Volume CXIV: The Thursday Thing King Edition; Cosmic Connections

Hello every One, welcome to the Thursday Thing King Edition, thank King You for being here.  Today may be a shorter Post than usual as it is late in the evening on My ‘Lucky’ Wednesday and I Wish to get this published in time for Thursday morning.

36 degrees Celsius today, not including humidity!  I swear it was only two weeks ago We last had snow!  Canada is crazy weather country, that’s for sure.  I can totally understand why farmers might be having a hard time this season.  I am having an especially difficult time thanks to a neighbourhood squirrel rooting up everything I try to plant, but I am thankful to have a garden to be uprooted.  I Will eventually get something growing.  My ‘little pumpkin’ is enjoying the weather too and didn’t Wish to come in with Me this evening, so I decided to let her chill while I Write this Post.  (I think she might have a boyfriend that she likes to visit in the evening).


Today’s Post is Called Cosmic Connections because I recently reconnected with an old Friend from junior high!  Facebook is great for reconnecting with People and it is interesting to reminisce about what each of Us remember and share our Stories.  It is also interesting to see what other People have been doing in their Life after so many years.  With all of the recent tension and fear surrounding the whole coronavirus, I have been un-Friending and blocking People at an alarming rate.  People tend to Show their Character’s True colours when under pressure and I have a very clear picture of the Canvas I Wish to paint.  I Will not tolerate Willful ignorance or fascism of any kind.  If People Wish to oppress others and believe they have a ‘right’ to do so, I don’t even bother wasting My time with a conversation, they are eliminated from My Microcosm.  Social media is great for that; there is no reason to Keep any One around who is not Playing in Harmony with the Universal Symphony, especially if One Wishes to be a Good Conductor for the Orchestra.  I [briefly] Wondered if I was being too cold and heartless, only to notice that I have roughly fifty more Friends than I had last time I remember looking.  Then, just for final confirmation, My Friend reached out to Me in a personal message.

“Hey Sean, I just want to say I Love some of the things You Post”

Okay, so I guess I’m not scaring the whole world away!  I Imagine the conviction with which I assert My position on relative current events, I probably intimidate any One who does not share My opinion.  I am thing King on some subconscious level that is probably the point; subconscious screening process, fine Tuning Friend Ships to Keep My Microcosm in Key.  I thanked My Friend for the compliment and mentioned that I liked some of his Posts, too, some are very funny.

“Ah, well thank You, Good Sir!”

‘Good Sir?’, really?  I don’t know a lot of People who use that expression for gratitude, but do, and We hadn’t spoken in so long there was no Way My Friend could know that.  It was a Sign.  Then My Friend was as King if he could call Me.  We began chatting on Facebook and the conversation was effortless, easy, full of laughs and Good stories.  I believe I would have been thirteen years young the last time We spoke; that’s a lot of years (34).

I am so Spiritual and on a path many People would perceive to be crazy, so it is difficult to know what Friends I’ve reconnected with might think, though I express who I am fearlessly; Love Me or hate Me, I am what I am.  My Friend has recently been as King more Quest-Ions about the meaning of Life him Self and is essentially motivated and Focused on Living a Purpose Full Life.  We are Truly on the same wave length.  The more We were tall King with each other, the more similarities We discovered.  He even happens to be a Gemini, which is actually My most compatible Sign, though Pisces works well for Me, too – mostly because Pisces is so drastically different and opposing magnetic polarities attract.

We were tall King most about Spirituality and how each of Us are Imaginary projections of a Singular consciousness.  Not a lot of People I know personally comprehend Spirituality and God the Way that I do, this Friend is on My level.  He even said that he doesn’t like to think of his Self as his name because he knows the Truth is much Greater than that, so he has come up with an alias for his Character’s new role.  This seems particularly relevant to Me, too, because I was just Writing about V from ‘V for Vendetta’, and how he Created an alter ego to reflect his new realizations of Self.  My Friend makes a habit of reminding himself every morning that he is not his name, he is King Leonidas [300].

We were tall King about how he believes We are all Kings and Queens in God’s Kingdom, and that he knows I believe this, too.  He thinks all the paperwork I’ve filed and steps I’ve taken to become that in Man’s Macrocosm is incredible.  At the same time, it had nothing to do with Our conversation, save that it was something We have in common and perhaps helped motivate My Friend to reach out.  Some People Will contact Me as King how they can be a King, too.  I don’t really offer much counsel in that regard with the exception of support and reminding the individual that a King does not ask others how to be King.  That usually gets a chuckle because it’s True and reasonably self evident once spoken.

We were tall King for hours!  My Friend even started war King out at the same time I did and is using a similar workout routine.  He organizes his sets and repetitions differently, but the two main exercises are push ups and chins.  He joked with Me about how weak he was on the first day, which just further inspired him to get back to it!  The same was True for Me.

Alright, I said I would Keep this one short and I intend to.  The Point of the Post was to emphasize that when One is sure and confident in their convictions, never worry about the People who might disappear from One’s Microcosm.  This is akin to the reshuffling of Tarot Cards, Giving each of the Characters a new place in the deck.  I may lose some Friends now and then, and I have lost some recently because they hold strong opinions that are in direct conflict with My own.  I could spend all kinds of time trying to get My Friends to see things from another perspective but I am not interested in wasting My Energy to do so.  I know My opinion on some things is not going to change, so countering a Friend’s opinion is likely to cause more disharmony than Good.  So I just let them go, sometimes with no Word or warning.  The one Friend I reconnected with is infinitely more valuable to Me than any of the Friends I have blocked over the last couple of weeks.  My Friend has SO much enthusiasm and positive Energy it was necessary to lose those Friends in My Microcosm to make room for a really Good one.

Alright, I hope You all have a Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday,

Love and Blessings


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