Volume CXIII: The Super Natural Sunday Re-View; 2020 Vision and the Glow Ball Economy

Hello, world! I hope You are all enjoying Your ‘Sun’ day – the day Will be Good to its name here in Ottawa and I am hoping the same Will be True for You. Thank King You for joining Me. I have lots to review over the last week, tall King a lot about the Glow Ball economy and the questionable narrative We’ve all been Given regarding Covid-19, particularly here in Canada. Most recently, Canada’s ‘health expert’ Theresa Tam advised every One should be wearing masks to reduce the spread of Covid-19, the exact opposite of what the same ‘health expert’ was advising when the virus was initially spreading and of greatest potential health risk to the public. Friday, Canada began re-opening, so Theresa’s mask message seems a little late and poorly timed. I was tall King about the definition of a Sovereign State, and why I feel Canada’s government acts in Ways that are treasonous to the Sovereignty of Canada’s People. Finally, I was also tall King about the Magic of My Microcosm and some additional steps I’ve taken to advance the Last Chapter of My Story, which may also have some interesting implications in the Macrocosm, too.

Okay, so I have made a deliberate attempt to avoid tall King about the whole Covid-19 pandemic partially because it’s all We are hearing about everywhere else, and partially because there are so many different stories and variations of ‘Truth’ that it is very difficult to know what the real story is, or what the real agenda might be. Any One who presumes there is no ‘agenda’, really doesn’t understand how this world works or WHO’s running the Show. Pun intended. And I also don’t mean to sound condescending, but at this point it really is as plain as the nose on One’s face.

So I’m going to start with a video from a YouTube channel I really enjoy and have been watching periodically for about a year. He’s Canadian, and he’s lost a lot of revenue recently because YouTube videos he’s posted were taken down, so I’m hoping to introduce a few new People to his channel because I was very thankful to hear him finally tall King about things I am so passionate about. I also was very surprised to hear he’s had videos removed because he really doesn’t ever advocate for a position on anything, he simply analyzes information and is generally very non partisan. It seems virtually no One in Canada is tall King about how the new ‘norm’ is to have no more right to freedom of assembly and association, no more freedom of speech (anyone questioning the main narrative is having their material removed from Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Google, and possible more), freedom of religion (People can’t go to church to worship), and maintaining a distance of two meters from every individual in society at all times? It is truly madness!!! So, here is Viva Frei tall King about his feeling on the Matter. He’s entertaining and speaks very fast, so be ready!

My sadness, is that the world Will allow itself to be so terrorized by a virus, and that any One would Wish to use fear to manipulate any One, much less an entire society. I feel like I can’t be tall King about how ridiculous it is because My opinion is so controversial and so many People I know are genuinely terrified. It boggles My Mind, which of course is going to be offensive to some One who is seriously concerned their Life may be at risk. Let Me please try to put this in perspective. Those who contract the virus have a 98% survival rate. 98!!! I don’t Mind watching the world’s reaction with mild interest as this thing runs its course, but if People are seriously going to allow for the new ‘norm’ to be a loss of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly and association, I Will not be impressed, and Will be Writing some serious Letters!

I’m really hoping We do still have freedom of speech, so I’m sharing a second video with You today, too. This one is from Dr. Rashid Buttar, and he is one of many doctors who is also questioning the narrative of this pandemic and one of the reasons I still Trust the Good of Man Will prevail. He also talks about the health risks associated with wearing a mask and yes, he is a doctor and backed by a number of others.

One of the reasons I was tall King about the definition of a Sovereign state was to point out that only the individual is Sovereign, so the only Way a country can be Sovereign is when the People collectively make an agreement to protect the Sovereign (inherent, God Given) rights of the individual. No Man has authority over any other Man, and I am disappointed that Canadians are not more passionate about the defense of their inherent rights. Although Sovereign is Our natural State of being, We can only accomplish true Sovereignty if We are all war King together to protect it. The body of Man is God’s Kingdom, We must learn to treat One another like Royalty; in King-Ship (kin-Ship) with One another if We Wish to steward God’s Kingdom.

Finally, I Will end on a bright Note for Sun day, in Keep with the Good News Journal’s intention. I have been tall King about the Glow Ball economy, which seems rather dismal and bleak at the moment for most consumed by the commercial Game. I have a far more positive out Look in Focus for My 2020 Vision, this is a Grand opportunity to forge a new, Truly Sovereign nation with its own, debt free economy. The Kingdom of Heaven found A Sean. šŸ˜‰

Oh, and this is really more for My Pinterest marketing strategy. Pinterest has quickly become My most lucrative marketing platform and all I really need to do to Keep it ‘trendy’ is Post new content on a regular basis. My Twitter account is something of a Universal indicator for Me. My initial goal when I first started gaining followers was 5,000 in a year, which I felt was perhaps too ambitious, though I attained that goal in ten months, then it leveled off completely at 5,400. I started losing followers for the first time last March. As a Mystic, everything is the Voice of the Universe, so I presumed this was a Sign to slow down; so I did. It has remained at around 4,500 for roughly the last eight months or so. I also receive a daily email analytic report of My Twitter account which always tells a different Story. It appeared even after I stopped gaining followers that I was still gaining two to three hundred followers every week, according to this third party analytics report, yet the numbers never show up on My Twitter account, though many of the followers do. The number of followers of My actual Twitter account also randomly increases or decreases by vast amounts without any notifications – this includes the number of People I’m following, which should really only change if I unfollow People. In March of this year, it finally appeared as though there was nothing ‘fishy’ going on with My Twitter account, the third party analytics seemed to be showing Me genuine stats that reflected My actual account, the the number of followers on My true account still randomly fluctuates throughout the day without notice. On Thusday, My third party analytics started showing a major influx of followers again.

That’s a difference of 255 followers to My favour. Honestly, I don’t expect any One to understand how I ‘read’ the Signs in My own Microcosm, but I Wished to share this with You anyway because it’s a Sign for Me that things are heating up, the Universe is gaining momentum. I genuinely believe that despite the seemingly unfortunate start to this year, there really is a Golden Dawn on the horizon (Horus-Son). Generally, I see the influx here before I notice an increase in followers on My actual account, so I have a feeling My social influence may be on the rise again soon, too.

Tomorrow for the Magical Monday Edition, I Will be tall King about the Tarot to see what the Universe might have in store for Us next.

Love and Blessings,


  1. When the night gets dark
    And the clouds makeĀ  a lightening spark ,
    Water would nourish us with rain ,
    to bring joy and transcend the pain ,
    All things happen through us to gain ,
    ForĀ  us to rebalanceĀ  again ,

    With divine spirit , we remainĀ 
    Guidance and love , we restore and retain ,
    God help all included Spain …

      1. God may seem far ,
        Shining like a star,
        but in real , the divine is so near ,
        In the very now here ,
        The guidance is so clear…
        Trials makes our lives dear …

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