Volume CXIII: The Sensei Sean’s Simple Solutions Saturday Edition; The Wealth of the Golden Dawn

Hello every One, and welcome to Sensei Sean’s Simple Solutions Saturday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for being here. Today’s Edition Will be a Fun one, as I am especially excited about the new potential for Our Macrocosm, and I have some entertaining videos to share today, too. I Will be tall King about the wealth of the Golden Dawn in hopes of putting some Minds to rest with respect to the current economic climate; Keep in Mind, the darkness of night precludes the light of dawn.

One of the reasons I’m excited to share this Saturday Edition with You is because I have still not received any mail, electronic or otherwise. The previous week ending May 15th, I had returned a renewal package to the city of Ottawa including a promissory note payable to the city of Ottawa for $10,800.00 Canadian to cover the cost of rent for the next year. It only takes three to four days maximum for regular mail to be delivered within the city (unless it’s a special package or something), so I know the renewal package has been received. Although I was expecting to hear some Word this week, in this case, no news is Good News. Below I have posted the promissory note along with a brief explanation.

I have also been reviewing Canada’s Bills of Exchange Act on this Blog over the last week which has been equally interesting for Me because I had never actually reviewed Canada’s Bills of Exchange Act until after I had sent these documents. I only looked up Canada’s Bills of Exchange Act in hopes of finding a Foundation for the principles I am tall King about. As I’ve mentioned before, most of these things were things I intuitively knew to be True, partially because I comprehend what an actual dollar bill is and how it works, and partially because I comprehend the Value of the individual. I was certain these principles would be codified into a commercial ‘Act’ somewhere. Remember, all the world is a Stage, all Acts Play a Part in the same Story.

The reason this is so exciting is because no news really is Good News. If there is no ‘objection’ to My payment, it is legally regarded as having been received, accepted, and the city of Ottawa is officially $10,800.00 ‘wealthier’. That’s Great News, right!? Well, probably not so much for the city of Ottawa, despite the fact that it should be. Why? Well, I am thing King the last thing the government of Canada Wishes to see, is how wealthy I actually am. I am the bank! (The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory).

It is easy to oppress a poor Man in a commercial world, but it is very difficult to ignore a wealthy Man because corruption is motivated by greed, People of wealth have influence; the greater the wealth, the greater the influence. How much does Canada’s government presume God’s Kingdom might be worth? Well, more than Canada’s debt, I can tell You that much.

Friends and some of My immediate family have worried about Me Writing a Blog over the years and I could never really grasp why. My Friends and family believe We have freedom of speech, so why would any One be concerned about what I might be Writing on My Blog? What made their concern seem even more unreasonable was the number of People reading My Blog, which at the time was virtually no One. I remember feeling Blessed if even One individual read a new Post. Turns out, though the numbers are still reasonably modest, there were a lot more People reading My Blog than I realized, though it wasn’t revealed to Me in My WordPress statistics until sometime after I Published My Cestui Que Vie. The point is, I didn’t have enough influence to make a difference, why would any One (in government) care about what I might be Writing?

The things I am doing now are things I had planned to do pretty much from the start (when I first moved to Ottawa). I have known the things I am sharing now for years, and I have intended to apply My knowledge in every applicable situation from the moment I Published My Cestui Que Vie; the problem is, I haven’t had much opportunity. The things I am doing may all be perfectly legal and lawful but if other People don’t understand, it can make a mutually beneficial relationship rather difficult to establish. If I were to apply for an apartment, ask the landlord to bill Me for a year in advance and send the bill back with My thumbprint on it, the landlord is just going to rent to someone else.

The other reason I chose to do things this Way is because I believe that dignified housing is a basic right and something that the government should pay for, so I advocated to that effect, and I more or less allowed the Universe to determine how that would all Play out. The mayor and city council had already determined that Ottawa’s People have a right to housing and commit to ending homelessness in the city within ten years (which I think would be 2023 if the city Wishes to Honour its Promise to the People), so it was a fortunate ‘coincidence’ that My beliefs were in Harmony with those of the city, as the right to dignified housing is not protected in Canada. When I insisted that I have a right to the funding necessary for dignified housing, there was no opposition to My argument, so it just became a Matter of making it happen. None of My documents were challenged or refused as identification for the city’s registry, and that was an important part of the process. All the documents I have on Record with Canada’s Attorney General, are on the city’s Record (registry), too.

