Volume CXIV: The Sensei Sean All Saturday Edition; Explosive Events in My Microcosm

Hello every One, and welcome to the Sensei Sean All Saturday Edition of the Good News Journal, I have an Explosive Edition for You today.  As always, thank King You for being here.

So, had just been in My bedroom to check on Gigi who was sleeping peacefully in the laundry hamper in My closet.  I returned to the living room, sat down at My computer and was thing King about what I should Write for My Saturday Edition.

“BOOOM!!!”  Followed by the sound of shattering glass sliding across a ceramic tile floor.  I hear Gigi jump out of the laundry basket and she bolts upstairs to the kitchen, hiding on top of the cabinets.  First time My Heart (He Art) felt like it actually left My chest in a long time, I didn’t know what to think.  ‘Did someone throw a stone through My window?’  But what about the explosion?  ‘Did someone shoot My window!?!’

I ran to the bedroom to see what happened.  I grabbed the television and xbox off the remaining shelves, noticing they were unharmed before taking the photo, worried they might go, too!


What on earth causes something like this to happen?  I am so Lucky I was not in the room.


Now, if You are thing King that looks like a glass dart embedded in My wall, You would be correct.  I earnestly cannot tell You why I was not concerned about the other two shelves exploding while I moved closer to start filming a video.  There was still the sound of splintering glass, small explosions, very much like a cap gun.  I initially thought it was just remaining pieces falling onto the ledge below.  But no…  The glass shards themselves are exploding!  All over the place, like kernels of popcorn.  I had to film it or I figured no One would believe Me, it is the strangest thing I have ever seen.  But it gets even stranger still!


I had to take a screenshot because this Post Will not be Published until 12:37 A.M., May 30.  The first thing I did with the video after filming this glass exploding like popcorn kernels, was upload it to WordPress so I could share this phenomena with You here.  Within one minute after uploading to My site, it had been downloaded twice.  Why is that strange?  Because the public People on the internet don’t get to see what is in My private WordPress media folder unless I Publish it.  In fact, no One is supposed to have access to those files but Me (until I publish).  Even if the public could access My private media files without Me posting or providing a link, what are the chances of two People downloading the video within a minute after I upload it?  Even if someone could look at all My media files in one folder, they would need to refresh the screen or receive some kind of notification to even know there’s a new file to be downloaded.  It has now been downloaded 9 times, and it still isn’t available to the public.

I don’t Mind, it’s not like they are downloading something I don’t intend to share later anyway, this is more about how closely these Posts are being monitored.  I mentioned once that although there is no Way for Me to prove it, there have been Posts where I felt like someone was reading My draft before it was Published.  Again, no ‘reason’ for thing King it, it’s just like that feeling One gets when they think they are being watched.  I already knew some One or some entity has Magical Powers over My WordPress account because an audience I did not know existed were revealed to Me in My statistics for the first time just after I Published My Cestui Que Vie – like it was some kind of reward, a Sign of approval from the Universe.  If I had reason to be concerned that whomever might be monitoring this website Wished to silence Me for any reason, I’m not sure what I would do.  The fact is, if they didn’t like what I was Writing, they wouldn’t have rewarded Me by showing Me previously invisible statistics [at least to Me].  I learnt that I had thousands more viewers than I had thought.  Within ten more months, I also had five thousand Twitter followers, too – up from 55 for ten years without change.  I would not be dramatically gaining social influence if it was not God’s Will and there were not People helping Me.  I like to think they are Secret Guardian Angels, Keeping Me on course with Signs only I can See [the Sea of Commercial Admiralty].

So, I suppose I should let You see the Video that seems to be in such popular demand, can’t even wait till I Publish to watch!  I am flattered, sincerely.  Bless You, whomever You are.

Is that crazy or what?!  Seriously, if You have seen this phenomena before, please share Your thoughts with Me.  I was able to discover that the spontaneously exploding industrial strength glass is not entirely unheard of, it is a thing; apparently the result of imperfections in the glass.  Here’s a story on this phenomena.

What I Wish to know, is it also normal for the glass to continue exploding like popcorn kernels for hours after?  It is almost midnight of the same day now, this happened in the early evening and glass is still exploding, though far less frequently.

I hope this Sensei Sean All Saturday Edition was as surprising and interesting for You as it was for Me!  Again, please do share Your thoughts if You have experienced something similar.

Love and Blessings,






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