Volume CXIII: The Thursday Thing King Edition; Balancing Brains and Bills

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Thursday Thing King Edition, thank King You for being here. Today I Will be tall King more about the Glow Ball economy, how a bill of exchange works, and I also have a link to a podcast I was invited to speak on last week called ‘Balanced Brain‘. Hopefully that explains the title of today’s Post.

Before I get into anything too serious, I Wish to Give thanks to the beauty of the day and Hope You are all taking some time to get outdoors to enjoy the Sunshine. The Sun can Truly do Wonders to improve One’s mood and strengthen immunity, so it is of great benefit to take advantage when One has the opportunity. It was an absolutely gorgeous day here in Ottawa, and I spent a Good portion of it on My patio where I noticed what might be the first flower bud on a pea vine I’m growing.

Can You see it? Just to the left of the top two leaves in the photo on the right. It’s only about two weeks old, so that’s kind of exciting and made My Wednesday feel ‘Lucky’ despite the fact that I didn’t receive any news; email or otherwise. I also thought I would share because someone thought this ‘trick’ with a used dish washing liquid container was clever. I sort of stole the Idea from someone I had seen hang plastic bags full of earth across a line with the corners cut out for drainage, the handles of the bags threaded on the line. I was initially going to cut the bottle in half and place the top in the bottom as a stand before I noticed My hole puncher sitting in My Art box. I would like to create a line of pots with peas to make a natural curtain for My patio. It’s going to take a while before I have enough bottles, though. 😛

It’s also probably the only plant the squirrel hasn’t attacked. Despite using bricks to keep the squirrel from digging up the seeds, it is continually eating the new growth of My corn plants. I’m hoping they Will endure and just get big enough the squirrel won’t bother, otherwise I have some netting for the rest of My plants. I thought the cat might help to keep the squirrel at bay but no such luck. They are serious pests for gardeners.

The episode of the podcast I was on is called ‘Ex-Muskina’, which of course would be a Play on Elon Musk and his Ideas about neuro-linking the world. It was a very long podcast, I haven’t listened to the edited version yet and I only speak for maybe a total of ten minutes, and I am tall King about the very same Ideas I have been discussing here. A significant part of the show discusses some very interesting concepts with respect to where Our technologies are taking Us now and what kind of potentials there are for technologies in the future, especially with respect to artificial intelligence, automation, and even linking Our brains to the internet. Very interesting Show, very knowledgeable and interesting speakers. I recommend checking it out, I Will be listening to the edited version later tonight because I was unable to hear one of the speakers on My end, though it seems as though every One else on the call could hear, so I missed a lot of what was said in some parts. Looking forward to filling in the missing pieces.

I also mentioned that I did not receive any news in My microcosm on Wednesday, but that also had the effect of making My Wednesday feel ‘Lucky’. I actually laughed a little when I opened the mailbox this afternoon to find it empty. Really? Still? Some of My Friends think My Letters scare People which sounds ridiculous to Me because there is absolutely no reason they should, but I am beginning to think they might be right.

I also shared a section of the Bills of Exchange Act of Canada yesterday, too. Section 152(3), in particular.

Refusal to receive payment

(3) Where the holder of a bill refuses to receive payment under protest, he loses his right of recourse against any party who would have been discharged by that payment.

With respect to what I am Showing You now, this is something of an ‘example’ of My intuitive understanding. I’m not sure how I knew that if One receives a payment they are not going to Honour, they have an obligation to return it and explain why. Same with knowing One can Write the government without postage. I looked it up to make sure, but I knew these things before I found the laws (or in this case the corporate fiction) that support them. Above, it clearly indicates that if a bill holder (in this case, OttawaHydro) refuses to receive payment under protest, he loses his right of recourse against any party who would have been discharged by that payment.

I didn’t think I had a photo of the bill of exchange, but this is what one looks like. Typically, a person (SEAN VON DEHN) does not have any wealth, the wealth of the individual is in the government’s ‘Trust’, and the government is in debt. Therefor, so is the person because each shares Canada’s debt. The service (hydro) has been sold (privatized), so the People (persons, citizens) are paying for the service (to recover some of the debt). The service is essentially held hostage because Canada is in debt, the People are buying it back. If the service was public, it would be much less expensive because there would be no rent or property taxes to pay, One doesn’t pay rent to live in a house they own. Now, the private corporation is owned by the corporation of the city of Ottawa, so it…

 fulfills a public mandate, and is therefore mindful of its responsibility to be accountable both to its shareholder and the public.

