Volume XCIV: The Magical Monday Edition; The Universal Forces Influencing Babalon

Hello every One and welcome to the Magical Monday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for being here. Today We Will revisiting My last Tarot read and the first Tarot read I made public for My audience. The central Focus (20/20 Vision) was the Lust Card, which represents Babalon, Man’s Matrix of law, the corporate legal fiction of the world We know today.

TRUMPS XI – Lust Queen of Disks, Princess of Disks

Before I move on to the fifth and last grouping of cards from the read, I am just going to briefly be as King of You to view the Lust card closely one more time. Notice the right Hand cradling an embryo that already appears to have impregnated the earth, making Way for new Life? Is it possible that this underworld provides the Foundation and learning for the new earth, the Golden Dawn? Remember, there are no coincidences. Also take notice of the Queen and the Princess, both of disks, both holding a staff with a crystal point. The queen appears to be contemplating a new earth, the princess appears to be planting the seed with her staff. The central card, Lust, reminds Us the soil is fertile for new Ideas. The Queen represents the authority of law in Man’s commercial fiction (disks represent the physical world and material wealth), the princess represents new Ideas.

This is the final of the five groupings of cards, which represent Universal influences beyond Our control. One can be thing King of it as karmic influences, too, they are essentially the same Idea.

Prince of Disks; Prince of Wands, 2 of Cups, Love

The central card is the Prince of Disks, and the prince is influenced by the Prince of Wands (which is My identifier in the Tarot), and the 2 of Cups, Love. The Focus of the read is Babalon, Man’s Matrix of commercial law, so the Prince of Disks seems appropriate for establishing a new world. Princes in the Tarot can also represent the beginning of a new event. It is also appropriate that the Prince’s chariot is black, much like Man’s commerial admiralty fiction, Black’s Law. It also appears as though the chariot might be a cannon! (Canon law?). Again, there are no coincidences. In the background there appear to be bubbles. Perhaps to represent oxygen surfacing on the seas of commercial admiralty, Giving Life back to the blue-blooded Man and corporate fiction? Let’s see what Aleister Crowley has to say…

In his right hand he bears an orbed sceptre surmounted by a cross, a symbol of the Great Work accomplished; for it is his function to bring forth from the material of the element that vegetation which is the sustenance of the Spirit itself.

The Book of Thoth

“bring forth from ‘the material of the element‘ that vegetation which is the sustenance of the Spirit itself.” – I chose to highlight this quote first because here, the Prince of Disks represents these characteristics in Man’s Macrocosm, and this grouping of cards represents Universal Influences surrounding the original Quest-Ion, Babalon. These Universal Influences are beyond Our control, so in that sense, the Prince of Disks represents what each of Us Will be going through in Our microcosm. One such Universal Influence is the recent pandemic that has each of Us reviewing Our Life in new Ways and thing King about what the new world might look like. Therefor, this is also insight into Our personal Quest as individuals. What is the vegetation of the material of the element which is the sustenance of Spirit itself? What sustains the Spirit? Oxygen, water, food? Are these needs of the Spirit or body? What sustains the Spirit? Imagination? Free Will? Freedom of thought? Hopes and Dreams?

What have the Hopes and Dreams of Man Created thus far? The product of Man’s Hopes and Dreams is the vegetation of the material of the element that sustains Spirit; it represents the Manifest earth as We know it today, with all Our technologies, science, culture and entertainment, everything in existence is the product of Our collective Imagination, the Manifestation of many Hopes and Dreams.

It thus symbolizes slow, steady emancipation from repressive conditions.

The Book of Thoth

Ah, now that’s encouraging, isn’t it? We already have everything We need to Create the Golden Dawn, all We need to do is allow Our Selves access to the Kingdom already prepared for Us.

even the evil germs of Matter shall alike become useful and good

The Book of Thoth

This is an Idea have been tall King about before. There is Good in everything if One can find it. This pandemic is a perfect example of an evil germ of Matter that Will become useful and Good if We can use the experience to forge a new path for Ward.

The next quote I am including because I have mentioned before that I am not Christian or religious in any Way, yet I often Will quote the Bible because there is much Wisdom to be found in the Pages. Many People have reservations and even resentment toward the Christian and Catholic doctrines because of the atrocities committed by these institutions over the years in the name of ‘god’. My belief, is that many of the followers of these faiths, did not understand the doctrines themselves, and this sentiment is echoed by Crowley.

The error of Christian Mystics on this point has been responsible for more cruelty, misery, and collective insanity than all others put together; its poison can be traced even in the teaching of Freud, who assumed that the Unconscious was “the devil”, whereas in fact it is the instinct which expresses, beneath a veil, the inherent Point-of- View of each, and, properly understood, is the key to Initiation, and a hint of what seed may blossom and fructify as the “Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel”. For “Every man and every woman is a star”.

The Book of Thoth

Yes, “for every man and every woman is a Star”.

I Will let that be My final quote for this Magical Monday Edition, and I Will be tall King more about the Tarot in next Monday’s Edition. When I said that the Prince of Disks represents each of Us in the Macrocosm, this is the characteristic of the Card I Wish to Focus on for 2020, the Idea that every Man is a Star (regardless her sex).

Be the change You Dream to experience.

Love and Blessings,

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