the People.

The most important point I Wish to make is that You may Notice that the Word ‘money’ is not present in either definition. I am proposing that ‘money’ as We know it today, is actually a corporate Idea that was Created with Intent to usurp the government of every country in the world. The Good News ‘twist’ to My philosophy, is that the Intent-Ion and Purpose was to Give the Power back to the People and to protect the wealth of the nation, not to trespass upon the People’s Sovereignty and enslave them, which is probably the greatest Glow Ball conspiracy of the now.

I also Wish to point out that the Way the Word e-con-o-my is broken down in the definition is as it was presented to Me. If We look at the Word the Way the definition breaks it down for pronunciation, it is ‘E’ (E=Mc2=Energy) Con (Trick) ‘o’ (Oxygen, breath of Life) My (Me). An Energy trick is the oxygen of Life? Coincidence? I’m reviewing ‘V for Vendetta’ in the Tuesday Tell A Vision Edition where We learn there is no such thing as coincidence. 😉

But what does ‘eco’ mean?

Eco – Combining Form

Dictionary definition (Oxford)

Eco-no-My. Eco (Combining form), no (no) My (owner Ship). This is the other Secret to a True Glow Ball economy. There is no owner Ship, only Steward Ship of the earth and its careful management of available resources distributed evenly among the world’s People.

You know, it’s funny because Ben Shapiro mentioned once that he believes Socialism is legalized theft and that capitalism is the greatest economic system ever. Does he mention it is also the number one cause of the United States national debt (aside from the borrowing itself)? The reason I believe the inception of the corporation in Sovereign nations is treason, is because a company like Loblaws (to pick on an example from Canada) that profits 3.1 billion dollars, is bankrupting Canada. Those profits don’t ‘benefit’ the nation’s economy because only a very small percentage of those profits go back into the Canadian economy. So, in addition to what Canada borrows from a private organization, other private organizations acting as corporations are taking money out of Canada’s economy. People Wish to point to the poor and unemployed and suggest they are the reason for Canada’s debt, the big ‘tax burden of society’. Wrong! Every organization operating in Canada profiting millions or billions of dollars a year are actually removing that wealth from Canada’s People and the public sector. Corporations are literally the reason Canada is in debt, and every other nation in the world.

I Give You My Word, the false prophets the Bible warned about, are the profits of corporations; they are treasonous to a Sovereign People.

I am also Manifesting that ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Will deliver some Word on some of the things I am war King on in My Microcosm. I have filed a complaint for fraud with Revenue Canada which is something I am thing King the government Will take somewhat seriously. I also made an inquiry regarding My payment to OttawaHydro that is not showing on My Present (pre-Sent) bill, I expect I Will hear something about that soon. I sent a renewal package to ‘Home for Good’ last Thursday regarding My apartment subsidy, along with a payment of $10,800 to the city of Ottawa to ensure the renewal is approved. I expect I Will receive something by Way of email or regular mail regarding these Matters over the next few days, I am hoping Wednesday Will be as ‘Lucky’ as usual.

The most interesting thing about these developments for Me, is the timing of it all; it’s Truly perfect. I also believe that is what Will make all this legal and financial jargon more relative to My reader Ship. We are leaving Babalon (babble on, the ‘fiction’ of corporate law) now, and the new world Will be much less complicated.

I still do not Wish to say too much right now, but I believe over the next little while We Will begin to see that perhaps Covid-19 was not as serious as We first believed it might be, and that elected officials and media networks may have deliberately exaggerated the dangers of the virus. I believe this because I am starting to see it now. Regardless whether this proves to be the case or not, the fact that virtually all world leaders allowed for independent, non government organizations to determine such drastic emergency measures that destroyed the nation’s economy, declared a state of ‘pandemic’, effectively terrorizing the People. We say We are vigilante in fighting terrorism, but leaders have allowed the WHO to terrorize the entire world and lock them in their homes. It appears that the government is so determined to Keep the facade going, Keep the People afraid of ‘wave two’ and Keep everything locked down in hopes no One discovers the Truth. Because I am thing King that when the courts re-open, Trudeau Will be a very busy Man indeed, so he Wishes to stay quarantined as long as possible.