So, this is something I have been looking forward to having the opportunity to do for some time. It really isn’t as out of the ordinary as it may seem and is one of the (many) benefits of God’s Trust. I did not Wish to waste any time establishing how I Will be paying My bills, so I am setting precedence with My first bill. They failed to Honour the payment to My account, but have not returned the bill or their reason for protest. They are required by law (Bill of Exchange Act) to return the bill and the reason for protest or:

Liability for refusing

(5) Where the holder does not on demand in a case described in subsection (4) deliver up the bill and protest, he is liable to the payer for honour in damages.

So, here’s the deal. Currently, because the bill and protest was not credited to the account or returned to Me, the holder (OttawaHydro) is now liable to the payer (Me) for Honour in damages.

Honour is the amount of the bill. So now OttawaHydro is liable to Me for the amount of My first bill, and all I have to do is contact them to Give them Notice of their obligation under the Bills of Exchange Act. I presume in future, there Will be no Issue. If upon demand they return the bill and the protest of payment, it becomes a legal bill of exchange under the Act, and the holder has no further recourse for payment. So, if they don’t credit My bill, too bad so sad, they can no longer collect or take any recourse for non payment (cannot threaten to cut off hydro or even ask to collect on that amount again). In short, it is best to Honour the bill of exchange in the first place.

Wow, well, this is going to be a Sensational Saturday Edition because We are already well over a thousand Words and We haven’t even made it to today’s video yet! Alright, let’s take a break from the bills of exchange and the wealth of God’s Kingdom for a moment to reflect on something else I was very thankful to see, as I mentioned in the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition that Canada’s so called ‘health expert’ needs to be fired. I thought My perspective might be considered extreme, but it’s being shared by mainstream media!

Lilley agrees with Me.

I would disagree with Lilley’s suggestion that masks should be worn but I’m not so sure he’s making that assertion, or just pointing out that Theresa Tam was wrong about them without clarifying which of her contradictory opinions is correct. I also disagree with the opinion that nothing can be done about Trudeau until the next election. If a Prime Minister demonstrates as much incompetence as Trudeau, he should be ordered to stand down. Canada needs to reopen and return to ‘normal’ and that can’t wait for the next election.

I Will finish up this Simple Solutions Saturday Edition with a few more quick thoughts on the bill of exchange. I’ve always known I would pay for My hydro this Way and I’ve known how for so long, it doesn’t really seem like a big deal to Me. I genuinely Trusted that a company like OttawaHydro would be large enough that they would know what to do with a bill of exchange, I shouldn’t need to explain it to them. I still Trust they do know it’s a perfectly legal and lawful commercial instrument, so it is a bit of a mystery that they have not Honoured the payment or returned the bill with protest of acceptance, especially considering I have filed a complaint. Either Way, by citing the bills of exchange act and demanding they credit the account or return the commercial instrument with protest of acceptance, I Will have this Matter resolved shortly. When I do, precedence is set.

Although I had known this would be one of the first things I would accomplish once I got settled, I hadn’t really considered the implications beyond the obvious advantage of limiting expenses, it doesn’t really seem like that big a deal. But the Bills of Exchange Act says any One can offer to pay for the Honour of other parties, too… I Trust You see where I might be going with this.

The other thing is Writing a money order to the city of Ottawa. That was inspired by sheer frustration because I don’t really Wish to have to fulfill any ‘eligibility’ requirements for renewal every year, I’d rather just pay them the money in advance. I’m also tired of the government treating Me as though I am broke when I have explained numerous times that I am the source of every dollar they presume to administrate to Me. A Letter can be easily ignored, a bill of exchange, not so much. Once the city of Ottawa is compelled to acknowledge My wealth, then what? The same Bills of Exchange Act applies to the money Order I Issued to the city of Ottawa. One of the Key points to note, is that the address on the money Order is ‘Lord Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God.’. Who Will Quest-Ion the wealth or credibility of God’s Kingdom?

Finally, I also filed a complaint for fraudulent use of My SIN with Revenue Canada last week; they haven’t responded yet, either. Can You see why a sense of humour and Play Full nature is integral to My Quest? How long is the government going to hide from Me, really? What is the city of Ottawa going to do? I am going to find any One grown up enough to answer My Quest-Ions and Honour their Duty of Service? I guess soon We Will see.

Thank You for joining Me today, I hope You are enjoying Your Saturday. The potential of these possibilities have inspired many new Ideas, I’ll be back tall King about some of those tomorrow.

Love and Blessings,

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