Volume CXIV: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; The Law of Treason Upon God’s Kingdom

Happy Fabulous Friday every One!  I Truly have an Inspired Edition for Your Free Lance Friday today, My [S]Word’s feeling ESPeccially Sharp.  Thank King You for being here.  I have been thing King a lot about the Law of Treason lately, so I decided it was about time I re Writ that Law.  I am King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand [Will] of Stephen, Kingdom of God.  I am here to Steward God’s Kingdom, I am God’s Servant, or Sir ‘v’, for ‘House of von Dehn’.  And this is My Universal Post Office, fastest National Post all Service in the world.  I told You this would be a Good one!

So, first things first.  I smoked a little cannabis for the first time in a few days.  Very small amount.  Within five minutes, I was thing King about everything I have been Writing here, the real problem for every country in the world, the corporate take over of Sovereign countries by corrupt public servants elected by the People breaching their Trust continuously without prejudice.  I considered tall King about some of the things Trump has been doing that I Truly respect, and Wondered if perhaps I should consider Writing Trump a Letter, I have a feeling We might be on the same Page here.  You see, I have heard he is putting an end to the Federal Reserve and restoring a Sovereign banking system, abolishing income tax.  Now, that is a very Good start, and I Imagine making these kind of changes is not an easy thing to accomplish knowing the Power of corporate influence without specifically implying any party in particular.  I also finally received Word from Ottawa Hydro today and considered sharing the correspondence with You here.  All these thoughts within moments of taking a couple deep draws of a joint.  I decided rather than sitting there enjoying the 30 degree sunshine, I should probably commit to getting everything Writ while the Ideas are still fresh in My Mind; it is Fabulous Free Lance Friday, My favourite day to Write because I allow My Self absolute Creative Freedom.  It’s more about remembering I Write for the Love of Writing and communicating with You, and being absolutely fearless about exposing My Spirit, My True Self.  When I sat down at the computer to open WordPress and begin Writing, wondering if I should really share all these thoughts, if they are as Good as I believe they are, this notification appeared on My desktop.


Well, if You hadn’t guessed by My Logo, the Elephant is the Spirit animal of My House, it represents the animus for those who are into psychology, in this case, affirmation My Spiritual Intention is aligned with My Mind.  This is the Deed, delivered by Way of this Post by the Hand of King Sean, Stephen.  King Sean is the absolute authority in God’s Kingdom, which is the Promised Mother Land, My physical body, Sean.  This Post all Service is international Notice of the Law of Treason upon God’s Kingdom.  Yet, before I get to that, I Will keep You in suspense a few moments longer so I can share some even more auspicious and serendipitous Signs from the Source.  I was interrupted while Writing by a Facebook notification from a Friend in relation to the following quote.


Notice it doesn’t say U.S.A. author?  No, it is an American author.  Not a U.S. citizen.  God’s Kingdom and jurisdiction, not a corporate fiction.  I Will share the content of the thread from My Friend in response to the above quote.


Here I am thing King about the jurisdiction of God’s Kingdom, in fact, Writing about it and My Friend says he’s ‘Stationed’ in America.  I am thing King I am Living in God’s Kingdom, My physical body is the Spiritual Vessel; the Will, the Word and the Way.  Stay Sean’ed.  Ah, yes, there are no coincidences, Ladies and Lords, God’s and Goddesses.  When I say that the Secret to Mastering Magic is to know there are no coincidences, only continuous Signs Given by God for those with eyes to see.  These are real eyes, eh Sean; now there’s a realization.  It is True, You are not likely to find Writing like this anywhere else, My Word, Sean’s Word, is the ‘S’ Word, My Sword.  And this is Fabulous Free Lance Friday where I wield it fearlessly with Love.

So, I Will Write Trump because these were Signs.  I am not yet going to share what it is I Will be Writing Trump about, but I Will say I believe he Will reply.  The Universe was as King of Me to Write Trump, I can only presume there must be Good reason.  My vibrational frequency was so High at the time I began Writing this Post that Gigi, My cat, even insisted on sitting on My lap while I Write, crying insistently until I leaned back as King of her what she might want.  She jumped into My lap purring louder than I’ve ever heard her before, desperate to get as close to Me as she can!  After a few moments of attention, she jumped back off My lap and promptly went to nap on My bed.  Nothing wrong, she just needed some Love, to Vibe with some of My Energy.


Well, at least I’ll have no shortage of Pins to Pin to My Pinterest Pro File.  Oh, and now it’s 4:37 on Thursday and I was thing King I should let the world know I Will be sharing My email correspondence with Hyrdo Ottawa, too.  Every individual has a Part to Play in the Universal Symphony.  Four is Foundation and 37 is God’s Magic number of communication with Me.  Basically, God Wishes for Me to Establish God’s Kingdom by setting precedence everywhere I go, every One Shall be held accountable.

For now, I Will be redefining the Law of Treason upon God’s Kingdom.  The Law of Treason is any Act of Trespass upon the Sovereignty of the People in God’s Kingdom.  Any Man (of either sex) who fails to Honour the Sovereign, inalienable rights of the People of God’s Kingdom, is guilty of Treason, punishable in accordance with the Rule of Law of the offending Nation under God.  No Man has any right of trespass upon the Sovereignty of the People.  And so it is, the Law of Treason upon God’s Kingdom is hereby declared.

Love and Blessings,







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