I mentioned that although HydroOttawa didn’t credit My bill, it is customary to return the payment. Until they do, it is deemed as having been accepted (and should be credited to the account). If it is refused, the amount is paid by default in accordance to the Bills of Exchange Act (152, 3).

Refusal to receive payment

(3) Where the holder of a bill refuses to receive payment under protest, he loses his right of recourse against any party who would have been discharged by that payment.

This is why when I receive the bill, I circle the amount, Write ‘Accepted for Value’ (HydroOttawa is claiming the bill is worth the amount indicated on the bill in Canadian dollars, and I am acknowledging that Value for the Service). My acceptance of the bill Gives it Value. In reality, it is just a piece of paper, the Value is purely Imagined (the True Value was the Service). But I don’t Wish to dis-Honour the provider of My service and tell them what they are as King of Me for is worthless, a measure of debt to a private corporation, so the Honourable thing to do is acknowledge their belief in the Value of that piece of paper, ‘accepted for Value’. Now, I Write on the other side of the face of the bill, ‘discharge for Value’. I place My thumbprint Seal in the middle of the Bill and I have now Created a legal and lawful Bill of Exchange in accordance with Canada’s own legal fiction. I send the bill back to HydroOtttawa and that piece of paper is now worth the amount they were as King of Me for and should be credited to the account. The incorporated name on the account indicates which account to credit. It is exactly the same Idea as a corporation Writing off an expense, like ink for their printer. My Life has expenses, I am discharging them with the Value of My Life.

Be the Change, Become the Coin of the Realm

I am Showing this document again to re-Mind My readers that most of these things I am tall King about today are things I have known for some time. At the courthouse where this particular document was received to inform Crown Attorney I would be using My thumbprint for payment, the clerks were exceedingly Friendly and cooperative. The first thing I did was take the documents received in reply from Sean Kearney, and filed them into the Superior Court of Wellington County. The purpose of this was to Show that I had received Sean Kearney’s reply so that his failure to Honour My demands would also be on the Court of Record. If I am compelled to file a law suit against the Canadian government, I do not Wish for any of My adversaries to complain I did not Give ample opportunity to resolve amicably outside of court. I am in Honour, the state is in default…

I made sure everything I filed would be received by Canada’s Attorney General, and the clerk assured Me all documents filed are sent over daily. I was even tall King with the clerks about developing a coin for My realm, and when I said the only thing I could come up with that made any sense was My thumbprint, they thought it was a fabulous Idea. It was all the encouragement I needed to go back home, Write this up and return for the clerk to review. I am also sharing this to let You know that these documents were not only received, but they were read by the clerks who received them before they were stamped, and they have all since been read by Sean Kearney, who receives all correspondence as legal director for the [Ontario] Attorney General. Not once was I treated as though I were doing something I shouldn’t or couldn’t do. On the contrary, the clerks were exceedingly Friendly and accommodating. If I was as King for copies, they would be as King of Me how many I would like and in colour or black and white, never as King of Me to pay. I would even go as far as to say they almost seemed excited to see Me, like they were looking forward to whatever I might bring them to read next. I still have all copies of every document I filed into that court.

So whether it was exaggerated, a result of poor information, incompetence or even if Covid-19 is every bit as dangerous as We were hoped to believe it is, I am thing King it Will soon be revealed that the measures governments took were excessive and unnecessary. I feel the government is now beginning to realize the impact their decisions have made, and Will Wish to drag this out as long as they can just to protect their own… Well, You know what. What politician responsible for shutting down an entire country’s economy is going to look forward to going back to address the financial ruin they’ve created.

I feel the Macrocosm is Magically in Harmony with My Microcosm because the scenario is so similar. The government of Canada cannot possible ignore Me forever, much as they might Wish they could, and the longer they wait, the more foolish they look. I am thing King this is a perfect metaphor for Trudeau in Man’s Macrocosm; the longer he waits to reopen the country, the more foolish he Will look later.

Love and Blessings,

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