Volume CXIII: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Canada’s Fresh Faces of Fascism

Hello every One, and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King You for being here! Well, Thursday was a Thrilling day for Canadians as their ‘leading health expert’ advised that People should wear masks to stop the spread of Covid-19. This was announced to Canadians Thursday when most Canadians are beginning to believe We Will reopen soon so things can start resembling some kind of return to ‘normal’. There is absolutely nothing ‘normal’ about this announcement, it is not Good health advice and any national health advisor making such recommendations should be removed.

The problem for Canada now, is that the country should never have shut down in the first place, so government has to Play every card in the deck to convince Canadians this virus is deadly serious and that these drastic measures were necessary. Maybe it is a deadly virus, but not enough to justify the measures taken when compared with viruses of the past. (Of course, they Will claim that’s because the world social distanced.)

But a mask doesn’t protect the individual wearing it from contracting the virus, the point is to prevent spreading from those who might be asymptomatic. That’s the legitimate, accepted ‘reason’ for the necessity of the mask, to reduce ‘moisture droplet’ transfer from coughing or even breathing, I suppose. The problem is, it actually makes it more difficult for the individual to breath. The elderly especially face additional health risks when reducing oxygen intake and breathing their own carbon dioxide emissions; it can cause shortness of breath and fatigue, even a loss of consciousness that could potentially be fatal to an elderly individual, especially if that individual was otherwise feeling ‘healthy’. An additional problem here, is that so many People Will take this advice to heart and be wearing masks almost every waking moment of every day, even at home! Canada is being turned into a culture of paranoid hypochondriacs by a fascist dictate directed by Trudeau and his treasonous troupe. Trudeau is so cozy with WHO, he has donated nearly a billion dollars to help fight the coronavirus pandemic, $850 million to be more accurate. But don’t worry, Trudeau promises there is more to come!!!

Um, who’s money You Giving the WHO, Trudeau? Canada’s in debt some 282 billion dollars to the world bank last time I heard, and on a strong, steady incline. Where exactly is this $850 million dollars coming from? Were You as King of Canada’s People if they Wish to donate to the WHO? Maybe Canada’s People would like to see You house Canada’s homeless first, government always claims it doesn’t have enough money in the budget for that. Or how about a Living wage for all the other People who are out of work, now that You have a more reasonable Idea of what the average Canadian ‘needs’ to survive without a job. You determined all Canadians put out of work by coronavirus should receive $1800 a month, You deemed it was ‘necessary’. Yet other Canadians out of work before coronavirus and subject to social welfare or disability, receive less than half that amount, most less than a quarter – how are You taking care of these People, how do You expect them to survive?

Yeah, I’m not a fan of Trudeau if You hadn’t guessed. The Truth is, I’m more disappointed in the Canadian People. Why are more People not angry about this, Writing their elected officials? Have Canadians become so complacent, really? What about the provincial leaders, the opposition, city mayors, police chiefs, why are more of these individuals not questioning this narrative? Originally every One was supposed to return to work as soon as the ‘curve started to flatten’. Now Trudeau says Canada Will not return to normal until a vaccine has been developed? Is he insane? No, he is a fraud, a treasonous enemy to Canadian sovereignty. So is his chief medical expert, Theresa Tam, and I’m not Giving her the Honour of doctor because she just broke her Hippocratic oath. I genuinely believe her advice Will cause more harm than Good, the Hippocratic oath is to do no harm. She’s either incompetent, in which case she should be immediately fired, or she is a fraud – a doctor would not recommend that healthy People should wear a mask. Keep in Mind, even for those who DO contract coronavirus, chances of survival are over 98%! That’s if One has it! We are locking down an entire country’s economy for that? I feel like I sound like Tucker Carlson now, but he was right; shutting down any country’s economy for this virus was insane, there is something else going on here.

So I’ve been trying to Keep Focus for 2020 Vision on the Good News. I’ve been war King on things in My Microcosm and Writing about the corporate takeover of every country’s (far as I know, anyway) People’s Sovereignty. I don’t perceive the Macrocosm to be anything more or less than a perfect reflection of My Microcosm. The immediate problems facing My local community are the very same problems most of the world is currently facing. For the first time in perhaps Man’s modern Story, We are all on the same Page.

I am war King on solutions in My Microcosm, and for the first time ever, I am beginning to Visual Eyes new Ways to Establish God’s Kingdom for every One. It is the perfect time for a New Age, and the world Will need a new system, a new Matrix. I mentioned once before that one of the Characteristics of a Sovereign nation is a permanent population. The only nation on this earth with a permanent population, is the Kingdom God Gave You, the body You now inhabit, the Mind that hears these Words, and the Will to put it all together. You are the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory, forever and ever.

Love and Blessings,

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