Volume CXIV: The Super Natural Sun Day Edition; 30 Days Into War King Out

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural Sun Day Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for being here.  I really do Live in a Magical little Microcosm of My own and this Sun Day Re-View is especially Blessed.

I was thing King I should prepare My Sun Day Edition, Wondering if I should do My workout first or after.  Then I remembered I had Promised to share My progress with My audience at the end of the month, and realized that today would also be thirty consecutive days of Keeping My commitment.  Then My statistics showed that People were reading this Post from last year, where I am tall King about how I feel after a month of war King out, how I have a new program in Mind because I am not being pushed hard enough by an app on My phone.  The routine I have adopted for the program I started May first, is the program I am tall King about a year and a half ago.  Convenient coincidence it shows up in My statistics the same day I am Writing about how it worked out, pun intended.  Furthermore, it is tall King about a 30 day challenge, and this is also the thirtieth day of the workout routine I am tall King about in that Post, so I thought that was especially serendipitous.

On May 1st, My plan this time was to start ‘easy’.  I was ‘only’ going to do ten push ups per set, five sets, one minute thirty second intervals, second and fourth sets with My feet raised on a step, all sets done on knuckles (better for wrist cartilage, increases bone density).  My Post from last year hints at why this should be reasonably easy because I was able to do 24 push ups on My first day as a test just a year and a half ago, ten should be a breeze.  It wasn’t.  Here are the results from May 1st.


I was horrified to see how out of shape I had become.  I had no Idea what to expect My first chin up workout would be like either, but I wasn’t looking forward to it.  I was however, highly motivated to make sure I Keep My commitment to war King out so I can look back and laugh at this day later.  29 push ups My first day.  I am now doing 80 push ups every second day.wp-1590878722989.jpg

I also just hit My first goal with chin ups on May 28.  So, My philosophy is like this:  I don’t know how many push ups I could do now if I were to do as many as possible on My first set.  The Idea is to develop muscular endurance as well as strength, so My first goal was to achieve five sets of ten reps, as I had planned for the first day.  Once I attain that goal, I increase by five reps on the first set; goal is to maintain for remaining four more sets.  Every new goal is an increase of 25 repetitions per workout.  I successfully attained five sets of fifteen reps, and am now war King on five sets of twenty for a total of a hundred per workout.

With chin ups I get to apply My philosophy at the very first ‘5’ benchmark.  Five chin ups is hard if One hasn’t done them before.  I was able to do four on My first day and that was very difficult.  My reps were so low I was counting half reps.  The first goal was to reach five reps in My first set, then to maintain five reps for each additional set.  I attained that first goal two days ago.  The belief, is that I should now be strong enough to do ten in My first set.  I’m a little nervous to try because it’s today and that’s why I’m Writing ‘before’ My workout.  Because this Post Will actually be in the midst of My workout and I get to test My own philosophy.  I’m confident it is perfect for push ups, I’m not sure if it Will apply to chins as well but My belief is that there is no reason it shouldn’t.  My Friend suggested two would be more appropriate than five.  I’m confident if it works for the first interval, it Will continue to work for every future increase of five, too.

Alright, so I’m going to go and get My Self warmed up and motivated, then I am going to come back, put My theory to the test and report back to You here.  (Chin up day hurts, by the Way).  Oh, the goal is ten, by the Way, first increase in a month and something I really hope I am able to do by now.  Here We go…




Success!!!  Was there any doubt?  Not after I mentioned it here.  No Way I was going to fail to achieve My own goal in front of the world.  It did hurt, though – the last rep wasn’t so much of a struggle as it was painful.  Mind over Matter.

So a few things I Will say though because I do have some personal experience with fitness and some People like to think I am genetically Gifted or something.  I’m not going to say I don’t have Good genes, I just don’t believe they are any more or less exceptional than any other Man’s.  I believe We program Our DNA, so I tell My body this program Will work and My body responds.  The transformation of My body over the last thirty days is phenomenal.  If One were to judge by My physique, One would probably think I have spent My entire Life war King out.  I often Wish that were True but I also don’t believe in regret, so I don’t Focus on it.  The Idea, is start anywhere.  It doesn’t Matter how in or out of shape One is in, if One begins a routine like this it Will transform the individual in as little as thirty days.  It’s not My genes that Keeps Me fit, it is the fact that I am always doing things like this, it is rare I Will go longer than a year without starting some kind of program like this.  The problem is, I abandon it like every One else does.  My resolve, is to not do that this time.  Thirty days at a time.

I have still added very little to the rest of My daily routine.  I commit to a Blog Post a day and have it scheduled for 00:37 every morning and I have maintained that commitment for over a month now, I think.  I added war King out to My regiment at the beginning of May and it Will be a continual part of My Life, too.  I Wish to add something else to begin the month of June but I wasn’t sure what it should be.  Should I add cardio to My routine, or should I consider committing an hour a day to Art again?

The other Post I shared here from over a year ago was also tall King about dedicating an hour a day to Art so I am taking that as a Sign from the Universe.  There are quite a few things I’ve been Wishing to paint that I haven’t made time for.  So that’s My new thirty day challenge for the month of June, and that should also provide Me with some fresh and interesting photos to share with You, too.

I hope You are all well, My correspondence with Ottawa Hydro is published on the International Public Record now, You can read that here.  It’s very interesting, I recommend checking it out.

Love and Blessings,


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