If it fulfills a public mandate, it is a public service, it belongs to the People of Canada, not a private corporation. So, what I am showing above with respect to the Bill of Exchange might not actually work for every One, even though it should. If One Wishes to try this with their own utility company, One should use their Signature in red ink, rather than the thumbprint. The Signature is the authorized representative or ‘agent’ of the incorporated person, so the person is as King to have the value for the service discharged from wealth (debt) borrowed in the name of the incorporated person (again, in this case, SEAN VON DEHN). It can also be helpful to include the number of the Social Insurance Account (SIN, Social Security in U.S.) so they know which account to access. Remember, the all capital name is not the individual, it is a business. Basic utilities are a business expense for a living Man, which is why hydro fulfills a public mandate – this means the service is mandatory, essential, (a right).

Now, some People Will criticize this analogy arguing hydro wasn’t free even before it was privatized. Keep in Mind, I did not say that there was anything wrong with the ‘Idea’ of a corporation, it is how the corporate Idea has been used to hijack the People’s wealth and infiltrate their Sovereignty by covert means I have a problem with, which started long before modern utilities were even conceived of. So hydro has been incorporated and operating ‘for profit’ likely since its inception. Just like the phone back in the day. A phone is considered an essential service, yet it has been incorporated since its inception, too. The corporations learned how to profit from guaranteed demand by preying on the needs of the People, We have even been tricked into buying back Our food! It is sophisticated, intellectual, extortion. The purpose of an economy, as We reviewed yesterday, is the careful management of available resources. People should not have to pay for food!

I also Wish to be clear that when I say ‘covert’ means, I suppose what I am really saying is that the corporation was perfect for the exploitation of ignorance. Those who Created the Idea were likely very smart business People, and knew they could gain control of more and more land if they could run private corporations where there was no personal liability or accountability to the People (with respect to how profits are redistributed). The profits of private corporations are removed from the public sector, meaning that they deflate the economy by the measure of their profits, yet market statistics are reported in such a Way that the profits of the corporations never reflect the poverty of the People. Canada can boast about how much wealth is in the private sector, but it really has no relevance to Canada’s economy because so little of those profits are recovered by taxes and available to the People.

The only reason I began researching Canada’s bills of exchange act was because I felt that if My account had not been credited with the payment, they should at least return the bill to Me and explain why. Well, after Writing My last Post, I read through a little more of the act, and Wish to share what I discovered. First, I am thing King ‘accepting for Honour under protest’ might be the proper name for what I am doing:

150 An acceptance for honour under protest, in order to be valid, must be

  • (a) written on the bill, and indicate that it is an acceptance for honour; and
  • (b) signed by the acceptor for honour.

Just in case the Words, ‘accepted for value’ seem unusual, it is the same Idea as ‘accepted for Honour’. My thumbprint is in lieu of Signature as the Living Man, private attorney and executor of the Trust (wealth) of the incorporated person. This is Your proof that what I Created is a legal instrument and bill of exchange. Secondly, Hydro is obliged to return the bill of exchange to Me, including their protest of payment.

Refusal to receive payment

(3) Where the holder of a bill refuses to receive payment under protest, he loses his right of recourse against any party who would have been discharged by that payment.

Entitled to bill

(4) The payer for honour, on paying to the holder the amount of the bill and the notarial expenses incidental to its dishonour, is entitled to receive both the bill itself and the protest.

Liability for refusing

(5) Where the holder does not on demand in a case described in subsection (4) deliver up the bill and protest, he is liable to the payer for honour in damages.

In the above scenario, I am the ‘payer for Honour’. If My payment is refused for any reason, they have no recourse and cannot try to collect from Me again.

Technically, HydroOttawa is not as King of Me for wealth, that is simply what most People perceive it to be. They are, in Truth, as King of Me for a share of Canada’s debt to a foreign entity. It is unlawful to pay for something with debt, so I am discharging a measure of that debt from the unlimited [commercial] Value of My Life, which is typically what the government uses as collateral for the money they borrow and are as King to People to pay for things with it.

Most importantly, the corporate Idea succeeded as it has because no One in government understood how the banks work, or how to develop a Sovereign economy. Every trick of the colonists was taught to them by their predecessors. They were Given a blueprint, a formula, and a system to govern the People. The economic model and court system was Created long before the colonists arrived to conquer new land because it was the only assurance the sponsoring countries had to be sure the new lands would always remain under their control – in the event any of the colonists should determine they Wish to declare independence or something crazy and treasonous like that… 😉

More to come soon. Hope You are all enjoying the sunshine!!!

Love and Blessings,

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